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Inside the search for Africa’s carbon time bomb | National Geographic
“Now we begin exploring,” he yelled gleefully when the outboards growled to life and we shoved off from Mbandaka’s bustling port.
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7 weeks ago by yorksranter
Meet the Quds 1
A quick search reveals that there indeed is a small turbojet engine called TJ100. The engine is produced by the Czech company PBS Aerospace which describes it as being especially suitable for applications in UAVs, one of its uses being the Spanish/Brazilian Diana target drone. Oh yeah, and you can also totally use it to convert your glider into a jet, which is pretty cool.
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9 weeks ago by avashevko
Beyond their basic needs, children are intrinsically motivated by , , , and — all…
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9 weeks ago by tolkien
Exploratory Research Materials
A simple list of learning resources for folks interested in exploratory research and product discovery
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9 weeks ago by charlesroper

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