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Web Summer Camp 2017
Support our conference and help us in making 2017 superb! And share your great goodies ;)
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november 2016 by smack416
We are open sourcing our integration of eCommerce solution (Sylius) with CMS (eZ Publish)
An open-source CMS and e-Commerce solution based on #Symfony2 ? It's possible: eZ Publish + Sylius by Netgen
ecommerce  ezpublish  sylius  symfony2  cms 
june 2015 by j0k
Contrasting eZ Publish and Drupal
The question isn't which one is best, it's where do they differences lie.
ezpublish  drupal 
february 2015 by gui11aume
eZ Publish 5 Architecture - Introduction & Overview
"With the 5.0 release eZ Publish is making an important leap forwards in terms of technology.
This document will explain why we are renewing our technology platform, and to some degree explain what this evolution in architecture means to eZ Publish developers and users, and last but not least how eZ Systems is affected by these changes"
eZPublish  v5  architecture  Symfony  Twig  compatibilité  WCM  todo:link 
february 2014 by nhoizey
eZ Publish custom XML tags
Quick reference to ezPublish's custom XML tags (and output templates) for content editors.
ezpublish  xml  wygins 
october 2013 by eaton
eZ Publish Summer Camp
RT : sweet! will be going to the summer camp in croatia to give a workshop on .(maybe p ...
Symfony2  ezPublish  from twitter
july 2012 by chregu
eZ Publish datatype that provides a simple way to extend validation rules
ezpublish  validation  extension 
july 2012 by jeromegamez
Symfony2 meets eZ Publish 5 - Symfony
RT : 5 is going to use the full-stack framework. That is an awesome news.
Symfony  eZPublish  from twitter
july 2012 by chregu
Version 5 of eZ Publish will be using Symfony as a full stack framework!
ezpublish  cms  symfony2 
july 2012 by tqmz

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