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Prop Drilling – kentcdodds
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2 days ago by skinna123
Vox’s new Netflix series is really good, but it doesn’t get us any closer to figuring out what news on streaming platforms looks like » Nieman Journalism Lab
Vox is interesting here because, unlike the vast majority of news organizations, it has always conceived of its text products and its video products separately. Vox videos are not Vox stories gussied up in moving-image form; they are their own distinct product targeting their own distinct market. In text — a quick-turn, low-production-cost medium — providing hourly updates on the latest twist in the Mueller investigation makes perfect sense. But it would be a dumb strategy for high-production-value video. And longish examinations of “Monogamy, Explained” make less sense in a text story that’ll soon be buried in the archives than in a video that can be algorithmically pushed to YouTube users forever. This means that most Vox videos are not what I’d consider “news” — more like “smart content for a curious, engaged audience” — but it’s still a thoughtful strategy.

Netflix is interesting here because, well, it’s Netflix. It has 125 million paying subscribers; it is producing more movies per year than most major movie studios combined; it is the default lean-back behavior in millions of people’s evenings. If anyone can choose to direct human attention toward quality news in video form, it’s Netflix.
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3 days ago by reginajmc
RT : | Thoothukudi has erupted with eleven protesters dead and over 65 injured. People have been agitating ag…
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3 days ago by Varna
(429) https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/999305749653327872
| Thoothukudi has erupted with eleven protesters dead and over 65 injured. People have been agitating ag…
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3 days ago by Varna
How Tree Trunks Are Cut to Produce Wood With Different Appearances and Uses | ArchDaily
As wood is one of the most widely-used materials in the world, architects are accustomed to being able to easily obtain sawn wood at a nearby store. However, many of us know little about its manufacturing process and all the operations that determine its appearance, dimensions, and other important aspects of its performance.
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4 days ago by skinna123
NICAR 2018 - Bring your investigative reporting to life using animation and comics - Google Slides
Hilke Schellmann - hilke.schellmann@nyu.edu | @hilkeschellmann
Susie Cagle - @susie_c
Ranjani Chakraborty - ranjani.chakraborty@vox.com | @ranjchak
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12 days ago by reginajmc
How powerful was North Korea’s last nuclear test? It moved a mountain - The Verge
A team of scientists has shown off a new way to investigate North Korea’s claims: by analyzing high-resolution satellite images that use radar to reconstruct the surface of the Earth. The team found that North Korea’s September 3rd nuclear test was so big that it moved a mountain.
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15 days ago by zachwise

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