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KotLink - Creating and sharing memorable URL aliases
A solution for creating and sharing memorable URL aliases, which takes its inspiration from Google’s internal Go-Links system.

Why use KotLink?
Get rid of bookmarks for URLs frequently used within your team
Speak the same language as your colleges (e.g. Matt, can you check out what is up with staging␣grafana?)
Search in your “intranet” quickly for a resource that you don’t know the exact URL for.
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15 hours ago by liqweed
WorldBrain's Memex - Memex - your photographic memory for the web. Open-Source. Private.
A free & privacy-focused browser extension to effortlessly organise, recover and share the most useful content you find online.
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yesterday by archangel
Oregon history professor sparks online tumult with sharp Twitter argument about Donald Trump's rise - Oregonian 8/15/18
To the extent that Reagan, Kemp, [feminism critic] Phyllis Schlafly and other political articulators of 1970s conservatism had ideas, they largely consisted of a monomaniacal opposition to the New Deal State, which they saw as an imposition upon a benign system of free-market capitalism. This is certainly an idea, but it's, IMHO, a pretty simplistic (and totally ahistorical) one with little capacity to actually produce meaningful policy.
I think conservatism since the New Deal has been largely reactionary, taking on meaning only in relation to what it hates, i.e., the federal government and social movements that seek to use the power of that government to bring about greater equity.
Krauthammer was right to think regulations were often stupid, because they often are. But because Goldwater/Reagan-ite conservatism took on such a dogmatically anti-statist cast, they were not very adept at thinking creatively about what sorts of regulations would be best because they were so obsessed with just unraveling them.
Given that all of the conservative warnings of the totalitarian nightmare that awaited us with Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, Medicare, Brown v. Board, the gay agenda's attack on the family, etc. etc., have been wrong, you'd think they'd give up the tactic. But it's as prevalent as ever, and just as empirically wrong and intellectually lazy as ever.
yesterday by jenkinsjj1
"uMatrix Recipes" is a collection of rules for uMatrix that you can use to fix some popular websites by whitelisting the 3rd-party requests that are critical for the websites to function. uMatrix put you in full control of where your browser is allowed to connect, what type of data it is allowed to download, and what it is allowed to execute. Nobody else decides for you: You choose. You are in full control of your privacy.

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yesterday by michaelfox

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