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Turkey's Photography Doyenne | by Ayten Tartici | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
On Yıldız Moran, the "first academically trained Turkish female photographer," who shot street scenes both in Istanbul and in rural Anatolia in the mid-20th century.
photogprahy  photographers  turkey  art  exhibitions 
3 days ago by johnmfrench
Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography - LensCulture
Feast for the Eyes.
Exhibition at Foam, and book (catalogue?).

Curated by writer Susan Bright and senior editor of Aperture Denise Wolff.

This review, by Sophie Wright, includes a good selection of images.
exhibitions  books  photography 
3 days ago by metaproof
You Never Know the Whole Story - Videokunst & New Media aus der Sammlung des Kunstmuseums Bern
Das Motto der Sammlungspräsentation heisst "Urteile nicht, wenn du nicht die ganze Geschichte kennst". Von der Gegenwartskunst wird sich gerne vorschnell ein Bild gemacht, ohne die genauen Begleitumstände zu kennen oder wissen zu können. Doch gibt es Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die gerade das selbst zum Thema küren und mit Film, Video oder Fotografien das Unbekannte ausloten sowie mit Hintersinn falsche Fährten legen.
art  video  visualization  exhibitions  bern  kmb  film  photography  2018  2019  stories 
4 weeks ago by navegador
Füssli – Kunstmuseum Basel
Drama und Theater - Besuch am So. 17.02.2019
museums  exhibitions  art  paintings  basel  2018  2019 
5 weeks ago by navegador
The Quiet Eye Felicitas Vogler und Ben Nicholson - Kunstmuseum Bern
Die Ausstellung «The Quiet Eye» zeigt erstmals ausgewählte Farbfotografien von Felicitas Vogler sowie Gemälde und Zeichnungen von Ben Nicholson, die Felicitas Vogler dem Kunstmuseum Bern vermachte. Der englische Künstler Ben Nicholson (1894–1982) und die deutsche Fotografin Felicitas Vogler (1922–2006) verbrachten die Jahre 1958 bis 1971 zusammen im Tessin. Oft war das Paar in der Natur unterwegs und unternahm Reisen, vor allem nach Italien und Griechenland. Nicholson zeichnete, Vogler fotografierte.
exhibitions  bern  museums  photography  art  culture  paintings  2018 
8 weeks ago by navegador
JOHN MILLER – Comedy of Manners - Museum im Bellpark Kriens
Mit der Ausstellung «Comedy of Manners» präsentiert das Museum im Bellpark den in New York und Berlin lebenden Künstler John Miller (*1954). Seine Werkserien umfassen Malerei und Skulptur ebenso wie Fotografie oder digital generierte Bild-Ton-Präsentationen. In der Ausstellung im Museum im Bellpark zeigt John Miller eine umfangreiche Auswahl neuer Bilder aus dem fotografischen Langzeitprojekt «The Middle of the Day».
exhibitions  bellpark  museums  2018  john.miller  photography  powerpoint  art  culture  paintings 
8 weeks ago by navegador
Podcastsammlung Radiophonic Spaces | Museum Tinguely | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud
Playlist zur Ausstellung Radiophonic Spaces im Museum Tinguely Basel, vom 23.10.2018 bis zum 27.1.2019. Hier finden Sie alle Podcasts, die während dieser Ausstellung und vorher in der Konferenz zur Ausstellung entstehen. Eine Ausstellungskooperation mit der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, dem Haus der Kulturen der Welt und der Universität Basel.
podcast  radio  basel  museums  tinguely  exhibitions  culture  audio  2018 
8 weeks ago by navegador
British Museum realises 'vase' is in fact an ancient mace-head displayed upside down | The Art Newspaper
Curators discovered old mistake during research for No Man's Land exhibition

As part of an exhibition showing the first recorded border conflict in the 3rd millennium BC.
history  museum  articles  exhibitions  mistake  mace  weapon  border  conflict 
10 weeks ago by kybernetikos
British Museum realises 'vase' is in fact an ancient mace-head displayed upside down
In a bit of serendipity, the curators realised during research for the show that an object they had long assumed was a vase had actually been displayed upside down. They now understand that it is actually the head of a fired-clay mace, or heavy club, made for King Gishakidu of Umma. After comparing the object with a similar one at Yale University, “we realised how daft we’d been”, says Irving Finkel, a co-curator of the show.
exhibitions  museum  history  articles 
10 weeks ago by mikael
MCA – Exhibitions: I Was Raised on the Internet
I Was Raised on the Internet focuses on how the internet has changed the way we experience the world. Due to new types of gaming and entertainment and the rise of social media and alternative modes of representation, the everyday is no longer what it used to be. The ways we interact with each other have shifted through the connected nature of telecommunications devices across the internet, including mobile applications, social media platforms, and large search engines that have become everyday tools for individuals from all walks of life. New modes, not only of seeing but also of feeling, have emerged in response to this.
internet  history  art  netart  exhibitions 
11 weeks ago by mikael
Psychedelic light shows
The psychedelic light shows involved several pieces of equipment to produce. Strobe lights, blacklights (long wave ultraviolet light), film projectors were all used, but the central piece of equipment that is used is the overhead projector. This is the type of projector that it is used in schools and businesses usually to give some type of presentation. It uses transparencies the size of a normal sheet of paper.
lighting  exhibitions  work 
12 weeks ago by mikael
How a Businesswoman Became a Voice for Art’s Black Models - The New York Times
By Melissa Smith
Dec. 26, 2018

Curator Denise Murrell focused on the works of 19th century [ ] Édouard Manet....
Revealing that maid’s identity became the foundation of Ms. Murrell’s doctoral dissertation, and the driving force behind her exhibition “Posing Modernity: The Black Model From Manet and Matisse to Today,” currently on view at the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University.....“A person of color who is standing right there before you, and being ignored, is something that is part of the condition of being” part of the African diaspora to begin with. Art historians play a significant role in shaping our understanding of the past. It bothered her that their narratives would rewrite, subjugate or exclude the history of black people.......Ms. Murrell went on to reconsider Matisse’s use of black models in light of his trips to New York during the Harlem Renaissance, and circled back to the question that triggered her entanglement with art to begin with: How have contemporary black and nonblack artists reflected on these black figures in their work? “You can’t really understand African-American art and visual culture and artistic production without understanding a lot of what it is reacting to,”......Scholarship around black representation is growing, though gaps remain. And museums are increasingly addressing the full range of their communities, and the needs of a public more attuned to issues of race — approving exhibitions, like Ms. Murrell’s, that probe what blackness really means in the context of art history.....When Ms. Murrell ran into roadblocks, she found funders and strong-armed institutions for loans. Ms. Murrell said that while curators, art historians, gallery owners and others in the art community are sincere when they talk about diversity, they are also reluctant to dismantle established norms, including those that work against people of color. Larger institutions want to play it safe, and often refrain from funding unconventional scholarship. “There’s the concern that if you talk about race or any other kind of marginalized subject, how broad is the interest going to be?” Ms. Murrell said. Leaning on a mentorship model borrowed from her time in the corporate world, Ms. Murrell said she wants to create an incubator for minorities with new ideas.
African-Americans  art  art_history  blackness  curators  exclusion  exhibitions  marginalization  PhDs  artists  playing_it_safe  visual_culture  race  women 
12 weeks ago by jerryking
Gio Ponti in Paris - moderneREGIONAL
Gio Ponti war zweifellos ein Multitalent. Der Italiener schuf als Architekt bedeutende Beispiele der Moderne vor und nach dem Krieg, entwarf elegante Möbel und Alltagsgegenstände und rief 1928 die Fachzeitschrift Domus ins Leben, die bis heute existiert und im Architekturdiskurs Akzente setzt.
architecture  art  furniture  exhibitions  paris  design  domus  modern  gio_ponti 
december 2018 by navegador

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