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The Teens Will Save Us – Dina Leygerman – Medium
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"I ended the experiment 2 days earlier than I had wanted because their rebellion was strong and overwhelming. For the first time since I’ve done this experiment, the students “won.”"
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9 days ago by dandv
Put down the smart drugs – cognitive enhancement is ethically risky business
"Imagine you’re a surgeon about to perform a delicate, difficult, lengthy and ultimately risky operation, and that you could substantially improve your patient’s chances of survival by safely taking a pill that would increase your wakefulness, mental acuity, perceptiveness and ability to stay focused.

If the pill really were that effective, and if it really had so few side effects, would it be a fait accompli that you should take it? Should you now have to take this pill to give your patients the best chance of recovery and survival? And would you be negligent – perhaps even reckless – if you didn’t take it?

When we are asked about whether we oughtto enhance ourselves – and whether we would be responsible for any bad consequences and held responsible under the law if we don’t – it’s much less obvious that the answer should automatically be “yes”."
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9 days ago by dandv
Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!)
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9 days ago by kylejohnston
The Wisdom Of Peter Fenton - Siddha Performance
If you continue to seek “answers” you will run in circles.

If you continually refine your Questions, you will create a magnificent journey.


That which is transactional requires a “business model.”

That which is organic invites the innocent hand of alchemy.
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