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Don’t just look – smell, feel, and hear art. Tate’s new way of experiencing paintings | Art and design | The Guardian
At first glance, Francis Bacon’s 1945 Figure in a Landscape seems a dismal character – a grey and imposing body crouched forward on an isolated bench. But don the proffered pair of headphones and a remarkable transformation takes place. via Pocket
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8 days ago by kintopp
In Search of Scents Lost - Current projects - CLUE+ Research Institute for Culture, History and Heritage, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Cedar, sulphuric acid, Brazilian coffee and now classic perfumes: they are part of our volatile art historical heritage, as they were presented as autonomous art at the first half of the 20th century. via Pocket
artist  exhibits  history  smell 
9 days ago by kintopp
Belle Haleine - The Scent of Art, Exhibition at Museum Tinguely, Basel
Belle Haleine - The Scent of Art at Museum Tinguely in Basel (Switzerland) is an experimental exhibition that has its focus on art that deals with the sense of smell. On display are works by Marcel Duchamp (the famous “Air de Paris”, Parisian air enclosed in an ampule), Ernesto Neto (“Mentre n via Pocket
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9 days ago by kintopp
Belle-Haleine - Museum Tinguely
As a biochemical sense, smell is apperceptual and is one of our oldest sensory capacities. It can be directly experienced, as our perception of odor is directly linked with the limbic system. via Pocket
art  arthistory  artist  exhibits  museums  smell  swiss 
9 days ago by kintopp
Sense me » Trapholt
Test your own senses, taste a colour, put your head in the cloud, visit an artificial forest and lay back on a whispering ASMR tongue. SENSE ME investigates how our senses affect the way we perceive ourselves – and others. via Pocket
art  denmark  emotion  exhibits  museums  smell 
9 days ago by kintopp
The Routledge International Handbook of New Digital Practices in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Heritage Sites | new-digital-practices-in-GLAM
Purchase print/ebook from Routledge Author accepted versions of chapters Chapter 2: Interview with Dave Patten, David Patten, Dirk vom Lehn and Wally Smith Chapter 3: Interview with Rory Hyde, Rory Hyde, Dirk vom Lehn and Wally Smith Chapter 7: The distributed museum is already here: it’s just not via Pocket
archives  books  digitization  exhibits  libraries  museums  preservation 
9 days ago by kintopp
AromaPrime - Hundreds of Speciality Scents
Hundreds of Speciality Scents The UK's Leading Scent Company Discover via Pocket
chemistry  exhibits  industry  museums  smell 
11 days ago by kintopp
What’s Better Than Seeing a Hopper Painting? Sleeping in One - The New York Times
Every detail of Edward Hopper’s “Western Motel” has been brought to life at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, where you can spend the night.
art  edward_hopper  exhibits 
18 days ago by kbrobeck
Josely Carvalho - Installations - Glass Ceiling
Her present project Diary of Smells, is an on-going cross-disciplinary sensorial project. The olfactory, a forgotten sense and yet a powerful connector to memory and emotions acts as a protagonist amor other typically dominant components in contemporary art. The inclusion of the olfactory - one`s first experienced sense - results from her long examination of society`s basic need to be sheltered in a moment in which the sense of home/nest if threatened by wars, refugee camps, migrations and the fragility of the environment - the collective shelter.
art  exhibits  smell  artist  brazil 
27 days ago by kintopp
Automating Mouse Clicks and Key Presses — Steemit
I work on a lot of interactive art installation production events using custom software and hardware setups temporary… by nightshining
macos  exhibits  scripting  applescript 
5 weeks ago by garyleatherman
Last night we started mapping a new peer-review system for digital by grad students and teaching partners…
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7 weeks ago by jonvoss
On August 11th, 101 years after the manifest of Carlo Carra “La Pittura dei suoni, rumori, odori: Manifesto futurista” [The Painting of Sounds, Noises, Smells: Futurist Manifesto] via Pocket
art  books  consulting  exhibits  netherlands  smell  video 
9 weeks ago by kintopp
Futurist Scents – On Olfactory History and Ephemeral Heritage
For the fifth edition of ‘Stedelijk Statements’ I was invited to present my PhD research ‘In Search of Lost Scents – Reconstructing the Aromatic Heritage of the Avant-garde. via Pocket
art  exhibits  performance  smell 
9 weeks ago by kintopp
Famous Deaths project by Sense of Smell
Within this project, teachers and students explore the amazing world of scent. Their aim is to rethink and prototype the possibilities of scent for strategic communication, way finding, storytelling, interaction and media design. via Pocket
exhibits  netherlands  smell 
9 weeks ago by kintopp
Sense of Smell
Within this project, teachers and students explore the amazing world of scent. Their aim is to rethink and prototype the possibilities of scent for strategic communication, way finding, storytelling, interaction and media design. via Pocket
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9 weeks ago by kintopp

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