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Fab’s Jason Goldberg weighs in on what he knows best: Fundraising
“Raising Money. One of the few things I’m certainly good at.”

Fab was, in the words of Michael Carney, “among the biggest whiffs we’ve ever seen in the private markets.” Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhammer’s ecommerce startup went from a billion dollar valuation to a proposed sale valuing its remaining parts at just $15 million.

But despite whatever operational failings may have led to Fab’s demise, one thing Goldberg never had trouble with is raising money — Fab had raised over $300 million over its lifespan. And so in today’s climate where, as Josh Kopelman [Disclosure: Pando investor] recently wrote, it’s harder than ever for the army of seed companies to raise Series A rounds, there’s a lot entrepreneurs can learn from Goldberg’s experience.
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Fab cofounder Jason Goldberg has a long track record of running startups into the ground. Earlier in his career, he founded a search engine called Jobster--and managed to vaporize $48 million in funding before the company was sold for parts. "I was this poster child in Seattle of this guy who had burned through VC money, like a pariah," Goldberg told Fast Company in 2013. But Silicon Valley investors, who tend to view startup "failure" as a virtue, ignored the red flags--and Goldberg managed to talk investors into throwing a whopping $325 million at Fab.
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Fab Was Burning Through $14M/Month Before Its Layoffs And Pivot | TechCrunch
[operational cost low in Berlin. 'running out of cash before traction and revenue starts to climb'] “We have years and years of cash left,” Goldberg notes. It seems that even if there may be new kinds of overhead with the design, building, selling and distributing of furniture, it’s nothing compared to the burn of a startup with hundreds of employees and the challenges of grappling with inventory from dozens and dozens of suppliers. Real estate is one part of that cost base: in New York, Fab paid $250,000 per month for two floors of office space. In Berlin, the company spends $125,000 per year on rent. [min11 ... a choice you have to make about your business; scale with low margin ie Amazon, Zalando&co *commodity business. or the reverse. tight curated sought out offering with high margins with a shelf life of very few months *ie seasonal high end fashion, designer items of any kind, hand manufactured stuff] & techcrunch.com/2014/10/20/justin-kan-disrupt/ & youtu.be/CyIMNDCyuBM
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Drowning in venture capital, mobile startups are waging unsustainable price wars | PandoDaily
upside of this up-cycle/up-business cycle? everyone with a little bit of chops and a MVP with little bit of traction can get capital. Downside? Everyone spends their capital. Would never happen in a down cycle. Down cycles are great, you've got more time to build a great team, product and brand. .... "[L]ook at ecommerce 2.0 companies like Fab and EcoMom who blew millions in capital acquiring customers at unsustainable rates, hoping for some magic lifetime customer value to justify the spending. (It didn’t.) “There’s a tension between growing fast enough and having a disastrous bottom line,” Jeff Clavier, Founder of SoftTech VC, says. Clavier was an early investor in Fab, among others playing this game. “If you don’t have growth you’re stuck, but if you have growth with economics not viable in the long term, [you’re making] a real bet that you’ll be funded nevertheless.” [...] companies aren’t developing a sustainable business model. [Freemium works better with Software Product.]
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Twitter / betashop: 1/ Say hello to Hem ...
@Fab announces @tweetsfromhem (hem.com) for customizable home furnishings; the new furniture site will be a spin-off from Fab; will launch in 30 countries in Sept; 'Hem is a full-stack design company: everything from design to product development to manufacturing to technology & logistics.. factory-direct, easy-assembly, speedy delivery, & mass customization,' Goldberg says [...] Someone said "If you didn't fail, you didn't try hard enough." Goldberg uses what had traction & what was loved by users of Fab, tries to build something new with the remaining capital, without the baggage of Fab.com. Interesting. #customisation #individualisation #appeal-of-luxury #hint-of-luxury #status-symbol #niche
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