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better cheated to the last, by Damkianna
"He probably should have known right then, the moment he saw them. Down the street some distance, crowding around the mouth of a narrow little alley. The way they were standing said trouble, sure enough: looming, tense shoulders and jutted-out chins, brief sharp movements of their hands and arms.

He should have known trouble meant Johnny.

But he didn't think of it, didn't realize. He saw there was somebody cornered, getting shoved around a little—and it wasn't till one of them finally threw a punch, knocked that somebody's hat off and gave Henry a nice clear view of a flash of wheat-gold hair, that Henry felt his breath hitch and fumbled his way into motion."
f:the.sting  p:henry.gondorff/johnny.hooker  l:1-5k  |slash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide18  d:2018  a:damkianna 
december 2018 by Tafadhali
truth deceived, by Damkianna
"Henry and Johnny catch a blackmailer—by pretending they've got something to be blackmailed about. Except, of course, no one's doing as much pretending as anybody else thinks they are."
f:the.sting  p:henry.gondorff/johnny.hooker  l:5-10k  |slash  t:pretendrelationship  t:pining  x:yuletide16  x:yuletide  d:2017  a:damkianna 
january 2017 by Tafadhali
The Art Auction Racket, by linaerys
Summary: Two years after the events in the movie, Johnny and Henry meet up in New York to fleece an old adversary.
ty:fic  f:the.sting  r:hooker/gondorff  rt:teen&up  wc:16k  a:linaerys  th:post-canon  y:2009 
march 2014 by adastra03
The Buried Treasure Racket, by Dorinda
What this movie really needed. Lengthy con-based fic. Who is pulling one over on whom?
f:the.sting  r:hooker/gondorff  th:jealousy  ty:fic  rt:teen&up  wc:27k  a:dorinda  th:yuletide  th:post-canon  y:2006 
may 2011 by adastra03

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a:damkianna  a:dorinda  a:linaerys  d:2017  d:2018  l:1-5k  l:5-10k  p:henry.gondorff/johnny.hooker  r:hooker/gondorff  rt:teen&up  t:pining  t:pretendrelationship  th:jealousy  th:post-canon  th:yuletide  ty:fic  wc:16k  wc:27k  wc:2k  x:yuletide  x:yuletide16  x:yuletide18  y:2006  y:2009  y:2010  |slash 

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