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Today was a high point for my self. Probably interacted directly with 60 people, without attending the o…
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november 2018 by enkerli
Brainstorming 22-02-2016 - Google Slides
* “Playing things out” = bodystorming

- is one of the most overlooked methods of creativity
- It is physically (re-)enacting what you are brainstorming about
- Example: the following designer treated the act of selling ice-cream as a public performance for the customer and acted it out

* Classic Brainstorming has been shown to lead to:

less diverse ideas
less original ideas
a lower quantity of ideas
… compared to letting people ideate alone and pool their ideas later.

* BAD: “What new features can we put in our camera?”

- Listing features does not consider the whole product
- Question treats camera as a fixed concept that we just add things to
- Answers must fit current concept of a camera
- Leads to incremental improvements (which can still be innovative at times)

* GOOD: “Make a better device that allows people to capture and share memories!”

- First-principle question about what a camera is used for
- Lets you think of things that have the quality of a camera, but don’t have to be a camera
- Not forced into add-on thinking, but still allowed!

* Safe bets are by definition not innovative

* communication is important!

“Teams with higher average I.Q.s didn’t score much higher on our collective intelligence tasks than did teams with lower average I.Q.s. Nor did teams with more extroverted people, or teams whose members reported feeling more motivated to contribute to their group’s success. Instead, the smartest teams were distinguished by three characteristics.”

1. “First, their members contributed more equally to the team’s discussions, rather than letting one or two people dominate the group.”

2. “Second, their members scored higher on a test called “Reading the Mind in the Eyes,” which measures how well people can read complex emotional states from images of faces with only the eyes visible.”

3. “Finally, teams with more women outperformed teams with more men. [...] This last effect, however, was partly explained by the fact that women, on average, were better at “mindreading” than men.”

4. “[The most important factors were the same online:] members who communicated a lot, participated equally and possessed good emotion-reading skills.”
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september 2017 by hellsten

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