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How Like Hatred - Chapter 1 by Lomonaaeren [Archive of Our Own]
Harry has learned that speaking in Parseltongue makes some people hate him and others fear him. He had not learned that it would make Draco go straight to his parents and tell them that he has reason to suspect “Harry Potter” is actually his missing twin brother. As far as Harry is concerned, life would be a lot better if he was the Heir of Slytherin.
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  plot:finding!family  plot:kidnapping  plot:new!identity  harry!malfoy  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
yesterday by dievillain
My Name Is Ron by HermesDay
For as long as he could remember, Ron had always been a boy. The problem was, he had the name and body of a girl. He knew that he wasn't Veronica Weasley, first girl and second youngest of the seven Weasley children. But how could he convince his family and his friends of that when, even when he tried to tell them, they always reassured him that he was, in fact, a girl?
Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Drama - Ron W. - Chapters: 8 - Words: 26,864 - Reviews: 36 - Favs: 50 - Follows: 84 - Updated: Jun 17 - Published: Mar 26, 2018 - id: 12881536
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:ffn  gen  main!char:ron  plot:pov!other  plot:genderbender  plot:genderbender!permanent  always!girl!ron  plot:transgender  plot:angst  plot:therapy  plot:culture!clash  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
yesterday by dievillain
Like Grains of Sand in the Hourglass by Temporal Knight
During the Battle in the Department of Mysteries Nymphadora Tonks finds herself thrown back to the beginning of Fifth Year. With two Tonks walking around and her faith in Dumbledore eroded what's a Metamorphmagus to do? Protect Harry Potter at all costs, that's what! Tonks ends up crafting a new identity for herself and infiltrates Hogwarts to fix the future. Pairing: Harry/Tonks.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Romance - [Harry P., N. Tonks] Hermione G., Luna L. - Chapters: 13 - Words: 116,685 - Reviews: 982 - Favs: 4,365 - Follows: 3,833 - Updated: Aug 24 - Published: Oct 12, 2016 - Status: Complete - id: 12188150
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:100k-150k  site:ffn  p:harry/tonks  het  plot:timetravel  timetravel!tonks  plot:redo  plot:pov!other  plot:seers  plot:romance  manipulative!dumbledore  plot:undercover  plot:new!identity  de-aged!tonks  -rating:3/5  notsaved 
yesterday by dievillain
Lily's Garden by hereThereBeDraugr
Thirteen year old Tom Riddle finds unexpected sanctuary in a small cafe near Diagon Alley.

[The one where Harry, Snape, Lily and Teddy run a cafe in Rift Alley and give refuge to a young Tom Riddle. Uncomfortable with hints of romance between adult Harry and 13 year old Tom.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  p:harry/voldemort  slash  plot:massive!au  masterofdeath  plot:resurrection  alive!lily  ok!snape  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  timetravel!snape  timetravel!lily  plot:parenting  harry!adopts!teddy  plot:family!of!choice  plot:aujob  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
3 days ago by dievillain
Harry Potter and the Critical Game by Montenya of the Fairies
A different kind of Gamer fic. Harry Potter is sent back in time against his will and forced to redo his life for the sake of humanity. The last chapter will always be current stats.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Harry P. - Chapters: 29 - Words: 72,955 - Reviews: 611 - Favs: 2,263 - Follows: 3,396 - Updated: Oct 20 - Published: Jul 28, 2017 - id: 12591080

[Limited Gamer abilities. Harry and others are reborn and charged with saving the world. It's certainly not going to be easy. Politics, acting, psychology, finance and equality are all things he'll need to survive.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  gen  plot:reincarnation  plot:redo  plot:resurrection  plot:seers  plot:gamer  plot:angst  plot:politics  manipulative!dumbledore  plot:money!problems  ok!ron  smart!harry  plot:family!drama  plot:ancients!meddling  post-war  plot:pre-series  pre-hogwarts  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
6 days ago by dievillain
More Than One Way to Skin a Cat by AverageFish
Severus remembered dying—that last hopeless look into Lily green eyes. Now he's back in the past, inexplicably in the infant body of Harry Potter. Oh, and there's something wrong with Dudley. Weirdness ensues. A different time travel fix-it. Likely the oddest Severitus you'll ever read. Inspired by Path of Decision—I See the Moon—Athey's Rebirth. Betad by Eider Down.
Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Drama - Harry P., Severus S., Dudley D. - Chapters: 23 - Words: 35,438 - Reviews: 295 - Favs: 350 - Follows: 552 - Updated: Nov 4 - Published: May 11 - id: 13283547

[In which Severus wakes up as 1 year old Harry and Harry wakes up as 1 year old Dudley. Both are wizards, but Harry/Dudley is missing parts of himself with massive holes in his memory and it takes years for them to realize who they both are. They go to Hogwarts together, the Dursleys are a real family and diary!Tom is resurrected but that doesn't help Voldemort much at all.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:ffn  gen  plot:massive!au  plot:resurrection  plot:seers  plot:amnesia  plot:redo  plot:reincarnation  plot:new!identity  plot:bodyswap  hufflepuff!harry  wizard!dudley  ok!dursleys  ok!petunia  ok!dudley  plot:family!of!choice  plot:episodic  -rating:5/5  notsaved 
6 days ago by dievillain
Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe by burnable
Harry finally defeats Voldemort, but only after the world has been destroyed. Harry has his vengeance, but gets pulled into Voldemort's ritual and is dragged with his body to an alternate universe.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Family - Harry P., Black Widow/Natasha R. - Chapters: 48 - Words: 328,959 - Reviews: 1,313 - Favs: 3,412 - Follows: 4,250 - Updated: Nov 3 - Published: Jul 1 - id: 13326497

[Semi-interesting but Harry is pretty unlikable.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:avengers  wip  -wc:300k-400k  site:ffn  p:harry/natasha  het  plot:post-series  post-war  plot:apocafic  powerful!harry  mage!harry  plot:parallel!universe  plot:magical!mishap  -rating:3/5  notsaved 
7 days ago by dievillain
The Wizard of Westeros by Archmage.Potter
The Master of Death's wandering spirit finds a universe where a medieval world has counterparts of people he once knew. His spirit merges with a mortal host named Harren Storm, bastard son of Lord Steffon Baratheon, half-brother of Robert Baratheon, in the year 272 AC. Westeros setting with HP characters built into the world.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy - Harry P. - Chapters: 3 - Words: 22,067 - Reviews: 63 - Favs: 327 - Follows: 463 - Updated: 22h ago - Published: Oct 30 - id: 13421067

[MOD Harry decides to take a ride in Harren Storm's skin, Robert's bastard brother. He meets the counterparts of James (a Knight with power over wind), Lily (a maid, taken advantage of by James), Hermione (Lily's baker apprentice), etc and tries to help them without the usual angst attachment. He acts as Aery's cupbearer and spy.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:gameofthrones  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  gen  plot:reincarnation  plot:possession  plot:parallel!universe  masterofdeath  immortal!harry  plot:ancients!meddling  god!harry  plot:new!identity  plot:meet!au!self  plot:royalty  plot:discrimination  powerful!harry  smart!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
9 days ago by dievillain
The Archmage of Arda by Archmage.Potter
With basilisk venom and phoenix tears within him, Harry's body, spirit and magic is transformed and his lifespan is greatly increased. So, when given the chance to go to another universe where he would be able to grow in peace with other immortals around him, Harry accepts it, and finds himself near Rivendell at the start of the Third Age of Arda.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy - Harry P. - Chapters: 9 - Words: 75,080 - Reviews: 327 - Favs: 1,130 - Follows: 1,166 - Updated: Oct 28 - Published: Oct 11 - Status: Complete - id: 13407891
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:lotr  complete  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  p:harry/arwen  het  plot:massive!au  immortal!harry  plot:immortality  plot:parallel!universe  plot:ancients!meddling  plot:magical!mishap  plot:roadtrip  parent!other  plot:family!drama  powerful!harry  mage!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
10 days ago by dievillain
One Woman Army by AutumnSouls
On his way to warn Helm's Deep of the marching army, Aragorn comes across a woman with green eyes and black hair, a woman who heeds none of his warnings of the approaching orcs but instead rides up to meet them in battle. Fem!Harry.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy - Harry P., Aragorn - Words: 5,501 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 287 - Follows: 375 - Published: Sep 4 - id: 13380373
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  gen  plot:genderbender  plot:genderbender!permanent  always!girl!harry  post-war  plot:post-series  plot:parallel!universe  plot:universe!hopping  plot:gender!roles  plot:women!are!awesome!too  powerful!harry  plot:bamf  plot:culture!clash  -rating:4/5  saved 
10 days ago by dievillain
Leon Potter by Lomonaaeren [Archive of Our Own]
The moment that Harry’s name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, a stranger appears—a Potter relative that Harry never knew he had. The stranger stands up for Harry, adopts him, and makes sure that no one can touch him. It’s only later that Harry knows why.
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  gen  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  plot:new!identity  plot:meet!au!self  harry!adopts!harry  hogwarts  freed!sirius  manipulative!dumbledore  bashing!hermione  plot:redo  plot:seers  plot:finding!family  -rating:4/5  saved 
10 days ago by dievillain
Ouroboros by NovusArs
Salazar Slytherin woke up in the body of a three year old boy with the most ridiculous head of black hair and a runic scar craved into his forehead. The last thing he recalled was dying. Now it is over 900 years in the future. What is a wizard to do?

[I really like this, especially the magic world building.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  gen  plot:reincarnation  plot:new!identity  plot:culture!clash  harry!salazar  plot:historical  plot:intelligent  plot:world!building  plot:inventor  plot:pre-series  -rating:5/5  saved 
11 days ago by dievillain
The Boundless Victory by BloodyWar2411
Lord Voldemort has won, but he is not content. He determines to go back in time and do it all again - to gain the victory he deserves rather than the one life handed him - and this time, he won't be alone. Master of Death Voldemort. Time Travel. HP/LV HP/TMR
Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - Words: 4,302 - Published: 10m ago - id: 13423181
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:<5k  site:ffn  p:harry/voldemort  slash  plot:massive!au  masterofdeath  sane!voldemort  voldemort!wins  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  timetravel!voldemort  plot:redo  plot:seers  de-aged!harry  de-aged!voldemort  plot:ancients!meddling  my!beloved!horcrux  -rating:4/5  saved 
11 days ago by dievillain
Extradition Escape by Tangerine-Alert
Harry sees only one option when his name comes out of the cup - to escape where the contract can't follow; across borders where the Ministry's laws can't follow him. Where he goes changes him, and those who remained change too. Desperate measures implemented change how paths are walked for not just Harry but others too.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 68,877 - Reviews: 193 - Favs: 495 - Follows: 465 - Updated: May 28 - Published: May 4 - Status: Complete - id: 13277595

[In which 14 year old Harry takes off for the Middle East, breaking the Goblet of Fire contract. Hermione moves to France and goes to beauxbaton. Ron is a tosser, Dumbledore an extreme manipulator and Sirius is a drunk.]
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  gen  plot:massive!au  independent!harry  plot:runaway  smart!harry  powerful!harry  mage!harry  manipulative!dumbledore  freed!sirius  bashing!sirius  bashing!dumbledore  bashing!ron  plot:homeless  ok!snape  cynical!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
12 days ago by dievillain
The Archeologist by Racke
After having worked for over a decade as a Curse Breaker, Harry wakes up in an alternate time-line, in a grave belonging to Rose Potter. Fem!Harry
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Harry P. - Chapters: 11 - Words: 91,563 - Reviews: 567 - Favs: 2,145 - Follows: 1,858 - Updated: Jul 19 - Published: Jun 23 - Status: Complete - id: 13318951

[In which adult Harry thankfully doesn't waste his time pretending to be a child and going to Hogwarts. Instead she takes an aging potion and spends a few months getting her head straight by curse-breaking bloodborne village. Eventually she ends up as the History professor at Hogwarts and takes care of the horcruxes as a casual footnote. Fun if very OP.]
f:harrypotter  complete  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  p:harry/ofc  femslash  plot:post-series  post-war  cursebreaker!harry  smart!harry  powerful!harry  mage!harry  runemaster!harry  plot:magical!mishap  plot:parallel!universe  plot:timetravel  timetravel!harry  de-aged!harry  plot:new!identity  plot:genderbender  plot:genderbender!permanent  girl!harry  alive!lily  alive!james  professor!harry  plot:vacation  twin!harry  plot:resurrection  plot:roadtrip  plot:world!building  -rating:4/5  saved 
13 days ago by dievillain
No Rest For The Weary by Skadarken
Harry did not expect to be reborn as Anakin Skywalker in a galaxy where blue girls were considered sexy, sentient dustbins barely rated a glance and giant slugs were criminal warlords. He took it all of that in stride until The Force started singing in his ear. Good thing there were no prophecies lying around... right?
Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Mystery - Anakin Skywalker - Chapters: 3 - Words: 11,823 - Reviews: 143 - Favs: 794 - Follows: 1,145 - Updated: Aug 22 - Published: Aug 18 - id: 13366763

[Featuring cynical, world-weary and not going to put up with your shit Anakin. He bargains with Qui-Gon for a ride off of Tattoine for he and his mother in exchange for the engine they need. He has no interest in becoming a Jedi.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:stargate  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:ffn  gen  plot:massive!au  plot:reincarnation  plot:parallel!universe  plot:new!identity  powerful!harry  smart!harry  cynical!harry  plot:roadtrip  harry!anakin  plot:ancients!meddling  -rating:4/5  saved 
13 days ago by dievillain
Double - Cassiara - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Hermione sighs, turning over in bed and rubbing at her clit in slow strokes. She always misses Ron when he’s off on long Auror missions, but today’s a particular challenge because she’s so horny she can hardly breathe.
fic  f:HarryPotter  het  s:Canon_Pairings  pwp  explicit  sextoys  'ao3 
17 days ago by esther_a
Not Just Pretty Words by LullabyKnell [Archive of Our Own]
Pre-Canon AU: On an unexpected holiday to America, Harry Potter meets a strange girl at a zoo, finds out that he's a witch, steals a snake, and is cordially invited to the Addams mansion for dinner.

Or: Harry Potter meets the Addams Family.
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:addamsfamily  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a  gen  plot:family!of!choice  america  parseltongue  plot:pre-series  plot:new!identity  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
17 days ago by dievillain
On Punching Gods and Absentee Dads by Enigmaris [Archive of Our Own]
Harry finds out that his dad is alive, has been the whole time. Instead of being overjoyed, Harry's disgusted. His dad left earth and abandoned his friends. Every painful thing he's ever gone through can be traced back to one man. Now Harry's got super strength he can't control and an almost unnecessary amount of magical power. His dad might be living it up with the Avengers now but not for long. With the help of his friends, Harry comes up with a plan for revenge. Get ready Avengers, Harry's out to punch a god.

[The one where Loki is James and was told Harry and Lily both died, Ron and Hermione make excellent shield bearers, and Harry teaches the Asgardian teens how to play quiddich.]
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:avengers  wip  -wc:150k-200k  site:a03  gen  plot:massive!au  plot:finding!family  alive!james  plot:new!identity  james!loki  plot:gods  plot:royalty  america  manipulative!dumbledore  ok!ron  smart!harry  plot:family!drama  freed!sirius  -rating:4/5  saved 
17 days ago by dievillain
A Witch, A Wizard And A Mechanic (Reimagined) by RhysThornbery
What if Sirius Black had been more cautious approaching Harry before 3rd year? How might Harry's life have changed for that one simple divergence in his path? A reimagining of A Witch, A Wizard And A Mechanic. Starts out fairly different but expect similarities. Rated T to start. Additional warnings in first author's note.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Harry P., Hermione G., Sirius B., Amelia B. - Chapters: 9 - Words: 74,361 - Reviews: 422 - Favs: 1,097 - Follows: 1,776 - Updated: Oct 22 - Published: Aug 21, 2018 - id: 13042388

[A competent Amelia gets to the bottom of things, frees Sirius, investigates Lucius, the Dursleys, and Dumbledore and brings the Unspeakables into the hunt for Riddle's horcruxes.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:ffn  gen  plot:massive!au  plot:intelligent  manipulative!dumbledore  freed!sirius  plot:abuse!childabuse  abused!harry  parent!sirius  bashing!molly  plot:therapy  -rating:4/5  saved 
18 days ago by dievillain

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