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The Definition of Stupid [by Tangerine]
The thing was, Johnny could see it, why Sarah had fallen in love with Walt so easily, so quickly after his accident. It was so glaringly obvious that even his resentment of Walt, which only reared its ugly head once or twice a year around Christmas, was minimal, because Johnny probably would have fallen in love with Walt if it had been Johnny at Sarah's bedside.

Johnny could count the number of friends he had on three fingers: Sarah, Bruce and Walt. And of those three, Walt was the wildcard, because Johnny couldn't even be sure Walt liked him.
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june 2009 by thissugarcane
"You mean that sometimes people have sex when they shouldn't? Gee, I don't believe it."
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may 2009 by esther_a
A Vision In Scarlet
Johnny glanced down nervously at the exhibition program in his hand: Paranormal Phenomena in the 19th Century: Mediums, Spiritualists, and Psychics.
fic  crossover  gen  book-verse  id:cesperanza  f:SherlockHolmes  f:DeadZone  'personal-site  timetravel 
may 2009 by esther_a
To See The Trees
Visions from an antique guitar teach Johnny and Bruce more than how to save a man from himself. John/Bruce, NC17
fic  slash  id:legion  f:DeadZone  s:Johnny/Bruce  explicit  'personal-site 
june 2008 by esther_a
Moving Pictures [by Tangerine]
but he did have dinner with Sarah and Walt and JJ a couple times a week. Okay, once a week, during what he liked to call Thursday Dinner Night With The Bannermans. Depending on his mood, he squeezed the word ‘pity’ in there.
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december 2007 by thissugarcane

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