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To Rest My Weary Soul - iamtheenemy (Steph) - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
“Are you saying I feel like this because of my time in Hell? I thought you meant moral consequences.”

“Since when do I give a toss about moral consequences, angel? No, you’ve got a Hell hangover. Must have hit once the adrenaline wore off,” Crowley answered.

“Hell hangover?” Aziraphale repeated incredulously.

Aziraphale's trip down to Hell leaves him worse for wear.
pairing:aziraphale/crowley  extra:sleep  extra:touch.starved  extra:injury 
7 days ago by ant_for_smt
earth angel
Keith tells the truth, makes a friend, and bleeds. Lotor falls hard.

“Did you… Did you seduce the enemy?” Lance asks. “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Keith frowns. “I didn’t seduce him.”

Silence descends and it’s one of those moments when he’s not in on the joke, because everyone is sharing looks.

“I didn’t,” Keith repeats.
fanwork  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Keith/Lotor  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:arahir  quality:sunfish  extra:fluff  extra:humour  extra:injury 
december 2018 by opalsong
Learn from the Wreck - thepartyresponsible - Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The circus has a way of evening people out. Everyone looks the same when the lights center on the stage. The whole audience, just blank shadows, staring in. Everyone looks like nothing.

Someone like this, though. Someone like him. They’ll throw off that nothing before they get back to whatever pampered bed they crawled out of. Everyone else stays nothing, but, for people like that, it’s just a temporary state.

Clint doesn’t mean to watch him. It’s just that he keeps catching Clint’s eye.

pairing:tony/clint  genre:au  extra:famous/notfamous  extra:misunderstanding  extra:human!au  extra:injury  genre:EPIC.H/C.RECLIST  author:thepartyresponse 
august 2018 by ant_for_smt
Roar - Chapter 1 - Elenothar - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After Graves' fourth escape attempt Grindelwald decides that turning the man into a magical creature - a process thought to be impossible to reverse - will take care of the problem quite nicely. Too bad he didn't anticipate Newt Scamander.
pairing:newt/mr.graves  extra:animals-are-people-too  extra:body!transformation  extra:curse  extra:ptsd  extra:injury  extra:recovery  genre:EPIC.H/C.RECLIST  extra:feral  extra:scent.marking 
november 2017 by ant_for_smt
More than blood and bone - MountainRose, szzzt - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
He turned his head, getting his nose right up in the scrap of cloth draped over his chin and shoulder and inhaling the scents of team. Mostly Steve; this was the handkerchief he carried in an inner pocket, reeking of his exhausted sweat but not of pain, reassuring Tony that he was basically whole and uninjured. There were traces of the rest of the team too, that the medic would have collected on their rounds before tucking the cloth into the gurney with Tony. Tony inhaled again and felt himself relaxing. Everyone was okay, battered adrenaline-sharp and weary after battle but okay. So much better than waking up in the suit smelling nothing but his own pain.

A tough battle leaves Iron Man injured and grounded. Luckily the Avengers are a strong pack, even with half their lead pair down, and pulling them tighter will help their omega recover; it's a virtuous cycle Tony never thought he'd be lucky enough to be part of.
pairing:steve/tony  extra:alpha/beta/omega  extra:heat  extra:injury  extra:hospital  genre:EPIC.H/C.RECLIST  extra:feral  extra:scent.marking  extra:drugs 
october 2017 by ant_for_smt
Nevermore - AvocadoLove - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Steve Rogers is 90 pounds soaking wet, and still manages to bag Captain Stark. Not that Tony's complaining.
pairing:steve/tony  extra:30's  extra:role.reversal  extra:insecurity  extra:injury  extra:first.time 
august 2017 by ant_for_smt
Alien Anatomy - Sangwin - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Spock matriculates to Starfleet Academy with a mysterious past and an uncertain future. An unexpected roommate and a (somewhat) unprovoked bar fight are just the research opportunities needed for Spock, Kirk and even McCoy to learn the exact location of an alien heart.
pairing:kirk/spock  extra:college  genre:au  extra:injury  extra:ptsd  extra:panic.attacks  extra:disability  genre:h/c.indulgence 
august 2017 by ant_for_smt
On Restless Pinions - what_alchemy - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
When Stonn goes into pon farr, T'Pring must break her bond with Spock, which has unforeseen consequences. But that's not where their story starts.
pairing:kirk/spock  extra:ponfarr  extra:bondmate  extra:pining  extra:injury  genre:h/c.indulgence  extra:first.time  author:what_alchemy 
august 2017 by ant_for_smt
Our Sins - AvocadoLove - Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the WinterIron Bang.

Tony's practically become an old hat at being taken hostage, but something's fishier than usual this time around: his captor looks twenty-eight but claims to know Howard Stark, the NYPD negotiator is a SHIELD plant, and what's this about a fleet of helicarriers set to launch? (TWS AU.)
Bookmarks_Bar  new  march_2017  pairing:tony/bucky  extra:brainwashing  extra:torture  extra:abusive.parent  extra:past.abuse  extra:winter.soldier  genre:h/c.indulgence  extra:kidnapped  extra:injury 
march 2017 by ant_for_smt
A Day in the Life of a Bedridden Swordsman
"Luf--fy!" Nami sings out. "It's tiiiime!"

The rubber whirlwind bounces into the room and pings off three walls on its way to the bed. "Zoro! Hey, Zoro, are you okay? Did they give you MEAT yet, because I told them they should. Can I get you--"
fanwork  fandom:OnePiece  pairing:gen  rating:G  Length:CommentFic  type:prose  site:livejournal  author:anonymous  quality:sunfish  extra:injury  extra:family 
december 2016 by opalsong
Mituna has a bad day
“Ith not,” you stutter, glaring at your hands. “M’ Noth a-a freak,” you squint at your shaking fingers, trying to make a spark, to catch a glimpse of either red or blue. There’s nothing.
fanwork  fandom:Homestuck  pairing:Mituna<>Kurloz  pairing:Latula/Mituna  rating:unrated  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:zippkat  quality:sunfish  extra:PaleRomance(isthebestkind)  extra:injury 
september 2016 by opalsong
room of heartbeats
Rey is different from Finn; all sharp angles with kinetic energy beneath pale skin, eyes wide enough to take in the sky. A completely different kind of beauty from Finn, but beautiful all the same.

Oh no, thinks Poe Dameron, with a sinking realisation.
fanwork  Fandom:SW  pairing:Rey/Finn/Poe  rating:G  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Gretahs  quality:sunfish  Extra:Threesome/Moresome  extra:poly  extra:slowbuild  extra:PTSD  extra:injury 
january 2016 by opalsong
Recovery Begins
In the aftermath of the assault on Starkiller base, Finn struggles with his recovery, and Poe struggles with his feelings.
fanwork  Fandom:SW  pairing:Finn/Poe  pairing:Rey/Finn  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Defira  quality:sunfish  extra:injury 
january 2016 by opalsong
Broken Wing (Need Something to Mend Me)
Under orders not to use his right hand until it heals, Jensen is quickly frustrated by the inconvenience of functioning with only one thumb. It's a good thing Cougar is there to help him out with little things, and big things too.
fanwork  fandom:theLosers  pairing:jensen/cougar  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:theleaveswant  quality:sunfish  Extra:BDSM  extra:firsttime  extra:injury 
january 2016 by opalsong
Walk With Me
Figured that Roque would pass out and make Jensen carry his lazy ass halfway across Afghanistan.
fanwork  fandom:theLosers  pairing:jensen/cougar  pairing:Clay/Roque  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:JoeLawson  quality:sunfish  extra:injury 
january 2016 by opalsong
The Narutostuck world is a fusion wherein I have jammed Homestuck characters into the Naruto universe and am pretending they were always there. Basically the Land of Space (Uchuu no Kuni) lies to the west of the Land of Wind (Kaze no Kuni), separated by a great desert; its capitol is the village of Hidden Time (Kouingakure no Sato). For the past century or two, it has been ruled by the Condesce and engaged in an endless war of conquest on the continent across the western sea; recently, however, a rebellion led by the Sufferer succeeded in overthrowing her and establishing a new social order in which discrimination against humans and discrimination by blood caste are officially outlawed. Meanwhile, over in the Elemental Countries, the plot of Naruto has reached some sort of good-guys-win conclusion. Now the people on both sides of the desert are tentatively trying to establish some kind of normal diplomatic and trade relations... but the Condesce and her chief supporters were never caught, and are still seeking to restore their rule.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  fandom:Homestuck  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:series  site:AO3  author:edenfalling  quality:sunfish  extra:crossover  extra:culturedifferences  extra:injury  extra:cultureshock  extra:teambonding  extra:backstory  extra:torture  extra:friendship 
august 2015 by opalsong
how a disabled Inquisitor not only changes the Inquisition but also Thedas itself
This is a metafic about a disabled Inquisitor and the changes the disability not only brings for them, but also for their companions, their advisors, the Inquisition as a whole, and the people of Thedas. One of my goals for this was for it to be as inclusive as possible: your Inquisitor's race and gender don't matter. Every possible class is addressed. Topics include: addiction, amputation, bigots, blindness, depression, muteness, tranquil mages, transsexuality, veterans, withdrawal.
fanwork  fandom:dragonage  pairing:gen  rating:G  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:lasciel  quality:sunfish  extra:meta  extra:injury  extra:podficced! 
august 2015 by opalsong

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