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eslint-scope attack
Because it doesn't wait for the request to complete, it is possible for the reqeuest to only send part of the script and the eval call to fail with a SyntaxError, which is how the issue was discovered.

attack  exploit  eslint 
9 days ago by blurback
Microsoft COM for Windows - Privilege Escalation
The keywords "COM" and "serialized" pretty much jumped into my face when the advisory came out. Since I had already spent several months of research time on Microsoft COM last year I decided to look into it. Although the vulnerability can result in remote code execution, I'm only interested in the privilege escalation aspects.
privesc  windows  pentest  exploit  security 
26 days ago by whip_lash
Attacking Private Networks from the Internet with DNS Rebinding
The home WiFi network is a sacred place; your own local neighborhood of cyberspace. There we connect our phones, laptops, and “smart” devices to each other and to the Internet and in turn we improve…
dns  exploit  hack  hacking  network 
4 weeks ago by nharbour

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