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Dear Chuck - spiralicious [Archive of Our Own]
And there is the other stuff... my poor eyes. I mean we were taught that technically those things are not naughty among consenting adults, but... They do know they're related, right? I think they have contests to see who can stick whose tongue down the other's throat the farthest. I won't even mention the other things. Elves are not supposed to even know about those things! We were not mentally prepared for such things in elf school!
@:ao3  a:spiralicious  f:spn  c:oc  t:letter|diary  holiday:_christmas  creature:elf  g:fluff 
9 days ago by Vexed_
in spite of all the danger by miriad [Archive of Our Own]
The Sheriff looks at his watch. Again.

Stiles is still not home. It’s four am.

“Come on, kid,” he grumbles to himself, thinking through his triage plans for just this situation. His first point of order in all plans is to call Scott.

He doesn’t want to call Scott. If he calls Scott, he’s going to wake up Scott, and if Stiles isn’t with Scott, then Scott is going to be involved.

Scott is not subtle. Bricks to the face are more subtle than Scott. The Sheriff maybe needs a bit more subtlety than Scott right now.

[In which Dean Winchester is Sheriff Stilinski.]
f:teenwolf  f:crossover  f:spn  wip  -wc:<5k  site:a03  gen  plot:new!identity  plot:humor  plot:kidnapping  p:derek/stiles  slash  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
13 days ago by dievillain
Dandy in the Underworld - dear_tiger [Archive of Our Own]
They say there is a secret game in Las Vegas, the greatest one of all, in which the hero plays against the dragon for three nights, and the prize is a wish granted, and the penalty is death. A new player arrives to try his luck, only to discover that the game is held in a dump of a house in the desert and that the dragon is a dude named Dean, chained to the house by the ankle. The hero soon realizes that he cannot leave unless he wins. The dragon is growing blood-thirsty, the game makes no sense, and the hero’s only hope are the clues dropped by the dragon’s brother who’s just along for the ride.
@:ao3  f:spn  p:(spn):sam/dean 
april 2019 by Vexed_
Truth or consequences - rivkat [Archive of Our Own]
What if Agent Henriksen gave Dean truth serum? Disinhibition and dirty talk.
f:spn  p:(spn):sam/dean  c:(spn):sam  c:(spn):dean  c:(spn):henriksen  @:ao3 
september 2018 by Vexed_
On the Wings of an Angel by Moonlight Mist (MisteryMaiden)
All angel's know that when they die, the cease to exist. All angel's know that there's no 'after' for them. Just like all angel's know that God created more than one Earth.

Gabriel's finding out that two of those former facts aren't as set in stone as he thought. He's also finding out that the answer behind the long sought question of 'Where do angels go when they die?' has a lot to do with that last fact.

Maybe dying wasn't as bad as it could have been.

[In which Gabriel is reborn as Harry Potter, there's a tree, and Gabriel's memories materialize as a separate personality. Everyone is a little smarter in this, Snape is taken to task by Minerva, the yearly bigbad is solved proactively, and Harry works with Sirius and Remus on the Horcrux problem. Dumbledore doesn't learn that Harry is an archangel until the Tournament.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:spn  wip  -wc:150k-200k  site:a03  gen  plot:reincarnation  plot:new!identity  plot:ancients!meddling  plot:religion  powerful!harry  smart!harry  independent!harry  plot:angels  ok!ron  freed!sirius  parent!sirius  ok!remus  -rating:4/5  saved 
july 2018 by dievillain
Finding Home - shadeshifter - Angel: the Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Constantine (TV), Criminal Minds, Forever (TV), Grimm (TV), Highlander: The Series, Leverage, Magnificent Seven (TV), NCIS, Numb3rs, Supernatural, The Magnificent Seven (TV), The S
After leaving NCIS, Tony gets a team of his own at the FBI. It's not long before he's neck deep in the supernatural (pun intended) and resigned to the fact that he brought it all on himself. Lindsey, Dean and Methos just think it's adorable that Tony thinks he exercises any control over them at all.

[In which Tony inadvertently starts a supernatural task force at the FBI with Methos, Kronos, Dean Winchester, and Lindsey MacDonald.]
f:ncis  f:crossover  f:highlander  f:btvs  f:criminalminds  f:spn  wip  -wc:150k-200k  site:a03  p:dinozzo/hotchner  slash  main!char:tony  ex-ncis  smart!tony  plot:team  plot:immortality  plot:casefic  plot:episodic  -rating:3/5  saved 
july 2018 by dievillain
Lollies and Loki - cheshire_carroll
Hermione Granger is seven years old when she kneels in front of an altar she's made herself with an offering of the best sweets her pocket money could buy and prays to a Trickster God.

Gabriel hears.

[In which Hermione's older sister commits suicide due to extreme bullying and Loki/Gabriel answers her prayer for justice. He becomes very attached to Hermione, replaces her Hecate given magic with his own and teaches her how to use it.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:spn  wip  -wc:150k-200k  site:a03  gen  main!char:hermione  plot:pre-series  plot:ancients!meddling  plot:religion  plot:abuse!suicidal  plot:angst  plot:family!drama  plot:genius  plot:family!of!choice  plot:women!are!awesome!too  plot:gods  plot:angels  -rating:5/5  saved 
may 2018 by dievillain
Crossroads - Tarlan [Archive of Our Own]
Dean is dragged first to Hell then back to Earth. Now he stands at a new crossroads with an angel instead of a demon.
@:ao3  f:spn 
april 2018 by Vexed_
The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride
Sam is trying to become the Antichrist in order to save the world. He has a small army of angels and demons, he has an adoring cult, he has a work of prophecy by Jack Kerouac, and he has Dean. Things are going pretty well until he accidentally signs Dean up as his Beloved Consort, a role that requires sex with the Antichrist on an altar. And that's when things stop going pretty well. Also, the soundtrack to the Apocalypse sucks.
@:lj  f:spn  p:(spn):sam/dean 
april 2018 by Vexed_
Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too - astolat [Archive of Our Own]
He'd just about let that go, and then after Sam signed them in at the motel that night, the clerk glanced at them, grinned, and slid across a key with a giant brass heart keychain on the end that opened the door to the goddamn honeymoon suite.

"Seriously, dude," Dean said that night, and gulped a breath. "What the hell?" He shifted his weight a little. "Are we giving off some kind of vibe?
@:ao3  f:spn  p:(spn):sam/dean 
march 2018 by Vexed_
Dicks Can Be Such Dicks - zelda_addict [Archive of Our Own]
Original Prompt: "Sam and Dean are cursed to have talking penises. Their dicks start talking. Dean's being a horndog, Sam's is either morose because it keeps dooming the women he sleeps with, or a gleefully evil sociopath.

They both complain on long car rides that they have to pee.

Eventually they start hitting on each other. Sex ensues."

This is more or less that.
@:ao3  f:spn  p:(spn):sam/dean  c:(spn):sam  c:(spn):dean 
march 2018 by Vexed_

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