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New study reveals the social benefits of cycling and walking in the EU | Eltis
Redesigning the urban environment is essential to increase levels of cycling and walking in cities. Apart from the difficulty of gaining political support in favour of sustainable transport modes, the study notes, the greatest barrier to urban redesign that local authorities face is the issue of estimating costs (and benefits). For this reason, cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) guide key decisions on investments related to major transport construction projects.
However, the design of CBAs - and the value of the parameters that they use - is important. In order to explore this further, the study developed a comparative framework to assess the costs and benefits related to car driving, cycling and walking.
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More Recycling Won't Solve Plastic Pollution - Scientific American Blog Network - Matt Wilkins, Jul 2018
The real problem is that single-use plastic—the very idea of producing plastic items like grocery bags, which we use for an average of 12 minutes but can persist in the environment for half a millennium—is an incredibly reckless abuse of technology. Encouraging individuals to recycle more will never solve the problem of a massive production of single-use plastic that should have been avoided in the first place.
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july 2018 by pierredv
RT : So: change the built environment, at public cost, so tax avoiding tech corps can exploit it?
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may 2018 by mrchrisadams
So: change the built environment, at public cost, so tax avoiding tech corps can exploit it?
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may 2018 by psychemedia
The digital economy is disrupting our old models
Diane Coyle 14 HOURS AGO

To put it in economic jargon, we are in the territory of externalities and public goods. Information once shared cannot be unshared.

The digital economy is one of externalities and public goods to a far greater degree than in the past. We have not begun to get to grips with how to analyse it, still less to develop policies for the common good. There are two questions at the heart of the challenge: what norms and laws about property rights over intangibles such as data or ideas or algorithms are going to be needed? And what will the best balance between collective and individual actions be or, to put it another way, between government and market?
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april 2018 by jerryking
The PA Promise
A plan to have nearly full public funding for certain public universities.
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february 2018 by cmingyar

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