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How the megacities of Europe stole a continent’s wealth
The post-industrial city, say the study’s authors, is a success story based on the clustering of high-end services in the great metropolises. “In the 1980s and 90s,” they write, “industrial heartlands such as the Ruhr in Germany suffered from relative – and in some cases absolute – decline in industrial output. The largest cities – often capitals such as Paris or London – were able to replace a declining industrial production with high-value services.”

By the 21st century, these reinvented metropolises needed a new kind of population, which was “younger, more highly educated and richer than Europeans who live in less successful cities and towns,” the report says. “Less successful places are losing people, especially in countries with ageing demographics.”

The consequence, the report concludes, is a damaging divide between ageing towns and rural areas and the great cities. “The political effects of regional sorting are predictable: frustration at relative economic decline in poorer regions, a sense of loss of community as younger people leave, and grievance about metropolitan ‘elites’ running the country for their own benefit.”

“In my opinion this is not about salaries; it’s about how much direct knowledge one has of how innovation and openness help bring about economic growth. The more you can see that the universities, the research institutes and openness to the rest of the world bring about opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have, the more you are likely to vote centre-left and express liberal values. And by the same token, the less you see of that, the more likely you are to fall for myths about migrants who steal and so on, and vote for the League.”
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Far right swooping on towns to exploit tensions, report says | World news | The Guardian
Far right swooping on towns to exploit tensions, report says
Activists turn residents against Muslims and government fails to tackle them, its adviser finds

Growth of far right networks 'fuelled by toxic political rhetoric'
Experts say extremists respond to mainstream use of words such as ‘traitors’ or ‘betrayal’
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Infiltrator exposes Generation Identity UK’s march towards extreme far right | World news | The Guardian
Encrypted messages show the racist group was expelled from wider European alt-right for its embrace of dangerous ideologies
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Some people working to counter and tackle are themselves targets of hate ca…
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