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Exfiltration Methods - Google Sheets
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I can think of 99 ways to exfil data. Give me an exfil method I am not thinking about and making searches for:https://t.co/GhzNASHoxX

— { {C:\raig} {Chamberlain} } (@randomuserid) April 2, 2019
april 2019 by whip_lash
kscope/HDD-microphones.pdf at master · ortegaalfredo/kscope
Required custom HDD firmware, but they got to 30KHz sampling rate for audio recovery (so close to CD quality)
HDD  audio  sound  recovery  microphone  data  exfiltration  research 
march 2019 by asteroza
using custom TCP/IP stacks to assist bypassing UTM firewalls
custom  TCP  IP  stack  software  evasion  exfiltration  security  hacking  pentesting 
october 2018 by asteroza
[no title]
defines criteria for "perfect exfiltration" kerckhoff principle-based, etc
project  sandie  exfiltration 
july 2018 by marcina
"Covert channels in the HTTP network protocol: Channel characterization" by Daryl Johnson, Bo Yuan et al.
defines a set of common characteristics, classify and analyze several known covert channels in HTTP
project  sandie  exfiltration  covertchannel 
july 2018 by marcina
Covert Channels and Countermeasures in Computer Network Protocols
overview of the existing techniques for creating
covert channels in widely deployed network protocols,
and common methods for their detection
project  sandie  exfiltration  countermeasures 
july 2018 by marcina

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