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5 great Twin Cities hiking spots for an afternoon outside
Nature abounds in the Twin Cities. These are five of the finest hiking spots you can hit via public transit in the metro area.
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7 weeks ago by jbragland
simonw/datasette: A tool for exploring and publishing data
Datasette is a tool for exploring and publishing data. It helps people take data of any shape or size and publish that as an interactive, explorable website and accompanying API. Datasette is aimed at data journalists, museum curators, archivists, local governments and anyone else who has data that they wish to share with the world.
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9 weeks ago by jm
What It Feels Like to Die from Heat Stroke
"Over millennia, people exerting themselves in hot environments, like the nomadic Maasai of Kenya, have genetically adapted, selecting for tall, slender, long-limbed body types that offer the maximum ratio of cooling surface area to heat-generating body mass."
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october 2019 by jbragland
Exploring Milight

From heating candescent bulbs and cooler Fluorescent bulbs to recent energy efficient LED bulbs and finally the most advanced Milight with Apple iOS and Android light control, bulbs have traveled a significant journey to suit your demand of energy efficiency, easiness, and multi functionality. Milight is an incredible wifi LED light bulb with inbuilt remote light control, iphone lights control, ipad light control, tablet light control and other android device light control. It can be operated with almost every device with wifi connectivity such as iphones, ipads, ipods and tablets etc. If you do not wish to control lights from iphone, you can use the very handy remote control to operate lights.

Milight lights have endless features for your lighting, saving, easiness, and eco friendly concerns. Here are the most important features listed for your quick perusal
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september 2019 by kilroy2
Kcymaerxthaere is a parallel universe that includes in its embrace our linear world—by which we mean our 3 dimensions of space—to the extent that places we encounter on what we call the Earth can become points of some kind of departure to these other realms. Interestingly, Kcymaerxthaere is not nearly as enmeshed in our dimension of time.

Kcymaerxthaere is also a global project that tells the stories of this parallel world through books, performances, Internet, embroideries, guided collaborations, but perhaps most distinctively through installations—especially bronze plaques and historic sites that honor the parallel world in our linear world.

One can think of Kcymaerxthaere as an illuminated manuscript where every page is in a different location and some of the illumination is provided by the sensation of being in that place—or even the knowledge of it being in that place. Paradoxically, perhaps, these visceral marginalia do not marginalize but make it easier to be transported.

Since the project shapes a world with all these different tools, it seems that it may turn out to be a work that ultimately sculpts its spaces and forms with story. As of November 18, 2011, there are 83 plaques and historical sites in 15 linear countries on 5 of our continents. The expectation of the Geographer-at-Large for Kcymaerxthaere, Eames Demetrios, is at least 1,000 plaques worldwide.
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august 2019 by jeanpoole

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