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Why are glasses so expensive? The eyewear industry prefers to keep that blurry - Los Angeles Times
Eyewear is a near-monopolistic, $100-billion industry dominated by a single company. That's why 1,000% markups for frames and lenses are commonplace.
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8 weeks ago by xer0x
The best augmented reality glasses 2018: Snap, Vuzix, ODG, Sony & more
Smartglasses are getting smarter and augmented reality specs are finally approaching prime time - and plenty of startups are getting into the space. It's not just about slapping a camera on your face, either. AR, fitness tracking and mixed reality are all powering the next generation of smart eyewear. From first-person videos and photos to turn-by-turn directions, health-sensing and facial recognition, the invasion of the smartglasses is very much alive. We don our future-specs to reveal both the best smartglasses on the market and the upcoming devices we believe have the potential to take connected specs mainstream in the next five years - check them out below.
eye  eyewear  wearables  glasses  smart 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx
LowdownFocus: brain-sensing (EEG) eyewear
Invisibly wrapped in the the Brain Sensing Eyewear™ frame, is intricate sensors that measure brain activity and translate into visual form on your mobile device. This allows you to measure and analyze your improvements as you progress through each training session in the Smith Focus App.
eeg  lodownfocus  eye  eyewear  wearable  brainwave 
november 2018 by cyberchucktx
Custom Fitted Swimming Goggles by THEMAGIC5 —Kickstarter
THEMAGIC5 is raising funds for Custom Fitted Swimming Goggles on Kickstarter! THEMAGIC5 create magic for everyone who likes to swim.
Introducing the world's first custom fitted swimming goggles.
eyewear  swimming  goggles  business  startup  finance  investment  kickstarter 
october 2018 by asaltydog

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