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How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions - The New York Times
Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica last night in the wake of this. Getting harder for social media to ignore this problem.
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1 hour ago by sumter_tisdale
Tabárez y su proceso de jerarquización de la selección | Selección uruguaya de fútbol
<<Aquella primera gira tuvo la particularidad que en el primer entrenamiento que realizó en Estados Unidos Tabárez no tuvo 22 jugadores para realizar el movimiento y debió completar el trabajo en la cancha con hinchas. ¡Sí, con hinchas!>>
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2 hours ago by jikatu
'They'll squash you like a bug': how Silicon Valley keeps a lid on leakers | Technology | The Guardian
"One European Facebook content moderator signed a contract, seen by the Guardian, which granted the company the right to monitor and record his social media activities, including his personal Facebook account, as well as emails, phone calls and internet use. He also agreed to random personal searches of his belongings including bags, briefcases and car while on company premises. Refusal to allow such searches would be treated as gross misconduct."
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3 hours ago by ghostboy
有不同意見一定要吵架嗎? – Carol’s World – Medium
這篇文章蠻不錯 @Medium: “有不同意見一定要吵架嗎?”
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7 hours ago by mht
Lockdown! Harden Windows 10 for maximum security | InfoWorld
To make the most of Windows 10's security improvements, you must target the right edition and hardware for your needs
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8 hours ago by websitejk

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