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The Life of a 10/10 Male (Tinder Case Study)(Pics) | Tinder Seduction
The premise was simple, saying he “made a tinder troll account just to see how well a male model compares to the rest of us.”
women  dating  model  troll  male  experiment  study 
yesterday by dmg46664
Tracing co-regulatory network dynamics in noisy, single-cell transcriptome trajectories | bioRxiv
The availability of gene expression data at the single cell level makes it possible to probe the molecular underpinnings of complex biological processes such as differentiation and oncogenesis. Promising new methods have emerged for reconstructing a progression 'trajectory' from static single-cell transcriptome measurements. However, it remains unclear how to adequately model the appreciable level of noise in these data to elucidate gene regulatory network rewiring. Here, we present a framework called Single Cell Inference of MorphIng Trajectoiries and their Associated Regulation (SCIMITAR) that infers progressions from static single-cell transcriptomes by employing a continuous parametrization of Gaussian mixtures in high-dimensional curves. SCIMITAR yields rich models from the data that highlight genes with expression and coexpression patterns that are associated with the inferred progression. Further, SCIMITAR extracts regulatory states from the implicated trajectory-evolving co-expression networks. We benchmark the method on simulated data to show that it yields accurate cell ordering and gene network inferences. Applied to the interpretation of a single-cell human fetal neuron dataset, SCIMITAR finds progression-associated genes in cornerstone neural differentiation pathways missed by standard differential expression tests. Finally, by leveraging the rewiring of gene-gene co-expression relations across the progression, the method reveals the rise and fall of co-regulatory states and trajectory-dependent gene modules. These analyses implicate new transcription factors in neural differentiation including putative co-factors for the multi-functional NFAT pathway.
gene-regulatory-networks  bioinformatics  systems-biology  rather-interesting  modeling  experiment  nudge-targets  consider:looking-to-see 
16 days ago by Vaguery
Linux如何將記憶體(RAM)作為硬碟使用?RAMDisk詳細介紹 | MagicLen
儘管固態硬碟(SSD)的讀寫效能已經是機械式硬碟(HDD)的好幾倍,但依然還是遠遠不及RAM(Random-access memory)的存取速度。將RAM模擬成硬碟,製成RAMDisk,除了可以有效增加RAM的使用率外,還可以加強RAMDisk內檔案的存取速度,電腦關機或重開機也還會自動將RAMDisk清空,不留下任何痕跡。
ramdisk  experiment 
18 days ago by jingwei
The cis-regulatory dynamics of embryonic development at single cell resolution | bioRxiv
Single cell measurements of gene expression are providing new insights into lineage commitment, yet the regulatory changes underlying individual cell trajectories remain elusive. Here, we profiled chromatin accessibility in over 20,000 single nuclei across multiple stages of Drosophila embryogenesis. Our data reveal heterogeneity in the regulatory landscape prior to gastrulation that reflects anatomical position, a feature that aligns with future cell fate. During mid embryogenesis, tissue granularity emerges such that cell types can be inferred by their chromatin accessibility, while maintaining a signature of their germ layer of origin. We identify over 30,000 distal elements with tissue-specific accessibility. Using transgenic embryos, we tested the germ layer specificity of a subset of predicted enhancers, achieving near-perfect accuracy. Overall, these data demonstrate the power of shotgun single cell profiling of embryos to resolve dynamic changes in open chromatin during development, and to uncover the cis-regulatory programs of germ layers and cell types.
cell-biology  developmental-biology  biological-engineering  indistinguishable-from-magic  to-understand  systems-biology  experiment 
20 days ago by Vaguery

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