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Opinion | Elon Musk, the Donald of Silicon Valley - The New York Times
<<So much, then, for Elon Musk solving climate change or everything else he has promised to do, like building cities on Mars or (much more preposterously) solving L.A. traffic. At this point, it would be enough for Musk to save his company and the jobs of its 37,000 or so employees. For them and their families, saving the world first requires that Musk turn a profit on his existing business, not spin tales about his future ones. Much of the blame for the Tesla fiasco goes to government, which, in the name of green virtue, decided to subsidize the hobbies of millionaires to the tune of a $7,500 federal tax credit per car sold, along with additional state-based rebates. Would Tesla be a viable company without the subsidies? Doubtful. When Hong Kong got rid of subsidies last year, Tesla sales fell from 2,939 — to zero. It may be unfair to describe Tesla as Solyndra on wheels, but only slightly. Electric vehicles were supposed to be the car of the future because we were running out of oil — until we weren’t. And Musk was supposed to be a visionary because he spoke in visions, for which there will always be a large receptive audience. Casting about for a cause and a savior to believe in is what too many Americans do these days, perhaps as a result of casting off the causes and saviors we used to believe in. Donald Trump long ago figured out that truth is whatever he thinks he can get away with, a cynical kind of wisdom he rode all the way to the White House and whose consequences we live with every day. >>
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<<...en 2018 el consumo de energía destinada a este complejo proceso superará al de todos los hogares del país. Según estimaciones del economista Alex de Vries, el bitcoin habrá absorbido a finales de año la electricidad que consume un país como Austria, el 0,5% de toda la producida en el mundo. “Puede parecer que no es mucho. Pero la energía solar aporta un 1% de la electricidad total: y han hecho falta décadas para llegar a ese porcentaje.>> https://ift.tt/2KV7zUu #btc
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32 minutes ago by jikatu
Resultado do referendo ao aborto dá 66,4% a favor da legalização na Irlanda - Atualidade - SAPO 24
O resultado indica que 66,4% dos eleitores votaram a favor da mudança constitucional, anunciou a comissão eleitoral irlandesa, um resultado que o primeiro-ministro irlandês Leo Varadkar qualificou de "revolução tranquila", com uma participação de 64,1% dos votantes. via Pocket
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39 minutes ago by Werderbach
Mohamed Salah injury update: How long to recover from a dislocated shoulder and will he miss World Cup 2018? | The Independent
<<“A dislocated shoulder takes between 12 and 16 weeks to heal after the shoulder has been put back into place.” Salah will obviously receive world-class treatment and there is a possibility that it is not a severe dislocation. But it would appear very unlikely he will return to any form of training within the next two weeks.>>
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42 minutes ago by jikatu
I have no idea what is going on here
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Big Waves Day in Punta #photography #sigma #zoom #uruguay #puntadeleste #mar #ocean #ola #flickr
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Flickr: Page Not Found
Green Wave #photography #ola #puntadeleste #uruguay #flickr
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5 hours ago by jikatu
All-or-nothing approach: Washington's maximalist doctrine - American Politics - Jerusalem Post
<<Iran has discovered a state of being in which it can achieve regime security and potential for power projection enjoyed by nuclear-weapons states, just without being burdened by all the costs of constructing the bomb itself – a “nuclear threshold” position achieved in a Goldilocks-period of uranium enrichment where it perfects the miniaturization of warheads and delivery systems, and stockpiles excessive amounts of fissile material enriched to the highest acceptable grade without putting all of the pieces together. In demanding that Tehran categorically end its nuclear work, abandon its support for Syria’s Bashar Assad, withdraw from Yemen, end its indefinite detentions of political prisoners without trial, cease all ballistic missile activity and end support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, the US risks accomplishing nothing – and perhaps exacerbating everything. It is a doctrine, indeed, of all-or-nothing. It’s an American bullishness that, to a portion of the president’s domestic audience, presents the sort of tough leadership that helped get him elected.>> All-or-nothing approach: Washington's maximalist doctrine
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6 hours ago by jikatu
Fascinating argument about a cause of ideological partisanship:
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6 hours ago by josephprice
Market Realist
<<The market cap for Bitcoin is $27 billion, and the overall market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined is $334 billion.>> https://ift.tt/2INHbzt #btc
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6 hours ago by jikatu
Getting Started With CSS Layout — Smashing Magazine
Designers! Front-enders! Here’s a 6,000-word guide to getting started with CSS Layout, by *the* Rachel Andrew, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, co-creator of Perch, and author of *The New CSS Layout* & other great books.
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