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An intuitive, visual guide to copulas
This blog is a good example of an explainer type of a blog post.
It is also a good Copulas explanation in its own right.
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14 days ago by damar.wicaksono
From one cryptocurrency to thousands - Chips off the block
Despite such fiascos, the flexibility of its smart contracts has made Ethereum the platform of choice for all sorts of blockchain-powered experiments. It has also provided a means to pay for them, by issuing new cryptocoins which, instead of running on their own blockchains, piggyback on the Ethereum one. That has turbocharged an idea called initial coin offerings (ICOs), a form of crowdsourced fundraising that is becoming popular in the cryptocurrency world.
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4 weeks ago by corrales
One Page Love
One Page Love is a One Page website design gallery showcasing the best Single Page websites, templates and resources.
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5 weeks ago by kpieper876
Trump’s Emergency Powers Are 'Ripe for Abuse,' Says Elizabeth Goitein - The Atlantic
Unbeknownst to many Americans, there is one legal scenario in which the president’s power substantially increases. This is the moment he declares a national emergency.

Although Congress has passed more than 100 provisions that outline the power that the president gains in this circumstance—such as the ability to shut down media channels or take them over, and the deployment of military troops inside the United States—there is no legal definition of a national emergency. There is no requirement that Congress ratify the decision. There is no judicial review.

In other words, the decision to invoke emergency powers is left entirely to the president’s discretion.

“The legal powers available to the president during a national emergency are ripe for abuse,” argues Elizabeth Goitein, an Atlantic contributor and a co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, in a new Atlantic Argument.

“In practice, we’ve been relying on presidents to exercise self-restraint, and hoping the courts will step in if they don’t,” she says. “That’s a gamble we can no longer take.”

In the video, Goitein goes on to explain how authoritarian leaders across the globe have sought to consolidate power in this way. She also explains the ways in which Congress may be able to step in and provide better protections against abuse, lest the president decide to threaten our democracy.
authoritarianism  trump  america  legal  video  explainer 
6 weeks ago by corrales
Hubspot: The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing
Quite comprehensive article on video marketing - including several types of marketing videos and tips on the creation process
Demo videos, Brand videos, Event videos, Expert videos, Educational (how to) videos, Explainer videos, case-study (customer testimonial) videos, personalised videos, live videos, 360 videos, AR/VR
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8 weeks ago by pciszewski
Examples | YouClid
Documentation and Blog posts documenting the development of YouClid.
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9 weeks ago by mrzv
Matthew Whitaker, Trump's Attorney General Appointment, Threatens the U.S. Rule of Law - The Atlantic
“The Trump years have cast a hard light on many of the ancient flaws in American democracy,” says writer David Frum in a new Atlantic Argument. One of these flaws, Frum argues, is the fact that the 93 U.S.-government attorneys, including the attorney general, are politically appointed. Legal experts have long worried about the potential for abuse in these arrangements.
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9 weeks ago by corrales

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