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HD Transform.com
Extract audio from video clips/urls
audio  conversion  extraction  facebook  media  ripper  video  youtube 
12 days ago by rsewan
ATS - Automate That Shit
ATS develops web applications to reduce human-time spent on shallow work.
automation  tools  automate  task  extraction  converter  conversion  extractor  scrape  scraper  scraping  textanalysis  text  analysis 
15 days ago by csaper
Search Query Parsing – Scribd Data Science Blog – Medium
This article shows how Scribe uses a seq2seq model to tag tokens in queries. Code is given in keras got 96% accuracy on matching all tags in 4k test set trained on 3M entries in training set
query  parsing  entity  extraction 
4 weeks ago by foodbaby
A rare and toxic age – Increment: Energy & Environment
This, perhaps, is where the most heavy-handed of threads runs from the open-pit mines of Inner Mongolia to the content mines of Silicon Valley, and why it is worthwhile to think about them as part of the same continuum: At the end of the day, the dominant business models of networked platforms benefit from the same externalizing of harms as something that happens somewhere else, to someone else, and in service of a greater social good. (Silicon Valley’s namesake is a legacy of this business model: The chip manufacture that defined the San Francisco Peninsula region well into the 1980s bore dozens of toxic environmental harms for a mostly immigrant workforce, and while manufacturing has moved offshore, its toxic waste persists in 19 of the region’s Superfund sites.)...

This is not to say that the tailings dams of Inner Mongolia and the smartphone surveillance made possible in some part by those tailings dams have identical adverse effects on society or landscapes. But they are both models of a particular paradigm of extractive control and power. ...

Systems promised as emancipatory for everyone often have an exploitative, extractive cost borne by someone. While the visible harms and geographies are vastly different, addressing toxic harms requires similar ideological shifts toward viewing those harms as interconnected with their unevenly distributed benefits—a shift toward viewing their repair as a fuller, more holistic pursuit of that promised emancipation.

It also requires a longer historical timeline and analysis than the one afforded by the shallow time scale of our so-called Information Age—a phrase as misleading as the one applied to the rare earths that underpin it. It would be convenient, and poetic, to cast aside the moniker of Information Age for a Rare Age, calling back to the extractive eras of Bronze and Iron to define this relatively brief one. But abandoning the comfort that comes with displacing damage into distant landscapes also means reckoning with the convenient poetry of magic dust and the idea that there is anything unique or rare about an age fueled by colonialist fictions and extractive regimes. If anything about this age is rare, perhaps it is the possibility that our fraught networked systems have finally reached such a unique point, with their environmental and social consequences so visibly intertwined, that they have become impossible to ignore.
geology  media  supply_chain  extraction  mining 
5 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
Drive-by Key-Extraction Cache Attacks from Portable Code
We show how malicious web content can extract cryptographic secret keys from the user’s computer. The attack uses portable scripting languages supported by modern browsers to induce contention for CPU cache resources, and thereby gleans information about the memory
accesses of other programs running on the user’s computer. We show how this side-channel attack can be realized in both WebAssembly and PNaCl; how to attain very fine-grained measurements; and how to use these to extract ElGamal, ECDH and RSA decryption keys from
various cryptographic libraries.
The attack does not rely on bugs in the browser’s nominal sandboxing mechanisms, or on fooling users. It applies even to locked-down platforms with strong confinement mechanisms and browser-only functionality, such as Chromebook devices.
Moreover, on browser-based platforms the attacked software too may be written in portable JavaScript; and we show that in this case even implementations of supposedly-secure constant-time algorithms, such as Curve25519’s, are vulnerable to our attack
sidechannel  hsm  key  extraction  leakage 
5 weeks ago by mysty
MuckRock Release Notes: We want your help testing a new way to analyze documents • MuckRock
Muckrock announces upcoming release of new tool to help crowdsource data cleanup and extraction
pdf  extraction  text  mining  tool 
7 weeks ago by barbaramaseda

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