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C 17 constexpr generation of a FizzBuzz solution | Solarian Programmer
How to generate at compile time, in C 17, the solution to the FizzBuzz challenge.
c  compiletime  code  execution  example  howto  constexpr 
8 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Eager Execution in TensorFlow : A more Pythonic way of building models
Created by the Google Brain team, TensorFlow is a popular open source library for numerical computation and large-scale machine learning. While building TensorFlow, Google Engineers opted for a…
tensorflow  eager  execution  tf  python 
9 weeks ago by tranqy
Mission-type tactics - Wikipedia
"Mission-type tactics (German: Auftragstaktik, from Auftrag and Taktik; also known as mission command in the US and UK), is a form of military tactics where the emphasis is on the outcome of a mission rather than the specific means of achieving it"
strategy  tactics  rowe  results  execution  planning  intent  communication  responsibilitiy 
12 weeks ago by devin

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