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Stalking Is Not Love (But It's the Closest I Get) by xwannaflyx
Tsunade puts her foot down (and through several floors) and Orochimaru reluctantly allows Kakashi to join Team Minato because apparently socialization is necessary for healthy development. No stalking is also good for healthy relationships but no one ever claimed that Orochimaru and Kakashi are healthy. Nonetheless, Kakashi is learning and growing and attempting to become a chuunin.

He adulted once. He could definitely do it again. Ish.
f:naruto  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  p:kakashi/gai  slash  plot:massive!au  ok!orochimaru  timetravel!kakashi  plot:timetravel  de-aged!kakashi  alive!sakumo  sensei!orochimaru  chuunin!exams  ok!obito  plot:romance!pining  hokage!tsunade  plot:humor  -rating:3/5  notsaved 
12 days ago by dievillain
Saving the World (but Mostly Yourself) by xwannaflyx
Kakashi's plan to save the world is something vaguely involving exposing Danzo's involvement in everything and stalking Orochimaru to make sure he can keep an eye on any potentially apocalyptic projects. His plan did NOT involve becoming the student of Orochimaru. (Also his plan kinda sucks and Sasuke may have had a point when he said he didn't have a plan.)

(Realistically he didn't have much of a plan and thank god for Tsunade because both Kakashi and Orochimaru are a hot mess)

[In which Kakashi becomes Orochimaru's student, Tsunade comes back as the Yondaime and Danzo is disposed of.]
f:naruto  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  plot:massive!au  main!char:kakashi  timetravel!kakashi  de-aged!kakashi  plot:seers  plot:redo  sensei!orochimaru  ok!orochimaru  hokage!tsunade  plot:humor  plot:pre-series  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
13 days ago by dievillain
RE: Flames of Resolve by Dareagon
Getting hit in the head had never been stranger. Tsuna wakes up, remembering bit of a life that doesn't feel like his own. He remembered a life before this one, a better life. Sure, there was a lot of fighting involved, but he'd had a family. People so precious he had died for them. Literally… Tsuna reborn as Naruto
(This is the rewrite of Flames of Resolve!)

[In which Byakuran saves a dying Tsuna by shoving him into the body of a Naruto who didn't survive the sealing. He regains his memories of Tsuna during a spar at the Academy, but loses most of his Naruto memories. He can't use chakra, but he activates his flames, bonds with Iruka as a mist, Zabuza as a Rain, Sasuke as Storm...]
f:katekyohitmanreborn  f:crossover  f:naruto  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  plot:reincarnation  plot:new!identity  plot:parallel!universe  oc!naruto  plot:possession  plot:amnesia  smart!naruto  plot:family!of!choice  -rating:3/5  notsaved 
13 days ago by dievillain
Unto Darkness, Starlight by AislingRoisin (JayBird345), MathIsMagic [Archive of Our Own]
If anyone had told Shikako a few years ago that she would be reborn after dying at an old age, she would have probably started laughing. She's not laughing now.

Escaping their mother, Shikako and her new twin sister have set out to find safety, and, if they're lucky, a real family.
f:naruto  f:crossover  f:other  f:dos  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  plot:self-insert  plot:pov!other  plot:seers  plot:angst  plot:reincarnation  plot:post-series  plot:finding!family  plot:unexpected!parent  plot:abuse!childabuse  plot:prostitution  -rating:4/5  notsaved  oc!nara 
13 days ago by dievillain
In a Definite Place at a Definite Time - Chapter 1 by Pepperdoken, VagabondDawn, wafflelate
In terms of Team Seven mission disasters, being stranded in the Warring Clans Era is… probably in the top five. Maybe even the top three. But still, even if it takes a while, Sasuke and Shikako will find their way home. In the meantime, they just have to keep their heads down and avoid the Uchiha–Senju conflict until it’s time to get back to where they belong. Not hard at all.
“So we probably shouldn’t, like,” Bat says, “change things. Do stuff. Upset the timeline and cause the universe to implode.”

Hawk shifts. “Is that… a concern?” he asks warily.

Bat pauses for a long and totally not reassuring moment. “Probably not,” she concludes.
f:naruto  f:dos  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  plot:lucky!chaos  plot:timetravel  timetravel!sasuke  timetravel!oc  oc!nara  clan!wars  plot:finding!family  plot:humor  plot:mission!contretemps  -rating:4/5  notsaved  plot:self-insert  plot:pov!other  plot:seers  plot:reincarnation 
13 days ago by dievillain
[SI,Naruto,NaNoWriMo] Go! Unashamed Reincarnation Protagonist Sakura! by Aaron Peori
SI as Sakura from an advanced society. Her body is artificial and her mind is filled with multiple controllers.
"My favourite thing is playing games with the voices in my head. My dream..." She surged to her feet and grabbed her bicep with one hand, holding her fist heavenward. "My dream is to defeat the evil moon rabbit!" She snapped her hands to her hips and her grin turned vicious. "The thing I hate the most is idiots who are too blinded by the desire for power to see how dangerous that power is." She nodded to herself and closed her eyes, obviously pleased. She sat down delicately and gracefully, settling her long red cloak around her body like a poncho. "My hobbies include the occult, psychic phenomena, sufficiently advanced technology and point maximization." She gave him a thumbs up to indicate she was finished.
f:naruto  f:crossover  f:other  wip  -wc:150k-200k  site:spacebattles  gen  main!char:sakura  plot:self-insert  plot:pov!other  plot:seers  plot:reincarnation  plot:redo  oc!sakura  kickass!sakura  plot:uplift  plot:mpd  plot:robots  plot:alien!invasion  plot:abuse!medical  bigbad!danzo  plot:ancients!meddling  plot:culture!clash  plot:action!adventure  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
15 days ago by dievillain
Growing Strong by silenceia
A child displaced by powers she cannot control, Jasmine Potter must learn to adapt to a strange life in an even stranger land.

[In which Harry/Jasmine Potter grows up a ward of the Nara clan after some accidental magic drops her in Konoha.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:naruto  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  gen  plot:genderbender  plot:genderbender!permanent  always!girl!harry  plot:magical!mishap  plot:stranded  plot:parallel!universe  plot:new!identity  parent!other  harry!nara  plot:family!of!choice  plot:friendshipfic  -rating:4/5  saved 
16 days ago by dievillain
here's hoping we collide - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
“You would think they’d make it harder to break into their castle,” Mei huffs, and heaves the body of a guard into one of the empty rooms to sprawl with the others.
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  poly  s:unspecified  explicit  'ao3  h/c 
22 days ago by esther_a
to see if I still feel by bluehasnoclues
Uchiha Itachi dies at his brother's hand. He closes his eyes; he wakes up.

(Itachi is reborn as Harry Potter. Things happen.)
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:naruto  complete  -wc:<5k  site:a03  gen  main!char:itachi  plot:reincarnation  plot:redo  plot:new!identity  plot:angst  hufflepuff!harry  dark!harry  plot:parallel!universe  -rating:4/5  saved 
23 days ago by dievillain
Aioka: A Career Genin by ShadowAccio6181, UncertainAngel
When the term Career Genin comes up in casual conversation, it is often tied to failures and ninja-wanna-be’s. It is spoken with pity and undertones of dismissal by other shinobi. They were the ranks that other shinobi were thankful they were not apart of and were considered as useless individuals.

To Aioka, the Genin Corp was a gold mine of untapped potential. While most saw a cest pool of stagnation and misery, she saw talent waiting to be directed. Watch as an orphan from Tsuchi no Kuni, reforms Konoha by building up those who've lost hope.

[Starts slow but gets really interesting a few chapters in. Great world building.]
f:naruto  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  gen  plot:pov!other  plot:politics  plot:culture!clash  plot:discrimination  plot:family!of!choice  parent!other  oc!nara  plot:genius  plot:intelligent  awesome-sensei!kakashi  -rating:4/5  saved 
28 days ago by dievillain
Yeah, Kunai are cool but have you had dessert? by Authorship
Easy, I thought, like the idiot I still was. Open a bakery and try not to die (again). Seemed pretty simple...until you factor in that I, a civilian, have the last Big Cat Summon. And Ino, Shika and Chouji think I'm their nee-chan.
...I didn't think to factor in the overwhelming force of Shisui's puppy eyes either.

Some - rather large - oversights then.

SI/OC Patissier and Baker...."What do you mean you don't know what fucking caramel is?!"


Okay, I'll admit seeing my new dad's Hitai-ate was a massive kick in the (thankfully metaphorical) balls. Sorry, but I don't kill people! AKA an SI/OC fic where the girl is more concerned with the alarming lack of pastries...and appropriate female role models...and adopting misfits and cinnamon rolls...err, oops? At least, I get to troll people!

f:naruto  wip  -wc:200k-300k  site:a03  p:shisui/ofc  het  plot:self-insert  plot:pov!other  plot:seers  plot:reincarnation  plot:redo  plot:pre-series  plot:angst  plot:family!drama  plot:character!death  plot:culture!clash  plot:food  plot:aujob  -rating:4/5  saved 
29 days ago by dievillain
Love Bite by Dovey
Sasuke is an alpha- whos instincts tell him to nurture, care for, and be the very best alpha by providing the nicest of potential homes. Sakura is an omega- whos instincts tell her to protect what's hers, claim everything and guard it with her life, and destroy anything that hurts her loved ones.

They're not exactly typical, but you don't hear anyone complaining about it.
f:naruto  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  p:sakura/sasuke  het  plot:humor  plot:world!building  plot:omegaverse  plot:gender!roles  non-massacre  -rating:4/5  saved 
29 days ago by dievillain
In the Valley of the Shadow by peglinds
Master of Death!Harry becomes the first deer summons, and guess which clan likes deer?

[Immortal MOD Harry becomes the first of his Deer clan and the first Deer Summons for the Naras.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:naruto  complete  -wc:<5k  site:a03  masterofdeath  immortal!harry  plot:post-series  post-war  plot:parallel!universe  animagus  plot:transformation!animal  powerful!harry  plot:parenting  -rating:4/5  saved 
29 days ago by dievillain
Satori (Between the Lines) by jaylene
While attending the Academy, Sakura's field experience assignment with the Konohagakure Intelligence Division ends up being more valuable than she'd ever guess.

[In which 6 year old Sakura blossoms during her time interning at T&I, but Shikaku uses her to ignite a rivalry in Shikamaru that backfires. She becomes best friends with Torune, Shino and Ino.]
f:naruto  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  gen  main!char:sakura  c:shino  c:shikamaru  plot:genius  plot:politics  plot:friendshipfic  plot:pre-series  ninja!academy  plot:intelligent  plot:family!of!choice  plot:office!politics  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 weeks ago by dievillain
symbiosis by Emmar
Shinobi seem to harbour this bizarre impression that civilians are somehow... soft.

Sakura aims to disabuse them of this notion.

(The one where Sakura is a farmer's daughter, and knows better than most the value of hard work and, more importantly, the importance of co-existence within an ecosystem.)

[In which Sakura is not a fan girl and ends up as the sensible, hard working Hufflepuff of Team 7. She's friends with Shino and is given her own hive. Sasuke doesn't go to Orochimaru and apprentices to Tsunade.]
f:naruto  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  main!char:sakura  ok!sasuke  healer!sasuke  kickass!sakura  plot:women!are!awesome!too  plot:friendshipfic  awesome-sensei!kakashi  c:shino  plot:family!of!choice  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 weeks ago by dievillain
komorebi by tomorrowsrain
In which Kakashi and Obito survive the Kyuubi attack, get exiled from Konoha, learn how to survive, and still manage to become legends along the way.

(The bratty genin are unexpected, though.)

[Kakashi breaks Obito from the mind control seal but kills an Anbu team to protect him. They are banished from Konoha and eventually become S-ranked missing-nin. They find Team7 imprisoned by Gato after their sensei, Ebisu, is killed and the Sandaime asks them to be their jonin-sensei. Sandaime is barely holding onto power. This works surprisingly well, at least until the Chunin exams.]
f:naruto  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  p:kakashi/obito  slash  missing-nin!kakashi  ok!obito  plot:roadtrip  awesome-sensei!kakashi  plot:politics  plot:family!of!choice  ok!sasuke  sensei!obito  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 weeks ago by dievillain
What You Knead by AgentMalkere
It started, as most things did in Kakashi’s life, with a mission gone wrong.

(In which Kakashi accidentally acquires an emotionally healthy coping technique.)

[In which Kakashi takes up baking, retires from the active shinobi forces and semi-adopts Naruto (as much as he's allowed.) Sandaime re-activates him to become Team 7's sensei.]
f:naruto  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  gen  plot:parenting  parent!kakashi  mentor!kakashi  plot:aujob  plot:retirement  awesome-sensei!kakashi  ok!sasuke  plot:family!of!choice  kickass!kakashi  plot:angst  plot:ptsd  plot:therapy  plot:food  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 weeks ago by dievillain
Bumpy Future by Dovey
It's her last year at the academy when Sakura hits her head. When she wakes up, she has a little trouble matching memories to the people in them- but she'll have to get it right eventually, yeah?

in which sakura pairs vague associations with the wrong people, and everyone is much happier because of it (Except Iruka-sensei).

[This is pretty hilarious. Amnesiac Sakura thinks Kiba is her best friend, Ino is her taijutsu rival, Hinata is her crush, and Naruto and Hinata are best friends. Iruka just want to tear his hair out.]
f:naruto  complete  -wc:<5k  site:a03  gen  main!char:sakura  plot:amnesia  plot:friendshipfic  plot:humor  plot:crackfic  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 weeks ago by dievillain
Tsundoku by CherFleur
Hatake Kakashi has a problem.

Some would argue that he has many problems but while they may be right, he's perfectly good at ignoring them. And denial. He's very good at denial.

Well, this time, technically he has three genin-shaped problems, but right now his most troublesome - ah, the Nara are probably cringing at his use of their favorite phrase - problem is a student so covered in scented lotion, shampoo, and soap that she could qualify as an implement of torture.

This needs a kunoichi's touch.

Preferably one without a team of her own, definitely not someone who will traumatize them even more... Ah ha. He's a genius. Yes, Nagisa Asuka will be perfect.

Hopefully, she won't stab him when he asks. People often try to stab him. He wonders why.

[Nice romance between Kakashi and competent female SI who doesn't know she's an SI. Kakashi randomly asks a chunin kuinichi for help with Sakura and everything changes.]
f:naruto  wip  -wc:200k-300k  site:a03  p:kakashi/ofc  het  plot:self-insert  plot:pov!other  plot:reincarnation  plot:amnesia  plot:women!are!awesome!too  plot:world!building  plot:politics  plot:office!politics  ok!sasuke  awesome-sensei!kakashi  plot:team  plot:friendshipfic  plot:family!of!choice  plot:pack!dynamics  plot:romance  -rating:4/5  saved 
4 weeks ago by dievillain
to experience incredible things by dragonyfox
Kakashi caught his breath and pretended like he was just thinking about what to say. His dogs saw through it. “I’m thinking of having my team sign the dog contract.”

Pakkun nodded thoughtfully. “That might piss off some powerful people, boss.”

[In which Kakashi adopts his genin as family, Sasuke accepts them as his "People," Sakura becomes the next Hatake clan head and Uzushio rises again.]
f:naruto  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  gen  main!char:kakashi  plot:team  plot:family!of!choice  awesome-sensei!kakashi  ok!sasuke  bigbad!danzo  missing-nin!naruto  missing-nin!sasuke  missing-nin!sakura  uzukage!naruto  uzukage!sakura  uzukage!sasuke  hokage!danzo  plot:betrayal  kickass!naruto  kickass!sakura  ok!itachi  plot:runaway  -rating:4/5  saved 
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