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so i know it’s not the mcu, but if it WERE:
“No,” Venom snarls out loud to the street, where the old woman–jesus christ. Where the old woman has just collapsed into dust, leaving nothing behind but her cart and her purse. A car slams into a lamppost, the driver’s seat suddenly empty. Someone is screaming, and they aren’t even screaming at them. “I said no.”
fanwork  fandom:Venom  fandom:avengers  pairing:Eddie/Venom  rating:G  length:oneshot  type:prose  Length:CommentFic  site:tumblr  author:wildehack  quality:sunfish  extra:crossover  extra:FixIt 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
Harry Potter and the Problem of Potions
Once upon a time, Harry Potter hid for two hours from Dudley in a chemistry classroom, while a nice graduate student explained about the scientific method and interesting facts about acids. A pebble thrown into the water causes ripples.

Contains, in no particular order: magic candymaking, Harry falling in love with a house, evil kitten Draco Malfoy, and Hermione attempting to apply logic to the wizarding world.
fanwork  Fandom:HP  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  Length:Long  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Wyste  quality:whale  extra:humour  extra:crack  extra:DELIGHTFUL  extra:FixIt  extra:friendship  extra:family  extra:toPodfic  extra:permissiongranted 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
The Best Revenge
The best revenge is living well. And maybe also spitefully staging a minor political coup to take over Konoha as payback for getting stuck in an arranged marriage.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Asuma/Hidan  rating:nc-17  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  extra:arrangedmarriage  extra:au  extra:humour  extra:politics  extra:FixIt  extra:crack  extra:toPodfic 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
Judith and her Maidservant
Later, Dora would think back on it and realise that clinically speaking, she had died.
fanwork  fandom:Venom  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Siria  quality:crocodile  extra:awesome!Ladies  extra:FixIt 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
Vanessa and Wade’s Annual Welcome Back to Life Ho-Down, ft. Cable
“Wade and I have a tradition whenever one of us turns out not to be dead.” She smiles at Cable politely. “Would you like to stay for dinner?”

“And by dinner, she means bare minimum twelve hours of the most animalistic ravaging of each others’ naughty bits that you can see outside Bangkok, big boy. Really putting the freak in fan-freaking-tastic multi-orgasmic cum-marathon.”

“So what do you say?”

Cable grinds his jaw for a second, but honestly, who would pass up these A-listers?

“Why the hell not?”
fanwork  fandom:Deadpool  pairing:Deadpool/Vanessa/Cable  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  quality:crocodile  Extra:TimeTravel  extra:FixIt  extra:esteemissues  extra:yuletide  extra:toPodfic  author:Meatball42  extra:permissionPending 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
command me to be well
Pick anything the angel said, the Seelie Queen said, and she chose Jace.

Anything in the whole world, and she chooses whom she doesn’t have.

That isn’t quite complete: she thought she had Simon.
fanwork  pairing:Clary/Jace/Simon  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:ElasticElla  quality:sunfish  Length:Short  extra:FixIt  extra:characterstudy 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
this beauty breaking on my hands
Clary has never been any good at putting things back together. When they were in middle school and she accidentally knocked over Simon’s Lego Millennium Falcon, he’d already known to say it was fine repeatedly and usher her out the door instead of accepting her offer to help him rebuild it; if he’d let her try, the wings would have ended up upside down and there suddenly wouldn't have been space for the engine. Her heart is in the right place, usually, but it doesn't often translate to her hands.

So when he hears through the shadow world gossip mill that Alec's parabatai rune disappeared briefly, it doesn't take more than one look at Jace’s face to know that she’s been fucking around with the threads of fate again.

And, well. She's never been that great at sewing, either.
fanwork  fandom:Shadowhunters  pairing:Simon/Jace  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:prettydizzeed  quality:sunfish  extra:PTSD  extra:drinking  extra:panic  Extra:Abuse  extra:therapy  extra:FixIt 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
Quid Pro Quo + extras
A What if…? taking off from the “I’ll do you pro bono” scene in 1x11. Alec accepts Magnus’ initial offer; things grow complicated from there.
fanwork  fandom:Shadowhunters  pairing:Alec/Magnus  pairing:Izzy/Lydia  rating:nc-17  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:RedOrchid  quality:sunfish  extra:FixIt  extra:friendship  extra:family  Extra:Preg  extra:fluff 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
Sliding Doors
When the summoning of the Memory Demon reveals that it's not only Clary's memories that have been meddled with, Alec finds himself being pushed off the path set out for him and onto a different one.
fanwork  fandom:Shadowhunters  pairing:Alec/Magnus  pairing:Alec/Jace  rating:nc-17  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:RedOrchid  quality:crocodile  extra:leftofcenter  extra:bond  extra:magic  extra:amnesia  extra:comingout  extra:FixIt  extra:sexmagic  extra:proposal  extra:family  extra:friendship  extra:toPodfic 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
bringing down to Hell (And up to Heaven in an houre)
“You’re all right?” the stranger asks gently. “I'm sorry for the fright, it’s been a long time since I healed a human, and you’ve changed greatly over the years. Your chakra especially.”

A human, implying that he isn't one. Izuna swallows, licks his lips, and wonders what the hell it means that he was just in a liplock with a god.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Izuna/Asura  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  extra:au  extra:FixIt  extra:deity  extra:marriageofconvenience 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
dancing on cold feet
“Shh,” Kakashi breathes against his lips, and there's a look in his eyes that he gets on the very worst missions, in the middle of a battle, when there's nothing left in him of restraint or anything beyond instinct and act-react. “You’re safe, Shisui. And I'm going to fix it.”
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Kakashi/Shisui  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  extra:FixIt  extra:death  extra:dark 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
i couldn't hide from the thunder (in a sky full of song)
Tsunade smiles, thin and bare with fury. “Sensei,” she says, and steps forward. It seems for a moment like Sarutobi is going to try to hug her, but she lifts her chin, meets his eyes, and he falters in the face of her expression. Falters, stops, but Tsunade doesn’t.

She reaches up, pulls the hat from Sarutobi's head, and says, “I'm deposing you, sensei. You have an hour to leave the office or I’ll be forced to make you.”
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Kakashi/Shisui  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  extra:FixIt  extra:leftofcenter 
7 weeks ago by opalsong
Nature's Revenge
Obito turns himself into the Whomping Willow. It goes great, right up until people start making a nuisance of themselves under his roots.
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  Length:Short  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  Fandom:HP  extra:humour  extra:FixIt  extra:crossover 
10 weeks ago by opalsong
more than just a dream
With a shaky breath, Obito pulls his mouth away, wraps his arms around Kisame's chest and presses up against him. “I wasn’t late,” he says, more to himself than Kisame. “I got there in time. I wasn’t late. I saved you.”
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Obito/Kisame  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:blackkat  quality:sunfish  Extra:TimeTravel  extra:FixIt 
july 2018 by opalsong
echo through the ages
He’s five when the man that can make himself appear out of thin air visits him the first time. The first thing Naruto notices is the way his eyes look sad. Lonely. Just like he feels.

“Do you want to share some ramen?”
fanwork  Fandom:Naruto  pairing:Obito/Kisame  rating:pg-13  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:LadyKG  quality:sunfish  Extra:TimeTravel  extra:FixIt  Extra:Kid!Fic 
july 2018 by opalsong

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