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Jute Gyte, Penetralia
Full Album "Penetralia" (2018)
Self released

Members: Adam Kalmbach
Experimental black metal and electronics project from Missouri. Noted for applying complex rhythms and microtonality.
Music  Black  Metal  Ambient  Experimental 
19 hours ago by quadrupleobject
17. Grant Aaron by Beyond / Below | Free Listening on SoundCloud
17. Grant Aaron by Beyond / Below Beyond / Below 17 by @insideout of @mysteriesofthedeep. Received January 2019. Photo by Candace Price "Listening to this mix is like sailing into a horizon at dawn. It draws you towards a steady line perpetually in view, creating an experience of both distance and nearness. You realize you will never reach the line but that’s ok — it was always there, hovering within you. This is not about arriving at any kind of external destination. It’s about presence. The sun draws its pastel curtain and day imperceptibly emerges. The water is glass; you don’t even notice that you’ve been out on it for a long time. When you let yourself float, transcendence becomes attainable. There are no high crests or crashing waves here — instead only a center point that invites you to focus deeply and let go." -- Taylor Bratches 1. Donnacha Costello - One Year Later 2. Project STS-3 - Spiralgalaxie 3. Porn Sword Tobacco - A1 4. Deep Catalogue - Glass Airport 5. Unjin - Untitled Space 6. Ekin Fil - Nocturnal Arc 7. Isorinne - Evighetsarp 8. Harold Budd - Abandoned Cities 9. Sunroom - A Soft Breeze 10. Terre Thaemlitz - Aging Core, Aging Periphery 11. Aleksi Peralä - UK74R1512020
ifttt  soundcloud  Electronic  Drone  Experimental  Techno  Meditation  Relaxation  Trance  Hypnosis  Mix  "Deep  Listening"  favorite 
11 days ago by stringbot
The Wire - Adventures in Sound and Music
The webhome of the world’s premiere ‘out music’ paper magazine.
experimental  music  wire  alternative  computermusic  magazine  news  electronicmusic  outmusic  indie  blog  rock 
15 days ago by Puddingstone
Jonas Mekas e il cinema oltre la quarta Internazionale
A me interessa più il cinema che ancora non esiste che quello che passa sullo schermo. Parlo il più delle volte al nulla, al futuro che per me, sciocco che sono, è l'unica direzione interessante cui guardare. Strani sogni vi si possono vedere. (Jonas Mekas)
cinema  experimental  article 
20 days ago by gilles9999
Mysteries of the Deep XCVII - DJ PETE (SUBSTANCE) by Mysteries of the Deep | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Mysteries of the Deep XCVII - DJ PETE (SUBSTANCE) by Mysteries of the Deep Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter XCVII by DJ Pete (Substance). Cover photo courtesy of Candace Price. Tracklist: 1. Below Surface - Island in the East 2. Kuedo - Under The Surface 3. Dany Rodriguez - Curve With Daddy 4. Sel Alterat - Boc Scadet 5. Serenace - Union 6. Overlook - Crisis 7. Stanislav Tolkachev - See You Tomorrow? 8. Edge Of Motion - Ecto Phase 9. David Reina - Hypatia 10. Rommek - Flint 11. Positive Centre - Sum Tolerance 12. P.E.A.R.L. - Shrine 13. Rhyw - Karhide 14. Ital Tek - Blood Rain 15. Sleeparchive - Snapshot Five 16. Ursa Minor Hugo Massien 17. Sleeparchive - Dubplate 18. Ben Long - Bioacoustics 19. Insolate - Sloboda 20. Raime - Coax 21. Sleeparchive - Snapshot One Rise and Shine, Substance’s first solo release since 1998, is out this Friday. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/2Ube7D1 http://bit.ly/1LhSEwS
ifttt  soundcloud  Experimental  Electronic  Drone  Mysteries  "DJ  Pete"  favorite 
24 days ago by stringbot
6 Interesting Concepts for AR Experiences (UX Planet)
Николай Бабич собрал подборку интересных концептов приложений, использующих дополненную реальность.
UX  augmented  experimental  interactive  examples  issue 
24 days ago by jvetrau
16. Patrick Cosmos by Beyond / Below | Free Listening on SoundCloud
16. Patrick Cosmos by Beyond / Below Beyond/Below 16 by Patrick Cosmos. Received December 2018. Photo by Patrick From Patrick: "As a fan of the Beyond/Below series, I spent (too much) time thinking about how I’d like to make my mix fit in. Initially this took the form of mostly frictionless drone with a few spikes of texture; eventually, I realized I wanted something that sounded less like how I thought my mix was supposed to sound and more like I wanted it to sound. As a result, I’ve tried to connect dots between a lot of guitar ambient, kosmische synth, noise, drone, and the like. Most of these are records that have been with me for a long time. I hope that you enjoy listening, and that your 2019 is better than your 2018." Patrick is on Twitter @veryimportant Support him on Bandcamp here: http://bit.ly/2HuaG91 Tracklist Christ - Cordate Boxhead Ensemble - Thursday Trio No. 3 Radio People - The Leap Home Mark Ernestus Meets BBC - Version Boxhead Ensemble - Why Not Patterns? (For Jeff Parker) Soft Focus - Hypersomia Lithops - Fi Robert Turman - Flux (Side B) Plaid - Do Matter Mist - Twin Lanes Nuno Canavarro - Wolfie Loops of Your Heart - End Emeralds - Disappearing Ink Fabric - Controls Aaron Dilloway - Psychic Driving Tapes Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes Trouble Books - Tolans
ifttt  soundcloud  Electronic  Drone  Experimental  Techno  Meditation  Relaxation  Trance  Hypnosis  Mix  "Deep  Listening"  favorite 
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