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Gravity Visualized - YouTube
Show how gravity impacts objects in space
gravity  science  space  einstein  experiments  physics 
7 days ago by amann
MythBusters Results - List of Myths and Summaries
Results from every myth tested on the television show MythBusters, including episode summaries and the verdict of confirmed, busted, or plausible.
experiments  science  mythbusters 
22 days ago by geetarista
Analyzing Experiment Outcomes: Beyond Average Treatment Effects | Uber Engineering Blog
I think I would have expected this to be measured through some measure of normalcy and variation rather than examining specific percentiles. Nonetheless, I would love to see our experimentation tools start to report on this.
experiments  research  statistics 
24 days ago by devin
Ellsberg Revisited: An Experimental Study - Halevy - 2007 - Econometrica - Wiley Online Library
"An extension to Ellsberg's experiment demonstrates that attitudes to ambiguity and compound objective lotteries are tightly associated. The sample is decomposed into three main groups: subjective expected utility subjects, who reduce compound objective lotteries and are ambiguity neutral, and two groups that exhibit different forms of association between preferences over compound lotteries and ambiguity, corresponding to alternative theoretical models that account for ambiguity averse or seeking behavior."
yoram.halevy  ambiguity  experiments 
28 days ago by MarcK

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