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Analyzing PDF Exploits For Finding Payloads Used | Zscaler Blog
We have written a couple of previous blogs which focus on an in-depth analysis of PDF exploits as this is yet another techniques used by attackers to package
pdf  javascript  reverse-engineering  analysis  write-up  exploit 
yesterday by plaxx
GitHub - Kevin-Robertson/Powermad: PowerShell MachineAccountQuota and DNS exploit tools
The default Active Directory ms-DS-MachineAccountQuota attribute setting allows all domain users to add up to 10 machine accounts to a domain. Powermad includes a set of functions for exploiting ms-DS-MachineAccountQuota without attaching an actual system to AD.
dns  exploit  pentest  powershell  activedirectory 
10 days ago by whip_lash
Contribute to gebl/dirtycow-docker-vdso development by creating an account on GitHub.
exploit  pentest  dirtycow  vm 
16 days ago by plaxx
CVE-2019-6111 и другие уязвимости в scp / Хабр
Совсем недавно ( примерно с 1983 года ) оказалось, что OpenSSH, как наследник rsh, для команды scp ( ex. rcp ) позволяет серверу выбрать, какой файл и с какими параметрами вам передать. А уязвимости вывода позволяют скрыть, какой именно файл вам передали.
То есть просите вы file.txt, а получаете — exploit.bin

Если кратко, то все. OpenSSH включая 7.9p1, putty, winscp < 5.13.
Фиксы есть только у WinSCP ( 5.14+ )
Используйте sftp/rsync при работе с недоверенными серверами.
ssh  scp  exploit  security  fail 
21 days ago by some_hren
0x8 Exploit Tutorial: The Elusive Egghunter
This exploit development technique can be quite difficult to understand at first but by the time you reach the end of this mission, you should have a strong foundational sense of how it works. Egghunting can also be performed in Linux Exploitation but after some information gathering, we’ve discovered the Lee server is hosting Windows so we will stick to that operating system for this engagement.
egghunter  exploit  development 
29 days ago by whip_lash

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