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An AU oneshot based off of my fic "An Invincible Summer"

The Massacre was prevented, and some things stay the same, but a lot of things are different.

Mostly that Natsu ends up with a different Uchiha.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Naruto/Itachi  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:ShanaStoryteller  quality:sunfish  extra:genderqueer  extra:sequel  Extra:Marriage 
august 2018 by opalsong
we'll be counting stars
“Mom! Dad! Father! Someone’s at the door!”

“Oh gods,” Sakura mutters, head halfway buried under the pillow. “How did she get your lungs, Naruto?”

There's a sound of tired agreement from her left, though Sasuke doesn’t even attempt to pick his face up out of the mattress.

“You're the medic-nin,” Naruto says, amused, and pushes up on one elbow to squint blearily at the bedroom door. “Want to draw straws?”

“You're already up,” Sasuke probably says, though even Naruto's ears have a hard time catching it. “And before eight they're your kids.”
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  Pairing:Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  extra:future  extra:friendship  extra:family  extra:fluff  extra:genderqueer 
july 2018 by opalsong
Pretty In Purple
“It can’t be that difficult,” Shōta snorts.

“You have clearly never tried to apply nail polish before,” Hizashi says flatly, giving Shōta an unimpressed look.
fanwork  fandom:MyHeroAcademia  pairing:Eraserhead/PresentMic  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:KuriKuri  quality:sunfish  extra:genderqueer  extra:fluff  extra:makeup 
november 2017 by opalsong
I'm falling for your eyes (but they don't know me yet)
Shisui is done. Gone. That’s it for him, he’s toast.

(Or, Shisui is in love. Naruto is mostly oblivious. Everyone else is entirely convinced that Shisui is a creeper.)
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Naruto/Shisui  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  extra:humour  extra:au  extra:genderqueer 
august 2017 by opalsong
An AU oneshot based off of my fic "An Invincible Summer"

The Massacre was prevented, and some things stay the same, but a lot of things are different.

Mostly that Natsu ends up with a different Uchiha.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Naruto/Itachi  rating:unrated  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:ShanaStoryteller  quality:sunfish  extra:FicofaFic  extra:genderqueer  extra:trans  extra:au 
august 2017 by opalsong
sweet like honeysuckle late at night
“Hey,” Lance says indignantly, poking his finger into the hard Velcro of Pidge’s binder. “Jesus loves me.”

“I don’t know why he would.”


Lance would like to blame the heat, but really, he knows where responsibility and blame should be placed -- namely, in the entire food group of alien peaches.
fanwork  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Lance/Keith  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:starspecters  quality:salamander  extra:praisekink  extra:firsttime  extra:genderqueer 
december 2016 by opalsong
Change of Plans
"Well, you can't ALL be the space prostitute." Coran protested, then appeared to muse it over. "Although..."
fanwork  fandom:Voltron  pairing:gen  rating:G  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:IckaMChif  quality:sunfish  extra:humour  Extra:Crossdressing  extra:teambonding  extra:genderqueer 
december 2016 by opalsong
Hate Follow
He knows that it's probably unhealthy to hate follow people on tumblr but THIS GUY, this fucking guy... he's just too much.
fanwork  fandom:OnePiece  pairing:Zoro/Sanji  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Unda  quality:sunfish  extra:genderqueer  extra:au  extra:modern  extra:media 
december 2016 by opalsong
"Double-check the wards properly! Dying of awesome sex would be a good way to go if we have to, but I'm not keeling over before I get my diploma, okay?"

John rolls his eyes. "Yeah, yeah." Jade keeps watching him from the corner of her eye for a few seconds; he seems to be doing it seriously, at least, even if he's still huffy. "Bluh. I get why you'd need to pass demonology, but not why I need it if my major is weather magic."

Anonymous asked: John/Jade/Karkat - John and Jade are demon summoners (for reasons) trying to call up an incubus/succubus (for reasons). They get Karkat.
fanwork  fandom:Homestuck  pairing:John/Karkat/Jade  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:askerian  quality:sunfish  extra:au  Extra:GenderBender  extra:genderqueer  extra:sexmagic 
september 2016 by opalsong
Road & Romance
Shitty Knight takes a post-graduation road trip. Four friends, six thousand miles, two tents, several embarrassing photos, a giant rabbit, three cops, and a bear.
fanwork  fandom:CheckPlease!  pairing:Bitty/Jack/Shitty/Lardo  rating:r  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:psocoptera  quality:crocodile  extra:roadtrip  extra:slowbuild  extra:genderqueer  extra:negotiation  extra:poly  extra:toPodfic 
january 2016 by opalsong
An Invincible Summer
When Naruto is five, he's gutted by a drunken civilian and presumed dead.

Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  Pairing:Naruto/Sasuke  Pairing:Kakashi/Iruka  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:ShanaStoryteller  quality:sunfish  extra:genderqueer  extra:FixIt  extra:au 
january 2016 by opalsong
Funny how it always goes with love
“Yes,” Dad says, tone matching Stiles’ exactly. “Because I’ve gone bra shopping so many times, I’m practically a pro.”

Or the one where Stiles is a girl and nothing really changes.
fanwork  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Stiles/Derek  rating:pg-13  Length:LongShot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Sa_kun  quality:sunfish  extra:genderqueer  extra:asexual  extra:characterstudy  extra:slowbuild  extra:growingup  extra:awesome!Ladies  extra:BAMF!Stiles  extra:toPodfic 
may 2015 by opalsong
Being A Tale of Tavros Nitram, Agender Fairychild Extraordinaire
In Which Many Canon Events Are Told In Summary Form For Reasons of Already Ridiculous Length, Issues of Gender and Sexuality Are Discussed Quite Often, Tavros Does Not Want To Grow Up, And Everything Ends Happily, Featuring Several Instances of Vriska, One Explicit Moiraillegiance Scene and Implications Of Another Off-Screen, Numerous Chatlogs, One Memo, Troubling Language From Several Sources Including Karkat Vantas, Three Piles, A Scene of Nonconsensual Amputation, Many Conflicted Feelings, A Resolution of Questionable Red Feelings, and One Non-Explicit Educational Flashing Over Webcam.
fanwork  fandom:Homestuck  pairing:Tavros<>Aradia  pairing:Gamzee/Tavros  pairing:Karkat<>Gamzee  rating:pg-13  Length:LongShot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Edoro  quality:sunfish  extra:PaleRomance(isthebestkind)  extra:asexual  extra:genderqueer  extra:queer  extra:pronouns  extra:trans 
march 2013 by opalsong
Drawing Lines In The Palm of Your Hand
“I kind of proved a lot of people wrong and proved to myself I can play this game in this body.” - Pat Kane

Genderqueer AU.
fanwork  fandom:Hockey  Fandom:RPS  pairing:Tazer/Kaner  rating:nc-17  Length:LongShot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:sharksdontsleep  quality:whale  Extra:GenderBender  extra:genderqueer  Extra:Favorite  extra:podficced! 
february 2013 by opalsong

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