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Train Carrying Explosives, Military Weapons Derails Near Nevada Interstate
A cargo train carrying military weapons and hazardous material derailed in northeast Nevada on Wednesday morning, prompting a highway closure as emergency workers rushed to contain the site, authorities said.

The 22-car train flew off the rails around 11:20 a.m. Pacific Time, leaving several cars in a crumpled heap along the tracks near the city of Wells. Nearby Interstate 80 shut down in both directions for nearly an hour.

“There were some small arms munitions and explosives on the train,” Lt. Kevin McKinney with the Elko County Sheriff’s Office told HuffPost.

An earlier broadcast by Elko County Public Safety specified some of the cargo as sodium nitrate, hand grenades, bombs and fuel.

All of the potentially lethal cargo was stored in the back of the train and not impacted by the derailment, “so we’re fortunate there,” McKinney said.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
Hyderabad: Worker dies in blast at explosives factory
HYDERABAD: A 21-year-old worker died at an explosives factory when a chemical used for manufacturing detonators exploded in one of the storage points at the unit at Bommalaramaram on Monday morning. The victim, Golu Kashyap, a native of Chattisgarh, died on the spot.
The incident happened at Regenesis Industries Pvt Ltd, an explosives manufacturing factory, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), Bhongir, K Narayana Reddy said.
Around 10.30am, Kashyap picked up a static rubber bottle containing 750 grams nickel hydrazine nitrate, a chemical used for manufacturing detonators (3,000 detonators can be manufactured with 750 grams of the chemical). His job was to keep the rubber bottle in the storage unit. After Golu entered the store room, an explosion occurred and he died on the spot, the DCP said.
Police suspect that Golu might have accidentally dropped the bottle, triggering an explosion. The chemical in the bottle exploded first igniting explosive chemical in 47 other bottles in the room. Due to the intensity of the explosion, the body of the victim was severed into pieces, the DCP added.
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6 weeks ago by dchas
Two years in prison for man who kept chemicals, bomb-making materials in apartment
A man whose Far West Side Madison apartment became a hazardous materials site after police and firefighters last year found it filled with chemical experiments and two small improvised explosives was sentenced Monday to two years in prison.

Dane County Circuit Judge Susan Crawford told Brian Campbell, 31, now of Carol Stream, Illinois, that while prosecutors presented no evidence to support their claim that Campbell was plotting a bomb attack on a public building, Campbell had offered no credible explanation for his experiments that endangered people in his apartment building on Timber Lake Trail.

“What we don’t know is why,” Crawford said. “Why was he teaching himself to isolate chemicals used in improvised explosives? We don’t know that. But we know that these activities placed his neighbors at great risk.”

In a pre-sentence report, written by a state Department of Corrections agent, Campbell said he simply forgot about safety.

“That’s not an adequate explanation,” Crawford said. It also wasn’t an impulsive activity, she noted, but one that went on for weeks and months and had resulted in a prior order by apartment managers to clean up his apartment or be evicted.
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9 weeks ago by dchas
State sues Shrewsbury man over shed demolition blast that released toxins
A Shrewsbury man has been sued for illegally demolishing a backyard shed containing dynamite, causing a hazardous fire and explosion in the fall of 2016, Attorney General Maura Healey announced Wednesday.

On Oct. 24, 2016, Edgar Muntz Jr. directed P&M Asphalt Services Inc. of Sutton to demolish an old wooden shed at 393 Oak St. and to remove the construction and demolition debris from the property. Mr. Muntz, who lives at 10 Grove Meadow Lane, owned the 393 Oak St. property as trustee of 393 Oak Street Realty Trust.

Inside the shed were about 550 glass jars and other containers holding hazardous materials, including dynamite, hydrofluoric acid, mercury, sodium cyanide, arsenic, chloroform, toluene, and chromium, according to a complaint filed by the attorney general’s office in Suffolk Superior Court.

During demolition the shed caught fire, releasing hazardous materials to the air and soil, according to the attorney general’s office. The fumes caused P&M workers and a neighbor to suffer chest, throat, and respiratory discomfort, the lawsuit says.

After a neighbor alerted authorities to the explosion, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, along with other state and local agencies, took remedial action to secure the site and clean up the hazardous materials.

P&M workers previously had knocked down a house on the property. They backfilled the cellar hole of the demolished house using soil mixed with debris from the shed. That debris included jugs and plastic containers, some labeled “Poison,” that held bright multicolored powders, some of which were spilling out of cracked and broken containers, the lawsuit says.
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11 weeks ago by dchas
Bail set for two men charged after explosion
Two men charged with causing an explosion in the garage of a Providence home last week now have the option of posting bail.

Jeffrey Toombs, 21, was in the courtroom Monday, while 22-year-old Joshua Keith — who was arrested Friday after his release from the hospital — made his appearance by video.

Both were charged in 1st District Court with illegal possession of explosives or incendiary devices and reckless endangerment after a homemade blasting cap detonated in Keith’s hand last week.

Both have been held without bail until Monday’s court appearance, and according to court documents, investigators believed there was more explosive material available at a separate location, and until that material was properly secured, Toombs and Keith were a danger to the public.

Bail was set at $7,000 for Toombs and $10,000 for Keith.
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april 2019 by dchas
Explosions at Manitowoc home lead to an arrest
MANITOWOC, Wis. — Manitowoc Police have arrested a man after two explosions at a south side home on Thursday.

Police say they were called to investigate explosions on the 900 block of South 29th Street.

ATF, FBI, a hazmat team and others investigated the home, where they report they found military grade explosives.

A 35-year-old man was taken into custody and charges are expected for endangering safety and possession of an explosive.
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march 2019 by dchas
Bomb Squad detonates 38 pounds of explosives found in PVC pipe behind Terra Ceia home
SARASOTA (WWSB) - Four explosions early Sunday morning caused many ABC7 viewers to reach out to us for more information.
A homeowner in Palmetto, said he found a PVC pipe in the swampy mangroves behind his house.
When he cut it open, he found that it was a 7 foot, 4 inch PVC pipe filled with explosives.
“This is such an unusual case,” said Mike Blozki, Captain of the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue’s Hazmat Team.
“This is like a once in a lifetime kind of thing in Manatee County and it kind of throws responders for a loop," said Captain Blozki. "Especially when we estimate, you’re dealing with 38 pounds of a true blasting agent that’s been rediscovered after 40-45 years behind, somewhere.”
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february 2019 by dchas
Things I Won’t Work With
Yup; my chemistry prof was right, everyone in that class was there for one of two reasons: drugs, or explosives.
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february 2019 by amcgregor
ATF: Government Shutdown Could Hamper Investigation Into Explosion on Dodds Lane
Wynnewood, Lower Merion Township, PA — The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) reported that the investigation into the multimillion-dollar destruction of a Gladwyne, PA mansion may be impeded by the partial shutdown of the Federal Government.

“There are plans to have items sent to the lab in Maryland for some testing but probably not until March or April depending on what happens with the government shutdown,” stated Special Agent Charlene Hennessy, PIO for the Philadelphia Field Division of ATF.

Authorities close to the investigation have reported that the plan is to reconstruct the mansion in a mock-up as it was before the gas explosion leveled it turning the multi-million dollar stately home into dumpsters full of shredded debris.

According to authorities, ATF is looking to discover “the how” and “the why” of the explosion.  

"I confirmed with the case agent the materials were immediately sent to the lab," added Hennessy, "but due to the lab's schedule, the government shutdown and additional testing that needed to be completed prior to the engineers recreating the scene, the March/April timeframe is when the evidence is slated for analysis. "
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january 2019 by dchas
UPDATE: Explosion at Holston Ammunition Plant
UPDATE: A building that caught fire early Thursday morning is being allowed to burn to the ground and caused an afternoon explosion felt as far away as Abingdon. 

Justine Barati, BAE spokesman and Director of Public and Congressional Affairs Joint Munitions Command said there were no injuries and there is no danger to the community. 


CHURCH HILL, Tenn. – A fire broke out at Holston Army Ammunition Plant Thursday morning but has since been contained.

At approximately 8 a.m., an alarm sounded near a building at the plant, which supplies explosive materials to the U.S. Department of Defense. The onsite safety, health and environment teams responded to the scene and secured the building, according to a company spokesman.

“No workers were in the building at the time of the incident,” said Justine Barati, BAE spokesman and Director of Public and Congressional Affairs Joint Munitions Command. “Smoke was observed at the building and one worker in proximity to the building was transported to a local emergency room for observation.”
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january 2019 by dchas
The Phantom Duo - The Daily WTF
For most people, such a story would elicit a chuckle and a hmph, I didn’t realize MRI machines could explode. But for those who work closely with MRI machines, the knee-jerk reaction is please don’t let it be our MRI and please don’t let it be our fault .
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october 2018 by pozorvlak
One killed in explosion, 2 injured- The New Indian Express
ROURKELA:  A massive explosion in a house, where explosive substances were stored illegally, claimed one life and critically injured two others including a child at Telugupara of Madhusudanpali slum under Plant Site police limits here on Monday afternoon.Several houses were also damaged in the explosion. It is suspected the explosives were meant for manufacturing fire crackers. The explosion took place on the first floor of a two-storey house owned by Jawahar Srivastav at 12.15 pm. Under its impact, the concrete roof of the building was ripped apart and the flying debris severely damaged asbestos roofs of at least 30 adjoining houses.
India  industrial  explosion  death  asbestos  explosives 
september 2018 by dchas
Dr Chris Busby: Police become unwell at chemical weapons expert's Devon home
A chemical weapons expert has been arrested after police started feeling ill while visiting his Devon home.
Dr Chris Busby, 73, has been detained under the explosives act after officers at his Bideford home on Wednesday morning felt unwell.
Devon and Cornwall Police said officers at the retired research scientist's home also found "a number of items" which "require expert analysis from specialist officers and an explosive ordnance disposal team".
The British scientist is an expert on the health effects of internal ionising radiation.
He is a contributor on Russia Today, the Kremlin-funded TV channel.
Dr Busby has also worked for Britain's Ministry of Defence on a depleted uranium committee and a committee examining radiation risks of internal emitters.
Devon and Cornwall Police said the officers who were feeling unwell were immediately removed from the scene and a cordon put in place.
A hazardous area response team ambulance was quickly sent to the scene where they treated the officers.
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september 2018 by dchas
Report details causes of explosion
A biotech company in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, where an explosion claimed 10 lives in December, has been fined 5 million yuan ($730,750). Its production permit will be revoked and its leaders will be prosecuted, the Ministry of Emergency Management said.

On Dec. 9, an equipment failure triggered the blast at Juxin Biotech in the city's Guannan county, killing 10 people and injuring one. The blast caused a direct economic loss of 48.7 million yuan.

The energy released by the blast was equivalent to 14.15 metric tons of TNT, according to the investigative report by the Jiangsu government.

The report said that 45 people and 10 companies were responsible for the blast, and that 13 people will be prosecuted criminally, including Wang Ruren, Juxin's production safety director.

The other people responsible will be given Party and administrative penalties, including Wu Aijun, director of the county's management committee for the affected chemical industry park.

According to the report, Juxin's failure to strictly follow proper safety procedures was the main reason for the blast. Other companies also failed to perform their duties in design, safety assessment, equipment installation and inspection on acceptance, and they will be closed, downgraded or fined.
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