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PostgreSQL Execution Plan
A very brief guide to execution plans in postgreSQL
postgresql  explain  execution-plan 
1 hour ago by marionzualo
Could someone ELI5 public and private keys? : webdev
Because encryption and decryption are two different functions. For example, in the RSA crypto system, the keys are made up of an exponent and a modulus n.

If I have a message I want to send to you, you'll first have to give me your public key {e, n}, and you'll keep your private key {d, n} to yourself. I'll take an ascii string and convert it into an integer m, then create an encrypted message c such that:

c = me % n

Now I will send it to you and you will decrypt it using your key:

m = cd % n

The difference between the two keys is the exponent. In the above example, d and e are two very different numbers. Public keys only produce the cipher text of their plain text input. Private keys only produce the plain text of their cipher text input. If in the above example I took my c and ran it through the exponent and modulo operations again, I would just get an completely different encrypted version of the cipher text I already had.

These functions are what we theorize as "one-way functions" in math and computer science.
private  public  key  encryption  explain  understand 
8 hours ago by dandv
A Brief History of Fat, and Why We Hate It - YouTube
Best explanation of fat I've seen so far. If you listen to nothing else, listen to 30-seconds or so beginning at 16:45.
fat  cells  biology  obesity  diabetes  video  explain 
9 days ago by brentfarwick
Introduction To Calculus With Derivatives - adit.io
Very nice explainer of the derivative. Opens with a discussion about guessing squares of arbitrary numbers.

Strictly online.
calculus  math  derivative  explain  online 
13 days ago by brentfarwick

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