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An Actor Lost in the Background - Los Angeles Review of Books
"Haines and hundreds of other extras flicker on the screen and are simultaneously lost in a bristling background. They move with murmured intentions. They’re the last of the silent actors, each expressing, in some small way, more than any audience will pick up in a lifetime."
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10 days ago by jbkcc
Local Media Assets - Movies | Plex Support
How to add your own Extras and other stuff to Plex
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february 2019 by Brandonshire
RT : Dear & : Why release , including transcripts, while the game continues? 🤔
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march 2018 by kohlmannj
What Is Neorealism? on Vimeo
"“The only great problem of cinema seems to be more and more, with each film, when and why to start a shot and when and why to end it.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Created for Sight & Sound / British Film Institute"
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december 2017 by robertogreco

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