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Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit by Aleph One
If I’d read something like when I first learned assembler/C, I suspect I may have taken a different path…
security  exploit  hacking  stack  c  bufferOverflow 
7 days ago by psychemedia
Backdoors in your processor? You don't say… [brmlab]
"We found a backdoor in Intel processors made in the 2000s, ranging from Coppermine to the early Sandy Bridge microarchitectures. The backdoor is triggered by writing a sequence of secret constants to the memory. These constants seem to be unique for a given microarchitecture and can be recovered using a side-channel attack. The backdoor can be well triggered remotely over the network and once exploited, it leads to the full system compromise. [...] a backdoor that is trivial to implement in hardware (a single 64-bit comparator), hard to detect and provided that signed payload is used impossible to misuse by attacker even if the principle is discovered. "
intel  x86  security  exploit  2014 
13 days ago by mechazoidal
Broadpwn: Remotely Compromising Android and iOS via a Bug in Broadcom's Wi-Fi Chipsets | Exodus Intelligence
"a fully remote attack against Broadcom’s BCM43xx family of WiFi chipsets, which allows for code execution on the main application processor in both Android and iOS. It is based on an unusually powerful 0-day that allowed us to leverage it into a reliable, fully remote exploit. [...] ideal for [worm-like] propagation over WLAN: It does not require authentication, doesn’t need an infoleak from the target device, and doesn’t require complicated logic to carry out. "
@tedu: "device manufacturers have given up on making WiFi reliable, but users don’t like phones that don’t work. So the solution is to just keep restarting things. Make it all as invisible as possible. Of course, as noted, this allows an attacker to launch many attacks without notice." [refuting Tanenbaum's "just let it crash" exploit defending advice ]
malware  exploit  wifi  android  ios  assembly 
22 days ago by mechazoidal
Crashing phones with Wi-Fi: Exploiting nitayart's Broadpwn bug (CVE-2017-9417)
If you're near a malicious Wi-Fi network, an attacker can take over your Wi-Fi chip using @nitayart's Broadpwn bug, and then take over the rest of your phone with Project Zero/@laginimaineb's previously disclosed DMA attack. As a proof of concept, I've made a malicious network which uses these two exploits to corrupt the RAM of my Nexus 6P, causing a crash and reboot.
iphone  device  wifi  security  exploit 
27 days ago by some_hren
a geteuid LD_PRELOAD hook PoC with a reverse shell
ldpreload  poc  exploit  linux  shell  reverse  gcc  geteuid  php  hooking 
4 weeks ago by plaxx

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