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Wish you were there?Flight and holidays from Airport...click here …
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18 days ago by krishnau
Flights & Holidays - Exeter Airport
Wish you were there?Flight and holidays from Airport...click here …
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18 days ago by krishnau
Landslide result in St David's and history is made as we take seat from Labour.
Con 270
Lib dems 126
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7 weeks ago by adie_codes
rebels and others from the South West are occupying Waterloo Bridge!

Hey Boris, why did you waste £53m on…
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9 weeks ago by wowo101
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1091928705734270976
Dealing with public order in , a male approaches me & says: 'You pulled me off the multi-storey car park a f…
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february 2019 by nickcope
Understanding Chinese Culture - Online Course
Explore Chinese culture and learn how different values are reflected in landscape art and literature with this course by the University of Exeter.
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february 2019 by dcowhig
unit open to Europe and the world. International delegates from several continents attending
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january 2019 by davidgusmao
Quick! Quick! Last few places on my Essential Video Skills for Comms workshop in with on Nov…
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november 2018 by danslee
The Generator Hub | Cowork Space Exeter
A physical workspace and growing community of freelancers, startups, consultants and small businesses based in the city of Exeter.
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march 2018 by bouncingdan
Meeting Room Hire » Libraries Unlimited
Libraries Unlimited runs Devon County Council’s public library service – 50 libraries across the county and 4 mobile libraries.
exeter  meetingspace  boardmeeting 
march 2018 by bouncingdan
City Gate | Private hire for special occasions and events, Exeter
Enjoy private dining at the City Gate, perfect for all celebrations hire a great party room or private event space in Exeter near Devon and Exmouth
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february 2018 by bouncingdan
Boat Yard Bakery | For bread, coffee, tea, lots of cake and lovely lunches!
60b Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP
01392 279 208
We’re here every day from 9am – 2pm for bread, coffee, tea, lots of cake and lovely lunches!
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january 2018 by ralbutt
Exeter Community Centre - Space to Hire - 17 St David's Hill Exeter EX4 3RG
Centrally located venue with spaces to hire and activities to enjoy. A social enterprise.
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january 2018 by bouncingdan

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