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cult leader peter
Anonymous asked:
what about peter as a cult leader who forces stiles (or whoever really) to fuck him as like a religious thing. either because he's tricked them into thinking thats what god wants (so they are enthusiastic) or literally just forces them
author:kinkyfics  char:peter-hale  au:religion  kink:abuse-of-authority  kink:slavery  kink:sexual-slavery  kink:owned  kink:human-pet  kink:fucktoy  kink:plaything  wc:<1k  f:teen-wolf 
february 2016 by cochepaille
Playing the Lottery - Anonymous
“How much are tickets?” Derek asked, pulling his wallet from his jeans.

“Two hundred dollars, Sir,” the boy replied.

Derek paused, dollar bills held in his hand. He raised his brows, lips settling into a deeper frown.

“What now?” Derek asked.

“I know it’s high, but the prize is worth it. You have to wait a while for the payoff, but you know, it’s a ticket a go, so everyone wins.”
char:stiles-stilinski  kink:breeding-bench  kink:on-display  kink:sold  kink:whored-out  kink:gangbang  kink:fucktoy  kink:dehumanization  kink:wrecked-hole  f:teen-wolf 
february 2016 by cochepaille
The Strength of the Wolf by tolieawake
In the end, it's only Lydia and Stiles left. Alone and desperate, oh so desperate. Desperate times and desperate measures and all that, but emphasis on the times.

With nothing else left to lose, they find a way to change it all. And Stiles may just figure out the key to stopping everything that ever went wrong - well, from Peter onwards.

Because he's older and wiser (sort-of) and beginning to understand in a way that he never did before.

After all, the strength of the wolf is the pack, right?

[Stile travels back in time to the body of his young self, and visits Peter while he is in his coma. The writing is so-so but the idea is really good.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  g:timetravel  c:stiles-stilinski  c:peter-hale  a:tolieawake 
august 2014 by margrave
From the Cradle to the Grave - jezziejay
It’s not that the sheriff doesn’t like Derek. It’s just that he thinks Stiles could do better.

[Sheriff doeen't like Derek until he does.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  c:sheriff-stilinski  c:stiles-stilinski  c:derek-hale  a:jezziejay 
march 2014 by margrave
When Life Hands You Werewolves - uraneia
Four hours—that’s how long it takes after the Daedalus II drops off the new contingent of baby scientists and Marines before Rodney starts taking bets on who’ll be the first to get into Derek Hale’s pants.

[I bookmarked this at AO3 but forgot to save it here. This is a prime example of why I loved SGA fics and it is awesome how the teenwolf cast fit into this universe.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  g:slash  c:rodney-mckay  c:john-sheppard  c:derek-hale  c:stiles-stilinski  g:crossover  f:sga  g:au  g:au-contextual-reassignment  a:uraneia 
march 2014 by margrave
Ajar - subnivean
McCall sees the kid a mile out of town in the Preserve about an hour past midnight, stumbling along.

[Agent McCall isn't dumb, and things are truly creepy from an outsider pov.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  g:outsider-pov  c:agent-mccall  c:stiles-stilinski  a:subnivean 
february 2014 by margrave
Helenish - Safe Harbor
I keep this picture around because this is an arranged-marriage picture, and what you need to know is that Derek Hale has been coached from BIRTH to be brave, generous, respectful, to never allow personal matters to interfere with his duties to the state, so as he waves to the joyous populace from the balcony of the castle on the morning after his nuptials, you would never know that his HEART HAS BEEN CRUELLY SHATTERED BY PRINCE STILES’ BRUSQUE INDIFFERENCE.

f:teen-wolf  g:au-royalty  g:au  c:derek-hale  c:stiles-stilinski  g:slash  a:helenish 
february 2014 by margrave
Without Mythologies - Verbyna
“He’s my alpha,” Peter tells Stiles, only slightly reproachful. “His mother was my alpha and it was my job to look after him. I’m not obsessed.”

[EEEE! You know, it probably says a lot about me, that I find the adults and Stiles the most interesting on this show. I love Peter and his brain, and I love Stiles who will do what need to be done, and I love Derek who is so conflicted and not Alpha material. I just - guys, the scenes between Stiles and Peter in this is gold, pure gold; two people who are willnig to do anything to protect what they have. The author tagged this as incest, I don't, because I was in SPN for years, and unless it is explicit it is just platonic OBSESSION.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  c:peter-hale  c:derek-hale  c:stiles-stilinski  a:verbyna 
september 2013 by margrave
Informed Mistakes series - Febricant, IttyBittyManatee
“Why won’t you stop pushing?” Chris demands, chest almost flush with his.

“A fatal flaw in my character,” Peter forces out, reveling in the harsh pull of breath past Chris' grip.

[Peter and Chris, and the mistakes they make. I love this Peter; angry, ruthless, snarky, and slightly insane, but somehow wanting to protect what he has left.]
f:teen-wolf  g:slash  c:peter-hale  c:chris-argent  c:derek-hale  c:stiles-stilinski  a:febricant  a:ittybittymanatee 
september 2013 by margrave
6 Interactions: Derek and Sheriff Stilinski by Diary
Six times Sheriff Stilinski talks to Derek Hale.

[This is so good in the ways it nails Derek and the Sheriff's character. How the two of them interact as almost adults. I love it to bits.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  c:derek-hale  c:sheriff-stilinski  g:5times  a:diary 
september 2013 by margrave
Inconvenient Relatives - DarkAthena (seraphim_grace)
Stiles has really inconvenient relatives, so when a dead raccoon starts following him around he really wishes someone would have mentioned that he might inherit magic, especially when they come to stay.

[TeenWolf/DCU Batman+Nightwing crossover. It isn't the best, but it is fun, and really indulgent in regards to Dick and Stiles, so, something I wouldn't mind reading more of.]
f:teen-wolf  f:dc  f:dcu  c:stiles-stilinski  c:dick-grayson  c:ensemble  g:crossover  g:gen  g:slash  a:darkathena(seraphim_grace) 
august 2013 by margrave
Play It Again by metisket
In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

f:teen-wolf  g:gen  c:stiles-stilinski  c:derek-hale  c:peter-hale  c:scott-mccall  a:metisket 
july 2013 by margrave
But beneath my feet I felt the sting of the earth remembering - Slythhearted
Most families have secrets, Stiles’s family has more than most. Bucky Barnes was too late finding the daughter Natasha smuggled out of Russia, but there’s a grandson in California he really wants to meet. An adventure with Werewolves, hunters and substitute teachers.
f:avengers  f:teen-wolf  g:gen  g:crossover  c:stiles-stilinski  c:natasha-ramanova  c:james-bucky-barnes  a:slythhearted 
may 2013 by margrave
Child of the Wolf - Mhalachai
Caught between hunters and werewolves and wendigos, Stiles almost doesn’t have time to wonder much about the hot new redheaded Deputy Sherriff or the bow-wielding sarcastic gym teacher. Almost.

[WIP Warning - NEED more.]
f:teen-wolf  f:avengers  g:gen  g:crossover  c:stiles-stilinski  c:scott-mccall  c:allison-argent  c:lydia-martin  c:natasha-ramanova  c:clint-barton  a:mhalachai 
may 2013 by margrave
The Morning When It's Clear - BarlowGirl
“She makes me have dinner with her and the Sheriff every week,” Derek admitted. “She keeps saying I don’t eat well enough. Too much fast food, she says. I keep reminding her I’m a werewolf and then I get a lecture about cholesterol. That doesn’t even make sense.”

Or: Derek feels, basically.
f:teen-wolf  g:futurefic  g:slash  c:ensemble  c:derek-hale  c:stiles-stilinski  a:barlowgirl 
february 2013 by margrave
Lotus Eater - cheesewithmy
Lydia hadn’t exactly been holding out for this all to turn out to be a hilarious misunderstanding, but it would have been nice to be wrong.

[I want more of this, Lydia fic; smart, competent and so very vicious. Lydia gets a look at the inner workings of the pack.]
f:teen-wolf  g:gen  c:lydia-martin  c:ensemble  a:cheesewithmy 
february 2013 by margrave
tried and tested - dancinbutterfly
Derek is thrown into a violent heat in the wake of Lydia and Peter's actions at the end of Party Guessed. Debilitated by his own needs, Derek reaches out to Stiles, the only person he wants and can hope to trust.

[I remember the days when I use to think mpreg was so very strange. Yeah. That was awhile ago.]
f:teen-wolf  g:slash  c:derek-hale  c:stiles-stilinski  c:sherlock-holmes  c:isaac-lahey  a:dancinbutterfly 
february 2013 by margrave
Break Me Like A Promise - Sidara
Stiles has to learn to live with his choice. So does everyone else.

[OMFG! TEENWOLF/AVENGERS CROSSOVER THAT actually works! It is about growing up, paying your dues, and while you may never go home, you can take the things you love with you.]
f:avengers  f:teen-wolf  g:crossover  g:gen  c:stiles-stilinski  c:tony-stark  c:derek-hale  c:scott-mccall  a:sidara 
february 2013 by margrave

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