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Execution context, Scope chain and JavaScript internals
Execution context (EC) is defined as the environment in which JavaScript code is executed. By environment I mean the value of this, variables, objects, and functions JavaScript code has access to…
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5 days ago by matteo.orefice
Avoiding the Camel – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
The challenge is when opinions come in at the wrong time (when it is too late to be helpful), at the wrong level (discussing a tree while completely missing the forest), or with the wrong context (proposing an impossible change that lacks the background for why some decisions were made).

-Share your designs early and often for feedback.
-Explore multiple option
-Get data
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17 days ago by anirudhgarg
Dreams end Under the ‘Jader’ | SyriaUntold | حكاية ما انحكت, Nov 1, 2018
The word jader alone was a source of terror for the detainees, but many people are unaware of what it means. Under normal circumstances, the term refers to a large piece of plastic sheet, often used as car covers, and sometimes to make tents. Today it has become associated with an execution method created by the regime's executioners inside the infamous prison of Saidnaya. Many prisoners have been executed there using this technique, which gives executioners the dark pleasure of imposing maximum suffering before eliminating the detainee. Typically, the detainee is called upon, bound and blindfolded, and taken to the jader room, the last place the detainee enters alive.

The detainee is placed in the middle of the room, loosened from his restraints and then covered with the jader, which is fixed tightly to the four corners of the room so that the floor becomes covered by this plastic sheet. And here the regime’s executioner undertakes one of the most heinous crime history has ever known: the murder of an innocent soul.

This is where those who dared to call for freedom and dignity — lacking in Syria for decades — meet their end. The executioners begin beating the detainee with all their might, stopping only to brag about who is stronger and achieves more direct hits. The detainee's blood starts to blur his features, bones shatter, screams rise and fall as death slips away, but they continue to beat him.

These predatory monsters specifically chose to use the jader because it’s a perfect insulator, so the detainee’s blood would not splash, but rather flow silently on the ground without annoying those monsters. The detainee turns into a piece of meat and ends up in a mass grave somewhere, according to the testimony of survivors of Sadnaya prison, among them Ahmed.
extrajudicial_killing  murder  torture  Mar15  Damascus  rumors  PrisonerRights  execution 
26 days ago by elizrael
U.S. Citizen, Believed Executed in Syrian Prison, Heightens Fears for Others - WSJ
Qutaiba Idlbi, a Syrian native who left the country in 2013 following several detentions there, said Ms. Shweikani had been part of a loose network of activists in Damascus who, among other things, organized pro-democracy protests at the start of the Arab Spring movement in 2011, and moved toward humanitarian work as the war intensified.

He said the activists didn’t establish a formal organization, which would have attracted too much attention. Still, the Assad regime apparently was able to infiltrate the group, and Ms. Shweikani was among the last of her circle to be arrested, on Feb. 19, 2016, Mr. Idlbi said.
USA  Mar15  execution  activism 
4 weeks ago by elizrael

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