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Gaming security by obscurity
"If the adaptive attacker actively queries the
system to seek out its vulnerabilities, can the system gain
some security by actively learning attacker’s methods, and
adapting to them?"
fa:archive  security  game_theory  games  infosec  academic 
october 2011 by adulau
MCLD blog: Reverse-engineering the rave hoover
"One of the classic rave synth sounds is the "hoover", a sort of slurry chorussy synth line like the classic Dominator by Human Resource. I decided to recreate that sound from scratch, by reverse engineering the sound and recreating it in SuperCollider."
programming  music  audio  synth  synthesis  electronic_music  fa:archive  from delicious
september 2011 by adulau
Scalable Network Programming Or: The Quest For A Good Web Server (That Survives Slashdot)
"Felix von Leitner<br />
felix-linuxkongress@fefe.de<br />
2003-10-16<br />
Abstract<br />
How do you write a fast network server? How do you write a network server that can handle 10000 clients? What bottlenecks are there and how do you avoid them?"
programming  networking  network  fa:archive  sgio  event-based  from delicious
july 2011 by adulau
Collusion set detection using graph clustering
"We also propose<br />
a new graph clustering algorithm, specifically tailored for detecting collusion<br />
sets. A novel feature of our approach is the use of Dempster–Schafer theory<br />
of evidence to combine the candidate collusion sets detected by individual<br />
graph  graphtheory  collusion  detection  clustering  fa:archive  from delicious
june 2011 by adulau
Aspects météorologiques de l’accident nucléaire de Tchernobyl : conséquences pour la Belgique
Il y a 25 ans, la centrale nucléaire de Tchernobyl explosait. Un nuage radioactif s’en était échappé ; il avait atteint notre pays.

Contrairement à ce que certains médias prétendent, la publication que l’IRM a écrite à ce sujet en 1988 n’est pas confidentielle : « Aspects météorologiques de l’accident nucléaire de Tchernobyl : conséquences pour la Belgique » de l’Institut Royal Météorologique, Publication Série A, N°123, 65 p., écrites par De Muer, D., De Dycker, E., Malcorps, H., Trullemans, L., Van der Auwera, L. & Vandiepenbeeck, M.
radioactivity  belgium  irm  weatherforecast  fa:archive  tchernobyl  filetype:pdf  media:document 
april 2011 by doegox
Physical memory attacks via Firewire/DMA - Part 1: Overview and Mitigation (Update) | Uwe Hermann
"In this article, I intend to give a fairly complete overview of the available papers published on this issue, tools for testing the attacks, as well as mitigation techniques for various OSes. If I'm missing some important papers or tools, please post a comment!"
security  firewire  forensics  memory  attack  laptop  memory_dump  forensic  forensic_analysis  dma  fa:archive  from delicious
march 2011 by adulau
A "quick-and-dirty' 1 hour explanation of DO and DON'T in crypto. A lot of valid points except slides 17 and slide 19 IMHO.
fa:archive  cryptography  tutorial  crypto  encryption  security  from delicious
january 2011 by adulau
PLC Siemens in 2009 ;-)
Looks at the date (especially slide page 60)
plc  siemens  security  scada  stuxnet  fa:archive  from delicious
january 2011 by adulau

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