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Bringing together a human-directed selection of information and opinion from across the culture sector's increasingly algorithmically-determined channels, NEW MODELS is part AGGREGATOR, part independent JOURNAL.
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9 weeks ago by andrewn
Awesome Demos from 2018 (Codrops)
Mary Lou собрала для Codrops лучшие эксперименты 2018 года с реализацией интерактивности в браузере.
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10 weeks ago by jvetrau
Slit Cam: Slit camera timeline images from video.
Now you can use your DSLR or any other video or image sequence to create timeline images.
photography  inspiration  camera  experimental  toolkit  software 
10 weeks ago by fdedic
Made in Machina/e
The components and products already available on digital Chinese markets are fed to a neural network that has been trained on Nordic design ideals.
design  ai  china  research  experimental 
10 weeks ago by fdedic
Speculative gadgets at the Future Interfaces Group (Engadget)
Рассказ об исследовательской лаборатории Future Interfaces Group (http://www.figlab.com/), работающей в рамках Carnegie Mellon University.
UX  experimental  interactive  company  laboratory  issue  video 
11 weeks ago by jvetrau
Daniel Temkin
Daniel Temkin collaborates with machines, exploring the collision between human thought and computer logic. His work examines just how terrible we are with logic, and the way computers expose this while reinforcing compulsive thinking.
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december 2018 by atran

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