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Probably a good place to harbor the cash. You can't beat 3% checking and saving now. Even Marcus is 1% short... And Robinhood is playing this referral game again. Not sure how fast they process the list but I am pretty sure there are lots of fake emails too..
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4 minutes ago by chenyang
Dear tech companies: I don’t want to see pregnancy ads after my child was stillborn - The Washington Post
Gillian Brockell:
<p>Dear Tech Companies:

I know you knew I was pregnant. It’s my fault, I just couldn’t resist those Instagram hashtags — #30weekspregnant, #babybump. And, silly me! I even clicked once or twice on the maternity-wear ads Facebook served up. What can I say, I am your ideal “engaged” user.

You surely saw my heartfelt thank-you post to all the girlfriends who came to my baby shower, and the sister-in-law who flew in from Arizona for said shower tagging me in her photos. You probably saw me googling “holiday dress maternity plaid” and “babysafe crib paint.” And I bet Amazon.com even told you my due date, Jan. 24, when I created that Prime registry.

But didn’t you also see me googling “braxton hicks vs. preterm labor” and “baby not moving”? Did you not see my three days of social media silence, uncommon for a high-frequency user like me? And then the announcement post with keywords like “heartbroken” and “problem” and “stillborn” and the 200 teardrop emoticons from my friends? Is that not something you could track?</p>

Facebook's VP of advertising responded, with a heartfelt response, to explain that the ads she was then shown, which thought she was now a mother, could have been blocked (on Facebook, at least) in Settings - Ad Preferences - Hide ad topics - Parenting.

A long way down though; what we truly want is systems that do watch and are attentive to us - including the bad part.
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50 minutes ago by charlesarthur
'They don't care': Facebook factchecking in disarray as journalists push to cut ties • The Guardian
Sam Levin:
<p>[Brooke] Binkowski, who left [fact-checking site] Snopes earlier this year and now runs her own factchecking site, which does not partner with Facebook, said the Facebook-Snopes partnership quickly became counterproductive. During early conversations with Facebook, Binkowski said she tried to raise concerns about misuse of the platform abroad, such as the explosion of hate speech and misinformation during the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and other violent propaganda.

“I was bringing up Myanmar over and over and over,” she said. “They were absolutely resistant.”

Binkowski, who previously reported on immigration and refugees, said Facebook largely ignored her: “I strongly believe that they are spreading fake news on behalf of hostile foreign powers and authoritarian governments as part of their business model.”

Kim LaCapria recently left Snopes as a content manager and factchecker partly due to her frustrations with the Facebook arrangement. She said it quickly seemed clear that Facebook wanted the “appearance of trying to prevent damage without actually doing anything” and that she was particularly upset to learn that Facebook was paying Snopes: “That felt really gross … Facebook has one mission and factchecking websites should have a completely different mission.”

Binkowski said that on at least one occasion, it appeared that Facebook was pushing reporters to prioritize debunking misinformation that affected Facebook advertisers, which she thought crossed a line: “You’re not doing journalism any more. You’re doing propaganda.”</p>

Facebook didn't like this, and put out <a href="https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/12/guardian-fact-check/">a grumpy response</a>, principally about the advertiser/misinformation point in that latter paragraph.
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1 hour ago by charlesarthur
https://ift.tt/2RVmkuk This is good news for the Filipino Canadian community with the holidays in full swing. "Filipino Canadians now have many options to take care of their family back home with Xoom. Cash pickup is available 24/7 at over 10,000 locations in the Philippines—where cash is usually available instantly. Xoom also offers a door-to-door delivery service with no additional fees and delivery times under six hours to Metro Manila when sent before 3:00 p.m. (Metro Manila time) and one to two days in most provinces."
2 hours ago by rjaquino
Democrats in New Jersey Have a Firm Grip on Power. They Want Even More. - The New York Times
Democrats in New Jersey Have a Firm Grip on Power. They Want Even More.:This sounds like a bad idea and NJ should not do it
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4 hours ago by juniorbird
Can I deactivate my Facebook account and still use messenger? - Quora
Avik Paul: "No, thats not possible since the accounts are mapped. If you delete ( not deactivate your Facebook account), you will have to sign up again fresh for the messenger. The alternate choice is but deactivating the facebook account (check or uncheck the option of deactivation including/excluding Messenger), the facebook account will be deactivated and not the messenger app."
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5 hours ago by Steve_Z
How to leave Facebook but keep using Messenger | BT
Instructions to deactivate (not delete) Facebook and keep using Messenger
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5 hours ago by Steve_Z

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