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Is the speed of light really constant?
So what if the speed of light isn’t the same when moving toward or away from us? Are there any observable consequences? Not to the limits of observation so far. We know, for example, that any one-way speed of light is independent of the motion of the light source to 2 parts in a billion. We know it has no effect on the color of the light emitted to a few parts in 1020. Aspects such as polarization and interference are also indistinguishable from standard relativity. But that’s not surprising, because you don’t need to assume isotropy for relativity to work. In the 1970s, John Winnie and others showed that all the results of relativity could be modeled with anisotropic light so long as the two-way speed was a constant. The “extra” assumption that the speed of light is a uniform constant doesn’t change the physics, but it does make the mathematics much simpler. Since Einstein’s relativity is the simpler of two equivalent models, it’s the model we use. You could argue that it’s the right one citing Occam’s razor, or you could take Newton’s position that anything untestable isn’t worth arguing over.

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10 days ago by nhaliday
Soda With Bitters
"Even though I wasn’t drinking, I was determined to keep up with my social obligations, which meant I often found myself in bars, explaining to people that I had sworn off booze for the month. Around Day 12, I found myself in that particular circle of hell known as Hotbird on a Friday night. It was here that my friend Nadja introduced me to her coping mechanism for her own Drynuary: seltzer with a dash of bitters. The idea was, she explained, was to, more or less, fool yourself by ordering a signature cocktail, which conferred a sense of agency, rather than a sense of deprivation. It was quirky, it was refreshing, and it was delicious."
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16 days ago by bankbryan
他们想做大陆最棒的中学生杂志,却先学会了接受“新闻审查”|深度|一周精选|端传媒 Initium Media



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16 days ago by aries1988
Improving Ruby Performance with Rust - via @codeship | via @codeship
After rewriting just a few of the slow methods for my Rails site in Rust, I was able to have pages load more than 33 percent faster than before.
rust  ruby  integration  performance  experiment 
17 days ago by gilberto5757
general relativity - What if the universe is rotating as a whole? - Physics Stack Exchange
To find out whether the universe is rotating, in principle the most straightforward test is to watch the motion of a gyroscope relative to the distant galaxies. If it rotates at an angular velocity -ω relative to them, then the universe is rotating at angular velocity ω. In practice, we do not have mechanical gyroscopes with small enough random and systematic errors to put a very low limit on ω. However, we can use the entire solar system as a kind of gyroscope. Solar-system observations put a model-independent upper limit of 10^-7 radians/year on the rotation,[Clemence 1957] which is an order of magnitude too lax to rule out the Gödel metric.
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19 days ago by nhaliday
Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook
"…an experiment in close-reading in which seven women are reading the book and conducting a conversation in the margins. The project went live on Monday 10 November 2008."
book  collaboration  interactive  literature  reading  experiment 
20 days ago by garrettc
𝒇 - Statement- & keyword-free Javascript
By putting the call-site first, we save ourselves the ambiguity of having to read till the end of the function expression to see whether it is immediately invoked, and what with. This allows a less ambiguous usage of invocation with no arguments and default argument value signature as a way of initialising scoped references without keyword statements. The body of the function uses commas to separate expressions, allowing us to perform side effects and return the last expression, without using curly braces or the return statement. This is an experiment in relative clarity for a sub-set dialect of Javascript which avoids statements and keywords altogether for execution logic, relying exclusively on expressions.
experiment  Javascript 
25 days ago by barneycarroll

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