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Of Iron Stars and Men-of-War by Lost.to.the.Night
After being dropped off into a whole new universe, Tony is outraged by the sheer /inefficiency/ of the droids. And the warships? Please, he could improve the designs in his /sleep/ . . . -Because Tony Stark can do so much better.
Rated: Fiction T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Obi-Wan K., Jango Fett, Bail O., Iron Man/Tony S. - Chapters: 24 - Words: 125,164 - Reviews: 383 - Favs: 940 - Follows: 1,146 - Updated: Apr 4 - Published: Dec 2, 2017 - id: 12745925

[In which Tony recreates SI in the Star Wars verse pre-Clone wars and dedicates himself and his crew to helping the Outer Planets and freeing slaves.]
f:starwars  f:crossover  f:avengers  wip  abandoned  -wc:100k-150k  site:ffn  gen  main!char:tony  plot:magical!mishap  plot:stranded  plot:portal  bashing!wanda  plot:roadtrip  plot:inventor  plot:blacksmith  plot:family!of!choice  plot:team  plot:slavefic  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
17 days ago by dievillain
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Chapter 1 - soniclipstick (veriscence) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Ultron is destroyed, the Avengers are in disarray, and the Winter Soldier is still in the wind. Steve knows that he has to fix the ever-growing ocean of distrust between Tony and himself, so he takes a leap of faith and tasks Tony with the most important thing: finding Bucky Barnes. But it takes a pair of sexy but stolen hand warmers, several robots, Hawkeye and countless selfies before Steve realises the immensity of what he's set into motion.
f:mcu  f:avengers  f:captainamerica  p:steve/tony/bucky  wordcount:30000-50000 
21 days ago by deputychief
Castaway Getaway
Odin banishes Loki to a remote wilderness location with nothing but the clothes on his back, and one companion to keep him from going insane in solitude. Loki is pretty sure Odin expects him to suffer and grovel and repent of his evil ways. Unfortunately, Loki is not the groveling type.
f:avengers  p:loki/tony_stark 
21 days ago by Altaira
Rumours about JARVIS
The one thing S.H.I.E.L.D. relies on is that J.A.R.V.I.S. is stationary.
f:avengers  c:tony_stark  c:jarvis 
21 days ago by Altaira
Block and Attack
"You think I have the chitauri on my side, that I bring a glorious battle to this little world of mortals. I do not, oh no. I bring it a Scourge the likes of which you have never seen."
f:avengers  c:tony_stark  c:jarvis 
21 days ago by Altaira
Paint My Body Gold
Tony is desperate to rid himself of his inappropriate attraction before the last barrier holding him back crumbles as Peter's 18th birthday rapidly approaches.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker  t:sugar_daddy 
23 days ago by Altaira
Speak of the Devil
What would you give to have your wishes come true? Peter sacrifices bits of himself to a demon who looks like his celebrity crush, Tony Stark.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker  t:alpha_omega 
26 days ago by Altaira
Gift of Choice
Tony Stark had a thing about giving Peter stuff.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker  t:sugar_daddy 
26 days ago by Altaira
Flash isn’t looking at the sneakers though. He’s eyeing Peter’s face suspiciously.

“Your Aunt get a new job or something?”


Can be read as a follow up to Pretext, but should stand on its own. Accidental sugar baby Peter Parker.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker  t:sugar_daddy 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Tony doesn’t think much of it. He’ll see something and think, hmm, the kid would like that. A couple words to FRIDAY and a day or two later he’ll be fielding a call from a clearly overexcited, overstimulated Peter.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker  t:sugar_daddy 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Sugar, Sugar
Peter has a new bedroom set, an expensive laptop, and a theory that needs testing.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker  t:sugar_daddy 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Bucky knew about Steve and Tony's relationship before he ever moved into the tower. Steve had been very open about his marriage... Bucky just hadn't expected it to be like this.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/bucky_barnes 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Left Hand Free
Peter and Tony's first meeting is both the same and very, very different. In which Civil War happens when Peter is a college sophomore, and Peter catches Tony on the rebound.

"Are you—are you hitting on me right now?"

Tony looked up. "Do you want me to be? Because normally I'd start with how impressive this is—" he gestured with his free hand at where he was stuck to the door, "—but I'm afraid you might take it as encouragement to leave me here."
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/peter_parker 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
On My Side
Tony was expecting Natasha to break up with him when they were presented with the Accords. He wasn't prepared for what ended up happening.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/bucky_barnes/natasha_romanov 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
ready to comply.
It wasn’t often that Tony himself went to the weapons conventions that those in the business knew about: he’d always been of the opinion that that was what his minions in R&D were for—scoping out the competition, making notes on key elements that they liked, seeing how Stark weapons were assessed by those in attendance. Tony already knew that his designs were top-of-the-line, that the companies who could stand up against the leviathan of his reputation were few and far between—but there were still contenders. Sometimes.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/bucky_barnes  c:winter_soldier 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Look what you made me do
Bucky was prepared to take whatever lumps Tony thought were his due. What he wasn’t prepared for was Tony himself.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/bucky_barnes 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Last summer, Tony stole one of Bucky’s sweaters.

It’s green, dark green, with thin navy stripes. It was too big on Bucky, so on Tony it’s almost comical. Except it’s not funny at all, the way Bucky’s stomach swoops when he sees him in it.
f:avengers  p:tony_stark/bucky_barnes 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
Long Distance
At the end of a bad day, Tony gets drunk and texts Rhodey all his woes. Except he typed the wrong number, and has been texting someone named Steve– who is blond, 28, teaches art and somehow charmed by Tonys drunk rambles.
One conversation turns into another, and soon they are texting and talking and flirting every day for weeks until Tony finally takes a chance and asks Steve to meet in person.
Steve replies that he and his boyfriend Bucky would be thrilled to meet.
Devastated, and feeling betrayed, Tony stops talking to Steve all together, and their budding relationship comes to a screeching halt.
But Bucky has been eavesdropping on their conversations and texts and is halfway in love with Tony too, so he takes it upon himself to fix the rift between Steve and Tony.
Tony isn’t sure about it at first, but after some cute videos, sexy selfies, several date nights, Tony starts to think that the three of them may actually work.
Can Bucky and Steve convince Tony there is enough room in their bed and their arms for each other AND him? Will this Long Distance texting and phone call relationship ever make it into the same zip code?
f:avengers  p:steve_rogers/tony_stark/bucky_barnes 
4 weeks ago by Altaira
The raccoon, the aunt, and the CEO by elphierix
"In the days after the snap, unexpected friendships are formed and surprising revelations are had.


Rocket finally sees a fucking raccoon."
f:mcu  f:guardiansofthegalaxy  g:gen  f:ironman  f:avengers  c:pepper-potts  c:rocket 
5 weeks ago by margrave
Misunderstandings and An Alien Invasion by Aytheria
"A giant of a man wearing what looked like the American flag as some sort of armour was storming towards him from the ground. From above, a red and gold flying metal robot dove towards them. And directly in front of him, an alien struggled through the wreckage of its hovercraft with a snarl and a deadly looking gun.

Sometimes he had to pause a moment to wonder how he got himself into these situations."
f:harrypotter  f:crossover  f:avengers  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  post-war  plot:post-series  plot:portal  veil  plot:roadtrip  plot:parallel!universe  plot:alien!invasion  plot:universe!hopping  powerful!harry  masterofdeath  plot:humor  p:harry/ginny  het  auror!harry  -rating:4/5  saved 
5 weeks ago by dievillain

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