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Request: Dean/Sam/many, bukkake, ABO, omega Dean, Sam
Also- non-con, come eating, face fucking, humiliation

I don't care how they got there- if they were taken by force or if John lent them out or whatever. But I want the two Omega boys in the center of a circle of Alphas who each get their turn with Sam's or Dean's mouth (brutal face fucking encouraged), then get to come all over the boys' faces and bodies. Eventually, all the Alphas have come as much as they want and they leave the boys, exhausted and soaked in a literal puddle of come.

Could also have some of the Alphas force the boys to swallow, so the boys have bloated, sore aching bellies, maybe even obviously expanded bellies.

Don't want- anal sex or the Alpha's fucking the boys Omega pussies. The boys involved with each other except in a hurt/comfort kind of way. John directly involved with the scene (though if he jerks off when he later finds video of the scene, that could be hot).
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean/omc(s)  bukkake  alpha/beta/omega  omega!Dean  comeeating  facefucking  humiliation 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Night of the Giving Head
ritsu teaching mob how 2 masturbate and face-fucking blowjob
fic  masturbation  incest  ritsu/mob  facefucking  by:merrygoat  mp100 
november 2016 by krim
Request:Dean/Sam, teenchesters, facefucking, unconscious sex
Basically I just want Dean brutally fucking jailbait Sammy's throat until Sam passes out while Dean continues to use him. Dean can either wake him up to finish or finish in Sam's unconscious mouth. It can be dubcon if the filler prefers but but I see it more as cock hungry Sam.

Please focus on how Dean is using Sam without any concern for anything other than getting off. Dirty talking Dean is always a bonus
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean  facefucking  unconscious  somnophilia  roughsex  blowjob  fucking  analsex 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Cas, facefucking, needy Cas, dubcon
Someone casts a spell on Cas that strips is inhibitions and amplifies his desires which leads to …

Castiel beside himself with lust, kneeling at Dean's feet, mouthing at his crotch. Dean shocked as hell that the Angel popped out of thin air like this. Dean calling Cas a good boy and sweet angel, feeding his cock into Cas' mouth.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  facefucking  desperation  dubcon  curse/spell 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Cas/other, Dean/Cas rescue, noncon, dehumanization, oversensitivity, face fucking
Castiel is taken prisoner and forced onto a giant wall-mounted dildo. He is not allowed to stop fucking himself on it. No one ever cleans him up so there is a growing mess of dried cum under him. His captor taunts him, occasionally fondles his cock like he's examining livestock and when the mood strikes, he stands in front of Castiel and makes him fuck himself on his captor's cock and the dildo.

At first it really isn't a problem for Castiel, he's an angel and he just disconnects from the sensation but the longer he's on the dildo the harder it is to block it out.

Would love it if he was eventually rescued and is a touch starved oversensitive mess. Dean and Cas had just started broaching a relationship before Cas was taken and Dean doesn't want to push boundaries since Cas has been raped nonstop for a long time. But Cas just wants to be held and filled. Gentle slow sex with tears from both and Dean spilling out his emotional guts.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  pairing:dean/castiel  kink:rescue  dehumanization  facefucking  noncon  toys  kink:oversensitivity 
september 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Jared/Misha, Dub/Non-Con, Face Fucking, Rough Sex, Semi-Public Sex
Jensen's POV. He is walking back from set to his trailer but detours for some reason. He happens to stumble upon Jared blowing Misha and is shocked. Not known to him though, Jared isn't a, or a party, willing participant. I want details about Misha's hands in Jared's hair and how brutal he is being. Could end there, or Jared could seek out Jensen in his trailer to be comforted. Bonus points for protective!Jensen if the story continues. Thanks!
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/misha  dubcon  facefucking  blowjob  roughsex  publicsex  noncon  kink:protective!jensen  hurt!Jared  hurt/comfort 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: J3, abo, dubcon, dp, dehumanisation
Soon to be married Alphas, Jensen and JDM, have searched for months for the perfect omega to spend their ruts with. Growing desperate, they try the public auctions.
Jared, previously a star attraction at a now bankrupt omega brothel, is being sold to pay off the brothel's debts. He's a little more used than they were really looking for, but JDM and Jensen are intrigued by the skills listed on the auction sheet.
Once home, they clean Jared, inside and out, then test his skills.

Alphas experience overwhelming ruts, omegas mild heats. Alphas consider omegas to be somewhere between dependent and service pet.

A/b/o, non/dub con, slavery, prostitution, dehumanisation, double penetration, knotting, cum inflation, collars, enemas, piercings, forced orgasm/denial, sex toys, chastity devices, cockwarming, facefucking, marking
:spn  rps  au  pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!Jensen  alpha!jdm  omega!Jared  dubcon  slave  prostitution  dehumanization  doublepenetration  knotting  comeinflation  enema  piercing  forcedorgasm  orgasmdenial  toys  chastitydevice  chastity  cockwarming  facefucking  threesome  marking  collars/leashes 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Jared/Jensen, rubbing-dick-on-face, non-con or dub-con
Jensen is pinned down or tied down. Jared holds Jensen's chin with his big hand and rubs the head of his dick all over Jensen's pretty face, paying special attention to his lips. Jensen's face got pre-come all over.
Then Jared forces Jensen's lips open and shoves his dick down and fucks Jensen's face as Jensen cries.
!tofill  rps  au  noncon  bondage  manhandling  crying  blowjob  pairing:jared/jensen  dubcon  dark!Jared  facefucking  restraints  :spn  jerk!Jared 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Poe Needs Better Porn Folder Titles
Finn stumbles upon a folder in Poe's pad titled "Face Fucking"
fic  starwars  tfa  slash  pwp  rating:nc-17  finn  poe  finn/poe  facefucking 
may 2016 by krytella
Whatever You Like - fragilehuge (justhush)
Bitty even doesn’t think about it before he says, “Jack, go get me a soda.”
Jack freezes in front of the couch, knees slightly bent, halfway to sitting down. He straightens up slowly.

“What kind of soda do you want?” he asks.

// Or, Jack likes to be told what to do. [8,955 words]
checkplease!  jack/bitty  fragilehuge  d/s  facefucking  servicekink  praisekink  drinking-games 
may 2016 by cunningplan
Rewarding the Team
Alpha John is a high school football coach. Whenever his team has done particularly well at a game, they get John's Omega son Dean as a reward. Dean loves getting gangbanged by the football team in the locker room. All those huge Alphas with their huge knots and and the huge loads of come down his throat and in his pussy. It's like heaven for come slut Dean.

Kinks- so long as there is no non-con, I'm happy. Other than that, go wild. The football players should play rough with Dean. Face fuck/deep throat him until there are tears, maybe a little choke play. Pinching his nipples hard. Dean on the younger side (like 12 or so). Spit roasting or DP. Dean should love it all.

I also love a feminized Omega with tits and a pussy.
pairing:dean/castiel  kink:omega!dean  WIP  kink:top!castiel  alpha!John  alpha/beta/omega  bottom!Dean  analsex  fucking  underage  facefucking  :spn  pairing:dean/john 
april 2016 by Mayalaen
J2/JDM - large plugs, light cbt/breath play, clamps, rough bondage, punishment, fucked out
Jared and Jensen's road trip vacation gets off to a wonderful start - somewhere in the middle of no where their truck breaks down, and with no cell service they have to walk to find help. They finally come across a big cabin in the woods where a man named Jeff lives. Jeff is nice enough to offer them a place to rest and some dinner, letting Jared and Jensen know that while he doesn't have a phone his truck does work so come morning he'll help the boys get on their way.

Dinner wa s great and Jared and Jensen didn't realize they were so tired as they started to fall asleep. As Jeff lead them to his guest bed room, Jared and Jensen expected to be on their way in the morning; they didn't expect to wake up in hardcore sex bondage with both of them naked and gagged, with Jensen tied face down to a table with Jeff using his fingers to open him up for a plug and Jared tied to a hard back chair, on display, with a front row seat to Jeff playing with Jensen.

Jeff is a rough Dom who hasn't had boys to play with in too long. These boys were already going to pay for Jeff's largesse with at least some face fucking, if not their asses, but when Jeff saw some of the toys the boys packed for their vacation, he knew he could have some real fun.
kink:nipple-torture  kink:voyeurism(forced)  rps  noncon  bondage  breathplay  buttplugs  captivity  cbt  fingering  drugged  facefucking  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  fuckedout  kidnapping  punishment 
february 2016 by Mayalaen
J2 & Jensen/OMCs - gangbang, rough fucked, cock rings, large plug training
He was so tired and sore - his mouth, and never mind his ass, will never be the same. He's been tied, ass up and blindfolded, to a fucking machine for what seems like days, ever since he was taken from his office's parking garage. Whoever has him likes to pet him (caress his hair) as the machine moves inexorably in and out of his body. And Jensen guesses when watching inflames his captor just enough, Jensen is treated to a rough oral fucking as well.

When Jensen paid to have his most outrageous sexual fantasy brought to life as his birthday gift to himself, he never expected it to be this through, this real. Jensen doesn't know if he'll make it through the rest - the machine was only the beginning of what he desired.
pairing:jensen/omc(s)  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  blindfold  bondage  bottom!Jensen  buttplugs  oralsex  cockring  exhibitionism  facefucking  gangbang  restraints  roughsex  :spn  voyeur  exhaustion  fuckedout  fuckingmachine 
february 2016 by Mayalaen
Kurt/guys - gangbang, bondage, sensory deprivation
"I am Kit. I will be overseeing your fantasy today." Kit's accent was vaguely Nordic, and her manner very business-like. "Your fantasy is to be rendered unable to see, hear or move, and to be penetrated in the ass and mouth by five or more men for several hours. Is that accurate?"
gangbang  !!Kurt/OC  Rated_NC-17  pwp  roughsex  FaceFucking  kink  D/S  DP  CockSlut  blowjobs  Bottom!Kurt  desperation  overstimulation  bondage  comeShots  sexToys  Riding  Bareback  ComePlay  exhibitionist  fingering  Public!sex  somnophilia  SizeKink  teasing  LJ 
december 2015 by painawayfromme
After the Fire

It seems that I haven't come across any story where Jensen is portrayed as dark or evil, usually that position seems to be reserved for JDM/Jared.I want to read a fic where Jensen is really dark. Psycho, even. He's intelligent so he knows how to hide his true colors. May be people suspect him may be everyone thinks he's a great guy.

I'm just dying to read a story where he isn't a good guy and he's okay with it. May be he stalks and kidnaps Jared, may be he's an assassin with zero conscience, may be he's the scientist who's experimenting on the possibility of impregnating males. Anything goes just make sure that he's really dark and I'll be very happy.(He could still be sympathetic, but that's not required. If anyone is interested I could give some proper story ideas.)

Also if sex is involved - only top!Jensen please. Any kinks except scat/watersports/bestiality are welcomed.

offsite fill: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5217602
kink:possessive!jensen  rps  possessive  blowjob  bottom!Jared  cominguntouched  dirtytalk  oralsex  dark!Jensen  facefucking  manipulation  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  dom!Jensen  top!Jensen  jealousy  marking 
november 2015 by Mayalaen
Pushing Boundaries
Blaine tried to ignore it. It wasn’t that Blaine blamed the men for noticing Kurt. Of course they did. But he wouldn’t sit idly by any longer. He stood up and stormed towards Kurt, eyes narrowing on the men with him. He was going to show the men what they were missing out on.
pwp  Public!sex  Public!Sex:Bathroom  Public!Sex:Club  exhibitionist  voyeurism  handjobs  Jealousy  Bottom!Kurt  Bareback  teasing  Rated_NC-17  roughsex  AO3  blowjobs  FaceFucking 
october 2015 by painawayfromme
j2 - blowjob/facefuck, sloppy/messy sex, possible watersports
I don't care what the circumstances are, but... Jared forcefully fucks Jensen's mouth; it's messy and sloppy, there's drool and precome all over Jensen's face. Jen is humiliated, especially when Jared takes his cock and slaps it over Jensen's cheeks, and shoves Jen's face forward so he can lap at Jared's balls too. Jared marks him up with come (and piss, maybe if the author so chooses?) because he wants everyone to know that Jen belongs to him and no one else. I would like dub or noncon, but if you prefer, consensual is ok too, as long as it's messy and dirty as fuck.
kink:sub!jensen  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  dubcon  noncon  blowjob  facefucking  humiliation  roughsex  :spn  dom!Jared  watersports  D/s  marking 
september 2015 by Mayalaen
Request: JDM/Jensen, dubious consent, daddykink
When JDM is around Jensen gets quiet, on set, at parties or cons, it's as if he not to draw attention to himself. No one makes anything of it or that he disappears for lengths of time.

The thing is that Jeff has found out that Jensen has a lot of daddy issues. All he has to do is adopt an authorise demeanour, call him son, or his personal favorite "do it for daddy" and Jensen's resolve begins to crumble.

Any kinks you want. This is dubcon but Jensen does find JDM attractive he just never wants to act on those urges ever with anyone. But Jeff knows just what to say to get him.
!tofill  rps  pairing:jensen/jdm  kink:non-a/u  blowjob  daddykink  dirtytalk  dubcon  oralsex  facefucking  humiliation  masturbation  :spn 
august 2015 by Mayalaen

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pairing:sam/sam  pairing:sam-wesson/dean-smith  piercing  poe  possessive  powerbottom  praisekink  prostitution  public!sex  public!sex:bathroom  public!sex:car  public!sex:club  public!sex:party  publicsex  punishment  puppyplay  pwp  rated_nc-17  rating:nc-17  rating:nc17  restraints  riding  rimming  ritsu/mob  rookies  roughsex  round-1  rps  season:9  selflubrication  sensorydeprivation  sequel  series_glee  servicekink  sex-toys  sextoys  ship:grant/frank  sizekink  slash  slave  slutshaming  smut  sneakysex  snowballing  somnophilia  spanking  squirting  starwars  stockholm!syndrome  sub!frank  sub!kurt  teacher/student  teasing  tfa  theme:summer  threesome  top!dean  top!grant  top!jared  top!jensen  top!sam  toys  transformation  unconscious  underage  underagesex  unfilled  violence  virgin  vomit  voyeur  voyeurism  wall!sex  watersports(drinking)  watersports  wc:10k-25k  wip?  wip  wip:finished 

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