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the list art of untucking the tail
"Anatomically, in order for the baby to come out the pelvic floor has to release, but you can’t possibly release the pelvic floor with the tailbone tucked under. You can only use the strength of your muscles (transverse abdominals and diaphragm as they instruct you to hold your breath and “puuuuussssh!”) against your pelvic floor. And that’s a sure way to end up with a nice tear and possibly a pelvic floor disfunction. I was lucky that the athletic challenge, how my birth experience felt to be honest, ended without any serious damage. My body just took over at the last moment and following a very primal instinct jumped on a dining chair opening the pelvic outlet fully. The squats and kneeling with rounded back would have probably taken me to an assisted delivery."
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november 2015 by daguti
Are Squats bad for your knees? My first blog as a Kinesiology grad : Fitness
Squat - Most common mistakes in squatting: 1) Bowing the knees inward. 2) Pushing through the toes rather than the heels.
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november 2014 by daguti

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