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First mammal species goes extinct due to climate change | National Geographic
A small rodent that lived only on a single island off Australia is likely the world's first mammal to become a casualty of climate change, scientists reported in June 2016. The government of Australia has now officially recognized the Bramble Cay melomys (Melomys rubicola) as extinct.
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The Bramble Cay melomys is climate change's first mammal extinction victim
[The Australian federal government] has formally recognised the extinction of a tiny island rodent, the Bramble Cay melomys — the first known demise of a mammal because of human-induced climate change."
Geoff Richardson, an environment department official, told Senate estimates on Monday night that research efforts since 2014 — "including a pretty rushed trip in 2015" — had failed to identify any melomys individuals in their only known location on Bramble Cay, a tiny Torres Strait island near Papua New Guinea."
The federal extinction listing comes almost three years after the Queensland government reached a similar conclusion, with a finding that the demise of the melomys "probably represents the first recorded mammalian extinction due to anthropogenic climate change".
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Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature' | Environment | The Guardian
The world’s insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, according to the first global scientific review.

More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered, the analysis found. The rate of extinction is eight times faster than that of mammals, birds and reptiles. The total mass of insects is falling by a precipitous 2.5% a year, according to the best data available, suggesting they could vanish within a ce...
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Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature' | Environment | The Guardian
Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'
Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review
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Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers
Biodiversity of insects is threatened worldwide. Here, we present a comprehensive review of 73 historical reports of insect declines from across the globe, and systematically assess the underlying drivers. Our work reveals dramatic rates of decline that may lead to the extinction of 40% of the world's insect species over the next few decades. [...] The main drivers of species declines appear to be in order of importance: i) habitat loss and conversion to intensive agriculture and urbanisation; ii) pollution, mainly that by synthetic pesticides and fertilisers; iii) biological factors, including pathogens and introduced species; and iv) climate change
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Insects are dying off — alarmingly fast
Insects are the most abundant animals on planet Earth. If you were to put them all together into one creepy-crawly mass, they’d outweigh all humanity by a factor of 17. Insects outweigh all the fish in the oceans and all the livestock munching grass on land.
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The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction, study finds | World news | The Guardian
"The killing of large species is pushing them towards extinction"... and also upsetting nature's balance that preserves the habitability of the planet - Humans. We'll be gone soon. I just am in awe of the miracle we were even here at all.
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