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Maui Brewing Company employee injured in 55-gallon drum explosion
MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -One person was taken to a Maui hospital after suffering injuries while trying to open an 55-gallon drum Monday.
Maui officials say the Maui Brewing Company employee was using a plasma cutter to open the drum that once held rubbing alcohol.
The drum then exploded, causing the worker to suffer injuries to his face and forearm. Firefighters, medics and hazmat crews responded.
The man was rushed to the hospital in an unknown condition. Maui fire officials confirm the victim was conscious and alert when AMR transported him to Maui Memorial.
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Two Injured After 9,000 Gallon Tanker Explodes in Los Angeles – NewsNet
Two people in Los Angeles were hurt when a 9,000 gallon tanker caught fire and exploded.
More than 72 firefighters worked for hours Sunday to get the fire under control.
Fire officials say the tanker had been leaking fuel when it somehow ignited.
Thick, dark smoke could be seen for miles.
Several fire departments arrived to help, including hazmat crews.
Some of the fuel entered storms drains, causing underground explosions and dislodging several manhole covers.
Fire damaged at least one building.
Two people in the area were sent to nearby hospitals.
No word on their condition, but one did have serious injuries.
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Man Critically Injured In Hash Oil Explosion
ROYAL OAK TWP. (WWJ) - An explosion that left a man who was producing hash oil in critical condition is being investigated as a workplace accident. 

It happened around 10:40 a.m. Friday at a building on Galaxie Avenue, along Wyoming Avenue between 8 Mile and 9 Mile roads. 

One man was rushed to a nearby hospital with a serious open head injury. Another uninjured man told police he heard the explosion and saw his friend on the floor.

Investigators determined hash oil was being produced at the location and obtained a search warrant for the building.  Hash oil is extracted from cannabis and can have a higher concentration of THC -- the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. 

The Michigan State Police bomb squad swept the building and Oakland County HAZMAT ensured the chemicals and instruments in the building were safe.

Once inside, officers located a pressurized canister that had damage consistent with the injuries sustained by the victim. Police believe high pressure inside the container forced the lid off the canister at a high rate of speed, striking the victim in the head.

The victim is currently in intensive care and was last listen in critical but stable condition. 

Police say due to the recent change in the law with marijuana possession, along with evidence collected at the scene, this is considered a workplace accident.

An investigation is ongoing. 
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Explosions at Manitowoc home lead to an arrest
MANITOWOC, Wis. — Manitowoc Police have arrested a man after two explosions at a south side home on Thursday.

Police say they were called to investigate explosions on the 900 block of South 29th Street.

ATF, FBI, a hazmat team and others investigated the home, where they report they found military grade explosives.

A 35-year-old man was taken into custody and charges are expected for endangering safety and possession of an explosive.
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Chemical factory goes up in flames
A major fire broke out in an industrial unit in the Phase 7 Industrial Area here, gutting the chemical factory this afternoon. However, no loss of life was reported in the incident.

According to eyewitnesses, multiple explosions were heard during the fire at the thinner factory as highly inflammable chemicals, that had been stored in barrels, exploded followed by ball of fire rising into the air.

The intensity of the fire was such that black smoke layers could be seen as far as 8 to 10 km from the city.
Four factory workers, who were working inside the factory when the blasts took place, scaled the walls of the factory to save their lives. The owner of the factory, Sat Pal Garg, was also inside the factory at the time of the incident. Workers said after they noticed the fire, they rushed out of the factory to save their lives. The owner also ran out.

Five fire engines were pressed into service by the Mohali Fire Department, besides a water boozer, which made 20 rounds to douse the fire. Three fire engines from Chandigarh were also pressed into service.
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Las Cruces police respond to explosion hazmat on Hadley Avenue
LAS CRUCES - Authorities responded Saturday afternoon to a report of an explosion on West Hadley Avenue in Las Cruces.

About 4:20 p.m., an explosion was reported at 1760 W. Hadley Ave. A chemical was possibly released, prompting a hazardous materials response.

The Las Cruces Fire Department initiated a hazmat response. Las Cruces police were assisting. New Mexico State Police also were on scene.

Several agencies, including New Mexico State Police and the Las Cruces Fire Department, responded to a report of an explosion and hazardous materials situation on Saturday, March 9, 2019 on Hadley Avenue. (Photo: Diana Alba Soular/Sun-News)
LCPD Detective Frank Torres said the explosion of a "barrel/tank" of some sort was reported. But he didn't have information yet about what was in the barrel.

About 6:30 p.m., traffic was flowing in both directions on Hadley Avenue, and no streets appeared to be blocked in the area. Several emergency response vehicles were seen parked adjacent to the warehouse, and a numerous fire and police personnel were walking around the scene.
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The in was caused by a bus hitting the top of the entrance to a tunnel. The gas tank which wa…
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Carroll County road remains closed as tanker continues to burn following explosion
CARROLLTON, Ohio — A road in Carroll County remained closed early Friday following a tanker truck explosion Thursday evening.

According to the Carrollton Fire Department, State Route 332 south of Carrollton remains closed. The department said the truck was still burning as of 3:30 a.m. Friday.
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An O.C. motel room exploded. Police think it may have been a drug lab
Authorities are investigating whether a Buena Park motel room was being used as a drug lab after an explosion early Wednesday forced guests to evacuate.
The blast was reported shortly after midnight at the Motel 6 at 7051 Valley View St., according to the Orange County Fire Authority. Nothing was burning when crews arrived, but video from the scene showed smoke seeping into the hallway.
Buena Park police are investigating whether the space was being used as a drug lab, according to fire officials. Police could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.
Caesar Hernandez told reporters at the scene that he was inside his room at the motel with his wife and children when he heard a loud bang, followed by a crashing sound that he thought may have been someone falling down the stairs.
When he looked into the hallway, he saw a naked woman and two men. Hernandez said it appeared the blast had sent the woman through a window. One of the men handed the woman a towel and they ran away, he said.
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Longan farmer killed in blast after leaving chemicals in hot sun
A 30-year-old man was killed in an explosion in Chantaburi province on Tuesday afternoon, in an accident suspected of being caused by him leaving two chemical compounds – potassium chlorate and sodium chlorate – out in the hot sun pending mixing them with water for spraying on longan trees.

Following the report of a fatal blast at 12.40am, Ban Plaeng precinct superintendent Pol Colonel Chatchawan Tosopon led officials to inspect the scene, a two-storey wooden house in Tambon Ban Plaeng, in the province’s Pong Nam Ron district.  They found the body of Supraiwan Srisawat, torn apart by the impact of the explosion. The blast also damaged several nearby houses and two pickup trucks that were parked at the scene. Police found several more sacks of the chemical compounds at the deceased man’s garage. 
The police investigation initially found that Supraiwan had been mixing the two chemicals during hot weather, prior to spraying longan trees in order to boost growth. Officers therefore suspect a chemical reaction caused by high heat led to the explosion.
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Fire at Old Dhaka again, three burned
Three men were burned in a fire that broke out at a scrap-metal store in Kamalbagh area of Old Dhaka on Saturday afternoon.
The injured were store owner’s son Sumon Khan, 30, and employees Sumon, 35 and Nur Alam, 32.
All of them were admitted to the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said in-charge of the hospital police outpost Inspector Bacchu Miah.
One of the victims said that the fire had originated from a blast that took place while they were flattening expired and scrapped bottles of body-spray inside the store.
Soon after the fire started, local people rushed in and doused the flame with their own efforts and rescued them, he said.
The fire broke out just 10 days after the fatal fire that started at a chemical warehouse at Churihatta in Chawk Bazar on Febarury 20, leaving 71 people
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FSL team inspects blast site
A team of officials from the Forensic Science Laboratory visited Muneshwara Layout to ascertain the cause of an explosion that caused injuries to four children on Tuesday night. The blast occurred near a site where Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) workers had allegedly taken up work next to a GAIL gas pipeline.

On Thursday, the Chief Secretary met senior officials from GAIL and civic agencies. According to sources who attended the meeting, Bescom was asked to bear the cost of the damage and take care of the medical expenses of the victims. The police suspect negligence on the part of the contractor who was drilling close to the pipeline.

“As per the guidelines, a minimum of 350 mm width has to be maintained from gas pipes while conducting any type of digging work, but this was not followed,” said a senior GAIL official, who attended the meeting.

The gas pipelines have been marked and are well-mapped, but this has not prevented a spate of accidents. Over the last six months, the GAIL pipeline network has been damaged at least six times by various agencies or private companies while digging roads.
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