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Lua Binaries Download
All the binaries, source code and documentation are available from the SourceForge project files page:


But here are shortcuts for the most popular downloads:
lua  programming  download  executable  runtime 
16 days ago by vrobin
GitHub - rozanski/srvstart: This repository contains the legacy code I wrote for SrvStart in 2000. SrvStart allows you to run an ordinary Windows executable as a Windows service.
This repository contains the legacy code I wrote for SrvStart in 2000. SrvStart allows you to run an ordinary Windows executable as a Windows service. - rozanski/srvstart
srvstart  github  service  executable  run 
4 weeks ago by markav
cx-Freeze · PyPI
create standalone executables from Python scripts
python  compiler  executable  cx_freeze  pypi 
6 weeks ago by markav
Cython · PyPI
The Cython compiler for writing C extensions for the Python language.
python  cython  compiler  executable  pypy 
6 weeks ago by markav
Nuitka · PyPI
Python compiler with full language support and CPython compatibility
python  nuitka  compiler  executable  pypi  repository 
6 weeks ago by markav
Nuitka Home
From the creator of the Python compiler.
python  nuitka  compiler  executable 
6 weeks ago by markav
pynsist · PyPI
Build NSIS installers for Python applications.
python  pynsist  compiler  executable 
6 weeks ago by markav

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