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Understanding Rust Lifetimes – NEAR Protocol – Medium
Coming to Rust from C++ and learning about lifetimes is very similar to coming to C++ from Java and learning about pointers. At first, it looks like an unnecessary concept, something a compiler…
rust  explanation  lifetimes  programming 
3 hours ago by sjmarshy
CSS Grid Explained in 7 Minutes (with diagrams and code) - YouTube
a 7-minute video lecture explaining the basic concepts of css grid. Quick handy way to understand what it's about before getting into more detail
webdesign  web  design  css  grid  display  layout  tutorial  video  class  introduction  explanation 
4 hours ago by piperh
Dagger Core Semantics
Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android. It is developed by the Java Core Libraries Team at Google.
dagger  explanation  semantics  read  architecture  android 
17 hours ago by lgtout
Composing Programs
Welcome to Composing Programs, a free online introduction to programming and computer science.

In the tradition of SICP, this text focuses on methods for abstraction, programming paradigms, and techniques for managing the complexity of large programs. These concepts are illustrated primarily using the Python 3 programming language.
education  programming  python  introduction  explanation 
2 days ago by janoewen
Dagger 2. Part three. New possibilities – ProAndroidDev
Huge thanks for your reviews and comments. I’m really glad that these articles series helping you to dive into the world of Dagger. This is the source of strength and motivation for me to continue…
dagger  explanation 
3 days ago by lgtout
Spotify Wrapped 2018 — Technical Case Study – Active Theory – Medium
Our second Spotify Wrapped campaign centered around two things — color and typography. Color was used for personalization, with the colors in each user’s experience being dictated by their own…
spotify  data-science  explanation 
21 days ago by sjmarshy

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