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Everything You Wanted To Know About Dry Ice
There are a lot of cool things to learn about dry ice.
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3 days ago by Adventure_Web
Facts: An Obituary – Medium
The other day, RTÉ broadcast a short obituary of Martin McGuinness, following his death.
It contained the following paragraphs, which is also published on RTÉ’s website.
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3 days ago by juliantait
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds - The New Yorker
The vaunted human capacity for reason may have more to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight. Credit Illustration by Gérard DuBois In 1975,…
3 days ago by rianvdm
Far from being a proliferation risk, nuclear power eradicates warheads.
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5 days ago by gourock_swimming
The Carbon Footprint of Your Online Habit « NDH
50kBytes per web page gives 10,000 emails or 20,000 web pages per kg CO2.
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5 days ago by jc_ux
The problem with facts
Once we’ve heard an untrue claim, we can’t simply unhear it.
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6 days ago by kuhmist
Donald Trump’s White House Is Pushing Kremlin Lies | Observer
These are the :

Obama + IC did not "tapp" Trump.

Neither did the Brits at .

Those are Kremlin lies.
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6 days ago by grigs
Tim Harford — Article — The Problem With Facts
Tempting as it is to fight lies with facts, there are three problems with that strategy. The first is that a simple untruth can beat off a complicated set of facts simply by being easier to understand and remember. When doubt prevails, people will often end up believing whatever sticks in the mind. In 1994, psychologists Hollyn Johnson and Colleen Seifert conducted an experiment in which people read an account of an explosive warehouse fire. The account mentioned petrol cans and paint but later explained that petrol and paint hadn’t been present at the scene after all. The experimental subjects, tested on their comprehension, recalled that paint wasn’t actually there. But when asked to explain facts about the fire (“why so much smoke?”), they would mention the paint. Lacking an alternative explanation, they fell back on a claim they had already acknowledged was wrong. Once we’ve heard an untrue claim, we can’t simply unhear it.
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7 days ago by starrjulie
The Problem With Facts
"What we need is a Carl Sagan or David Attenborough of social science — somebody who can create a sense of wonder and fascination not just at the structure of the solar system or struggles of life in a tropical rainforest, but at the workings of our own civilisation: health, migration, finance, education and diplomacy.

One candidate would have been Swedish doctor and statistician Hans Rosling, who died in February. He reached an astonishingly wide audience with what were, at their heart, simply presentations of official data from the likes of the World Bank.

He characterised his task as telling people the facts — “to describe the world”. But the facts need a champion. Facts rarely stand up for themselves — they need someone to make us care about them, to make us curious. That’s what Rosling did. And faced with the apocalyptic possibility of a world where the facts don’t matter, that is the example we must follow."
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8 days ago by colm.mcmullan

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