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Are You Ready for the New CFPB Regulation? - Experian Insights
According to the Federal Register, here are some key ways the new regulation would affect debt collection:

Limited to seven calls: Debt collectors would be limited to attempting to reach out to consumers by phone about a specific debt no more than seven times per week.
Ability to unsubscribe: Consumers who do not wish to be contacted via newer technologies, including voicemails, emails and text messages must be given the option to opt-out of future communications.
Use of newer technologies: Newer communication technologies, such as emails and text messages, may be used in debt collection, with certain limitations to protect consumer privacy.
Required disclosures: Debt collectors will be obligated to send consumers a disclosure with certain information about the debt and related consumer protections.
Limited contact: Consumers will be able to limit ways debt collectors contact them, for example at a specific telephone number, while they are at work or during certain hours.
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19 days ago by JohnDrake
MyEquifax.com Bypasses Credit Freeze PIN
Most people who have frozen their credit files with Equifax have been issued a numeric Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is supposed to be required before a freeze can be lifted or thawed. Unfortunately, if you don’t already have an account at the credit bureau’s new myEquifax portal, it may be simple for identity thieves to lift an existing credit freeze at Equifax and bypass the PIN armed with little more than your, name, Social Security number and birthday.
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march 2019 by SecurityFeed
From education assistance to flexible work arrangements, Experian's Chile team experiences top-notch benefits
At Experian, we know that our employees are the best and the brightest. And that’s why they deserve the best benefits we have to offer!
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december 2018 by TMP
Cision PR Newswire: Innovation at Experian - Brian Solis
Credit monitoring service Experian recently hosted a live streaming broadcast on how technology is changing their industry, featuring Brian Solis interacting with Experian's senior executives.
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november 2018 by briansolis
Hiring Our Heroes – Helping Our Veterans Find Their Career at Experian
At Experian, we understand the importance of hiring our veterans in the workplace. We’re committed to hiring our heroes and helping veterans find a career path with Experian.
veterans  military  experian 
november 2018 by TMP
Equifax Has Chosen Experian. Wait, What?
A year after offering free credit monitoring to all Americans on account of its massive data breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 148 million people, Equifax now says it has chosen to extend the offer by turning to a credit monitoring service offered by a top competitor — Experian. And to do that, it will soon be sharing with Experian contact information that affected consumers gave to Equifax in order to sign up for the service.
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november 2018 by SecurityFeed
Cision PR Newswire: Experian unveils the future of instant credit and identity management - Brian Solis
Industry publication Cision recently shared the news of Brian Solis joining the senior executives of Experian for a public event sharing how technology is modernizing the world’s largest information services company.
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october 2018 by briansolis

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