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Calisphere: Fresno jackrabbit harvest 1893 California
"Jackrabbits often ravaged orchards and vineyards. Fresno settlers soon saw their profits decreasing and organized a campaign to deal with the problem. This photo shows a method borrowed from the Indians. A fence is created in the shape of a V. The wings of this V would extend about 2 miles. Citizens would line up far above the open end of the V and drive the rabbits. The rabbits would run into the V and when they got into the bottle neck they were corralled and beaten with clubs. Firearms were not allowed because of the safety of the people. Between 1888 and 1897 there were 217 public drives alone in California accounting for approximately 500,000 dead rabbits."
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6 weeks ago by robertogreco
Dunk the Rat Trap
Walk the plank with magets for rats. Use with a lidded plastic trash can that has a straight side and curved side, so you can cut a "mouse hole" near the top on the straight side, ramp up to the hole, and then water in the trash can. Get rats used to it by retaining set screw for a few nights, then incrementally raise the adjustment screws to make the magnets weaker.
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6 weeks ago by chrismyth
Trapnetic mouse trap
Mouse trap that closes with earth magnets. Live catch trap, so mouse survives and can be relocated.
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6 weeks ago by chrismyth
Home - Peckitt Pest Solutions
We offer: Licensed and Insured Professionals Weekend Service Bed Bug Specialists Our one-time treatments for pest control are covered for 90 days , and pest…
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july 2017 by splorp
Courtesy of CES 2017, a mosquito killing laser RC tank. I wonder if this differentiates between male and female mosquitos?
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january 2017 by asteroza
Shoah - Movie @ omdb
important, harrowing watching. this film is long and slowly unfolds in many languages. the documentary captures something of the brutal efficiency and bureaucracy of trying to kill as many people as quietly and cheaply as possible. it is vital these terrible experiences of Jewish people were recorded.
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may 2016 by noii
List of Nazi concentration camps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Though the term 'concentration camp' is often used as a general term for all Nazi camps, there were in fact several types of concentration camps in the Nazi camp system during World War II. Holocaust scholars make a clear distinction between death camps and concentration camps which served a number of war related purposes including prison facilities, labor camps, prisoner of war camps, and transit camps among others.
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march 2016 by ernie.bornheimer
American Indian Nations From Termination to Restoration, 1953-2006
written in 2010 by Roberta Ulrich. Access via SLCC online library site. You'll need an SLCC login for the SLCC library, and possibly a free digital account from Adobe, for Adobe Digital Editions. Starts out in Prologue talking about the Klamath tribe who lost their land via this policy. "the allotment policy begun in the late 1800s “devastated the Indian land base” by breaking up tribal land holdings to give each Indian a parcel of land that at best was subsistence level in both size and quality. Any “leftover” land the government offered to their white neighbors. This General Allotment Act resulted in a decrease of Indian-owned land from 138 million acres in 1887 to 52 million acres in 1934" (Breaking the Ties, p.4). "In 1924 Congress conferred blanket citizenship on all Indians" (p.5). " Two years after the citizenship act the Institute for Government Research [studied the needs] of the Indian population known as the Meriam Survey. This led to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.
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february 2014 by nynate17

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