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[SOLUTION] Difference between Item-Level Targeting and Loopback processing.
Loopback processing allows you to enforce USER policies from a COMPUTER policy, for example if you have a terminal server you apply a computer policy to it, you want to remove shutdown from the start menu, (so your TS users don't shut the TS server down), but thats a USER policy, so you enable it in the SAME policy that's applied to a computer object, and turn on loopback processing, so USER policies are applied to the users connecting to it, these user police are not applicable to the users like normal USER GPO's

Like so;
Windows Terminal Server – Remove the Shutdown Command
loopback  processing  group  policy  windows  description  explain 
3 days ago by jgear
Nice piece about getting cache information about your PostgreSQL Db.
PostgreSQL  performance  Explain  Cache 
23 days ago by lost_in_space
What is Microservices Architecture?
Microservices explanation. Got this from PerlMaven site.
Microservices  Maven  Explain 
november 2017 by lost_in_space
explain xkcd
Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure.
comic  humor  wiki  xkcd  explain 
november 2017 by kogakure
What every JavaScript developer should know about Unicode
This is so very good. Just a really nice unicode walkthrough. This guy is a great teacher.
unicode  javascript  explain  goodstuff  html 
november 2017 by brentfarwick
Hard Coding Concepts Explained with Simple Real-life Analogies
How to explain coding concepts like streams, promises, linting, and declarative programming to a 5-year-old
explain  programming  javascript  concepts 
november 2017 by pmw57

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