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How I learned how to expose my heart in my blogging | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Years ago, Mark Schaefer told me my writing had no heart. He told me the reporting I was doing would never make me a star. Years ago, Mark Schaefer gave me some of the best writing advice I’ve ever received.
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7 weeks ago by marshallk
Understanding Expo for React Native | SKPTRICKS
Expo is a toolchain built around React Native to help you quickly start an app. It provides a set of tools that simplify the development and testing of React Native app and arms you with the components of users interface and services that are usually available in third-party native React Native components. With Expo you can find all of them in Expo SDK. Expo is an open source, freely available SDK, which is used to build your cross platform react native apps. Expo also provides online playground for react native apps, in which you can write code for your apps and check in both iOS and Android devices. Yes, if you don’t have a MAC or iOS system then don’t get disappointed, just try Expo.
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11 weeks ago by euler

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