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TESS: Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences
"Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) offers researchers the opportunity to capture the internal validity of experiments while also realizing the benefits of working with a large, diverse population of research participants. Investigators submit proposals for experiments, and TESS fields successful proposals for free on a representative sample of adults in the United States using NORC's AmeriSpeak® Panel, a probability-based and highly-respected representative survey platform."
social-science  experiments  population  samples  american  panel 
yesterday by tsuomela
vivekratnavel/omniboard: Web-based dashboard for Sacred
Web-based dashboard for Sacred. Contribute to vivekratnavel/omniboard development by creating an account on GitHub.
sacred  experiments  dashboard  tensorboard  scientific-method  science  process  workflow  sacredboard 
10 days ago by nharbour
Keyboard latency
Actually measuring USB keyboard latency: useful for stats on response retrieval.
latency  stimulus-presentation  experiments 
4 weeks ago by resub
Tims Curious Creations
Welcome to the wide weird world of Tim Holman, this is the stuff he's made, and a little about how it was done.
design  art  visualization  canvas  inspiration  portfolio  experiments 
5 weeks ago by e2b
The Discovery of cdc2 as the Key Regulator of the Cell Cycle
The cdc2 gene was isolated functionally by transforming a plasmid library of fission yeast genes into a ts cdc2 mutant strain. The plasmid-borne gene was selected by its ability to complement the mutant chromosomal gene; only cells taking up a plasmid containing the cdc2 gene could divide and form colonies at the restrictive temperature of the ts cdc2 mutants. The sequence of the cdc2 gene was subsequently shown to have similarity with protein kinases. Antibodies raised against the c...
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6 weeks ago by goodbyedelicious

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