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never really over - gdgdbaby - 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV) RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The thing is: it would be good to see Xiao Zhan again — if Yibo could just trust himself to be normal.
fic  f:RPF  p:wangyibo/xiaozhan  good 
26 days ago by nonplussed
To Do In Tent - Mithrigil - Untitled Goose Game (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
It is a lovely morning in the Bake-off Tent, and you know exactly what this fic is about.
fic  f:UntitledGooseGame  crossover  f:RPF  gen  humor  'ao3 
5 weeks ago by esther_a
we’ll make a brand new start of it (in old new york) - misantlery - Buzzfeed: Worth It (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
“Just to be clear,” Andrew says. “You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend at a party to spite your high school bully and your high school girlfriend and possibly the entire state of Ohio?”

Steven giggles. “Spite’s such a harsh word. Shock and impress, maybe.”

“For a man of faith you’re being awfully morally flexible about this,” Andrew says.
fic  f:RPF  slash  s:unspecified  fake_relationship  getting-together  explicit  'ao3 
november 2019 by esther_a
Fake Sugar - minverse - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
(Hedge Fund wunderkind and Certified Awkward Gay Jungkook needs a sugar baby to show off at work, and Professional Competitive Eater and Objectively Beautiful Human Jin just wants to stop working shitty side-jobs. Fake Sugar Daddy AU. A trope and a half.)
fic  f:RPF:Music  f:RPF  slash  s:unspecified  long  AU:sexwork  fake_relationship  getting-together  explicit  'ao3 
november 2019 by esther_a
Mind's Special Issue on the Recent Archival Findings at Kaliningrad: A Final Thought - CorpseBrigadier - Philosophy RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Certainly, I think most academics found the exclamation "Holy shitballs, I've just been railed by aliens!" to be out of keeping with their vision of the historical Kant [...]"
fic  f:RPF  f:RPF:historical  xeno  epistolary/document-fic  humor  awesome  'ao3  fictional-academia 
october 2019 by esther_a
The Wolf in the Woods - morrezela [Archive of Our Own]
Jensen is a baker who keeps getting accosted by a wolf with a sweet tooth every time he tries to deliver food to his grandmother’s house.
@:aff  f:rpf  p:(rpf):jared/jensen  c:(rpf):jensen  c:(rpf):jared  c:(rpf):misha  c:(rpf):jdm  t:fairytale  t:were  not.human:were  not.human:were:jared  job:baker  a:morrezela 
september 2019 by Vexed_
Scales, Wings, and Fire, Oh My! - fallenforsupernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: Jensen intends to slay the dragon and win the princess’s heart. But unfortunate circumstances trap Jensen and Jared in Jared’s cave for a while and the two develop a bond. Jensen eventually leaves Jared to go back and win Danneel, unknowingly hurting and almost killing Jared in the heartbreak. Jensen tries to fix it, but it seems his relationship only hurts Jared more as the hunters continue to try and kill the “dangerous” dragon.
@:ao3  f:rpf  p:(rpf):jared/jensen 
may 2019 by Vexed_
Animal Magic - Annie46fic [Archive of Our Own]
When he was five Jared wanted to 'Talk to the Animals' just like Doctor Doolittle. Somehow his wish was granted, but Jared soon found out that talking to the animals was no fairy tale. Alone at thirty and no sign of love on the horizon, Jared meets Jensen (a vet who is very meticulous) when he takes a stray dog to Jensen’s surgery. Can these two very different people find love and what will finally make Jared confess his deepest, darkest secret?
@:ao3  f:rpf  c:(rpf):jensen  c:(rpf):jared  p:(rpf):jared/jensen 
april 2019 by Vexed_
Hearthstone - Molly [Archive of Our Own]
Jensen lives alone in the small town where he grew up, dividing his time between the bookstore he runs (with no customers), the bar he half-owns (but doesn't run) and the big, expensive dream house (that he bought with money he doesn't know what to do with). He lives quietly at the edge of the circle of friends he went to school with, and avoids everybody else -- until the new guy in town crashes a bike in front of Jensen's store and wedges himself into Jensen's world.
@:ao3  f:rpf  p:(rpf):jared/jensen 
march 2018 by Vexed_
The Tale of Squire Kristopher and the Black Dragon - fictionalcandie - American Idol RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Killing the dragon is not Kris’s first quest ever, but he thinks probably it’ll end up being his last. (He’s really hoping that at least the eating happens after the dying.)
fic  f:RPF  f:AI_8  AU  AU:supernatural  AU:setting/career_change  slash  s:Adam/Kris  dragons  explicit  'ao3  via:esther_a 
november 2017 by ataratah
The Tale of Squire Kristopher and the Black Dragon - fictionalcandie - American Idol RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Killing the dragon is not Kris’s first quest ever, but he thinks probably it’ll end up being his last. (He’s really hoping that at least the eating happens after the dying.)
fic  f:RPF  f:AI_8  AU  AU:fantasy  AU:setting/career_change  slash  s:Adam/Kris  dragons  explicit  'ao3 
november 2017 by esther_a

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