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Sleeps Four
Anne and Dan want to help Eddie and Venom find a new source of phenethylamine. Did you know it’s produced by a bacterium commonly found in human genitals? That’s a FACT.
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom/Anne/Dan  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:unicornsandbutane  quality:sunfish  extra:poly  Extra:Tentacles  extra:fingering  extra:xeno  extra:dirtyTalk 
december 2018 by opalsong
taking everyone for a ride
Things Eddie Brock flirts with on a regular basis: death, insanity, his ex, his ex’s new boyfriend, and also the alien symbiote that lives inside his body. Not bad for a loser with no game, really.
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom/Anne/Dan  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Nonymos  quality:sunfish  extra:xeno  extra:gettingtogether  extra:dubcon  extra:kink  Extra:BDSM  Extra:Bondage  Extra:Tentacles  extra:poly  extra:negotiation 
december 2018 by opalsong
Three octaves and some tentacles
Sex-pollened!Venom, an all-dialogue sex comedy featuring Anne (A), Dan (D), Eddie (E) and Venom (V).

For the prompt: Eddie dines at Anne and Dan's place. Turns out chocolate is an aphrodisiac for Venom. Oh no. (Oh yes.)
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom/Anne/Dan  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:yue_ix  quality:salamander  Extra:SexPollen  extra:pegging  extra:xeno  Extra:Toys  extra:sizekink 
december 2018 by opalsong
When Venom was quiet, and when he wasn’t shooting giant fucking tentacles out of Eddie’s body, Eddie couldn’t much feel his presence. Occasionally there was a flicker of something: of anger, of hunger. Right now there was nothing. So maybe Eddie had pissed him off. Or—and this was a thought that Eddie had not had before—perhaps he had hurt Venom’s feelings. He lay there, staring at the ceiling and listening to the couple banging next door. She was making a lot of noise. The blood came up his neck and face a little. And then a little more, now he knew that Venom would be able to feel it too.
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:linguamortua  quality:sunfish  Extra:Tentacles  extra:solo  extra:xeno 
december 2018 by opalsong
Routine Cum Therapy
The morning Eddie wakes up with his first hard-on in his post-Venom life, he finds himself at a bit of a loss.


Learning to get sexy with your symbiote.
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:SoftRegard  quality:sunfish  extra:xeno  extra:solo  extra:humour  extra:kink 
december 2018 by opalsong
Between a Man and His Parasite
This might as well happen, right? Get possessed by an alien parasite, save the world, get fucked by an alien parasite… it’s all in the same vein. It’s not like this is any more fucked up than the rest of it.
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:littlesystems  quality:crocodile  extra:podficced!  Extra:Tentacles  Extra:Bondage  extra:xeno  extra:culturedifferences  Extra:Voyeurism  extra:overstimulation  extra:nippleplay  extra:Denial 
december 2018 by opalsong
Basic Space
The cellular union of Eddie Brock and Venom is not without consequences.

Alternatively, Eddie goes into heat (or some alien equivalent of it). It's Venom's fault.

"The need unfurls inside of him—doubled but easier to bear now that it is shared. He understands what must be done, has always known. It is as basic and primitive as breathing."
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:Eddie/Venom  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Comet_Kohoutek  quality:sunfish  extra:podficced!  extra:ITPE2018  extra:heat  extra:xeno  extra:firsttime  Extra:Tentacles  extra:untouched 
december 2018 by opalsong
Down Where It's Wetter
The youngest prince of Atlantis goes looking for the Sea Witch in hopes of turning human. He never makes it that far.
fanwork  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Lance/Keith  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Methoxyethane  quality:sunfish  extra:dubcon  extra:au  Extra:MagicalCreature  extra:xeno  extra:kink  extra:inflation 
july 2018 by opalsong
Wishes in the Dark
Based on a prompt from tumblr:

Prom prompt: Shiro/Ulaz

Wait, I think my phone autocorrected that to prom. Well, do what you want...

So I did : )
fanwork  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Shiro/Ulaz  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:ChaoticReactions  quality:sunfish  extra:prom  extra:sizekink  extra:xeno 
july 2018 by opalsong
Let the Good Times Roll
Sam thumps his forehead with his fist. "Should've bought the Fiesta. It had racing stripes."
fanwork  fandom:transformers  pairing:sam/bumblebee  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:autoschediastic  quality:sunfish  extra:xeno 
july 2018 by opalsong
Lance discovers he has the hots for Keith. Then he discovers that Keith is, quite literally, hot for Lance.
fanwork  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Lance/Keith  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Gingersnapped  quality:sunfish  extra:xeno  extra:knotting  extra:heat 
july 2018 by opalsong
Anything to Help
Miles would have said it was standard alien behavior. Mikaela would have been weirded out, but amused. Sam just wondered what exactly he'd done to piss off the universe.
fanwork  fandom:transformers  pairing:sam/bumblebee  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:SparkKisses  quality:seaotter  extra:sizekink  Extra:Mpreg  extra:xeno 
june 2018 by opalsong
"Everyone needs to bond with their armor some way or another. It's not technology, not a machine, the thing you meet in there is a living, breathing creature same as you are. But it's not human, and that you can never forget. The best wisdom we can give you is, remember that it's only trying to understand you. The easier you make that, the better the bond, and the sooner you'll be back on the training floor."
fanwork  Original_Fiction  pairing:Avens/Luca  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Lir  quality:salamander  extra:army  extra:xeno  Extra:Tentacles  extra:overstimulation  extra:bond 
june 2018 by opalsong

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rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:r  rating:unrated  site:ao3  site:dreamwidth  site:livejournal  site:tumblr  time:10:00-30:00  time:30:00-1:00:00  type:art  type:podfic  type:prose 

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