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Retro MUJI Ads Created by Graphic Designer Ikko Tanaka
"an ad from 1981 when MUJI added baby products: 'love doesn't need to be decorated.'"
IkkoTanaka  Muji  ad  graphic  design  Seiyu  newspaper  1980  KenyaHara  exhibition 
25 days ago by cosmic
The largest monographic of drawings & paintings by David Olère "The One Who Survived Crematorium III" i…
exhibition  from twitter_favs
28 days ago by dyma
RISD Graduate Student Conference + Exhibition Fund
Established to support professional development, the annual Graduate Student Conference + Exhibition Fund assists with costs associated with travel, accommodations and conference/participation fees for students who have been invited to present creative or scholarly work at an exhibition, conference, symposium or other refereed public event.

Award amounts vary and do not typically exceed $1,000. After awardees submit expenses they will receive funds in the form of reimbursement. Students will receive an email with details of the reimbursement process after award funding has been confirmed. Note that the funds can only support travel to and from the event site, accommodations and conference/participation fees. The award does not cover meals, per diems, fabrication or transportation of materials, or other incidental fees.

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis each academic year. Students are encouraged to apply early, as funds are limited. Click here to apply.


To receive support through this program you must be a full-time graduate student, in good academic standing, have a confirmed invitation to publicly present your work, and have the support of your graduate program director. Students are only eligible to receive conference fund support once per academic year.
Graduate  Conferences  exhibition  ProfessionalDevelopment 
4 weeks ago by risdgrants
David Bowie is – The AR Exhibition
The official augmented reality adaptation of the legendary exhibition, introduced and narrated by David Bowie’s close friend and Oscar winner, Gary Oldman.

Explore the full museum show in stunning detail, in the intimacy of your own environment, without glass barriers or crowds of visitors. This spectacular iteration of the iconic show is yours forever.
David-Bowie  exhibition  AR 
4 weeks ago by kOoLiNuS
Villa e Giardino Bardini. Firenze come non l'hai mai vista
Restored 17th-century villa set over 4 floors with 2 museums & art exhibitions, plus gardens.
travel  holiday  museum  gallery  architecture  design  italian  renaissance  garden  medieval  history  exhibition  events  florence  tuscany  italy 
5 weeks ago by asaltydog
Sneek preview of my upcoming for my exhibition. Work in progress..
WIP  exhibition  Art  Installaion  show  LED  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by tolkien

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