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Opinion | The Meritocracy Is Ripping America Apart
Sept. 12, 2019 | - The New York Times | By David Brooks.

savage exclusion tears the social fabric.

There are at least two kinds of meritocracy in America right now. Exclusive meritocracy exists at the super-elite universities and at the industries that draw the bulk of their employees from them — Wall Street, Big Law, medicine and tech. And then there is the more open meritocracy that exists almost everywhere else.

In the exclusive meritocracy, prestige is defined by how many people you can reject....The more the exclusivity, the thicker will be the coating of P.C. progressivism to show that we’re all good people.

People in this caste work phenomenally hard to build their wealth......People in this caste are super-skilled and productive.....These highly educated professionals attract vast earnings while everybody else gets left behind......Parents in the exclusive meritocracy raise their kids to be fit fighters within it....affluent parents invest on their kids’ human capital, over and above what middle-class parents can afford to invest......the Kansas Leadership Center. The center teaches people how to create social change and hopes to saturate the state with better leaders. But the center doesn’t focus on traditional “leaders.” Its mantra is: “Leadership is an activity, not a position. Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere.” The atmosphere is one of radical inclusion.....People in both the exclusive and open meritocracies focus intensely on increasing skills. But it’s jarring to move from one culture to the other because the values are so different. The exclusive meritocracy is spinning out of control. If the country doesn’t radically expand its institutions and open access to its bounty, the U.S. will continue to rip apart.
Big_Law  caste_systems  Colleges_&_Universities  David_Brooks  elitism  exclusivity  hard_work  human_capital  inequality  law_firms  leadership  medicine  meritocracy  op-ed  parenting  political_correctness  social_classes  social_exclusion  social_fabric  social_impact  social_inclusion  society  technology  values  Wall_Street  winner-take-all 
29 days ago by jerryking
Brands Invent New Lines for Only Amazon to Sell WSJ
Jan. 25, 2019 | WSJ | By Annie Gasparro and Laura Stevens.

Amazon gets exclusive products, while brands receive faster customer feedback, marketing support and increased sales.......To build a big line of exclusive products on its site, Amazon.com Inc. AMZN 0.95% is pushing other brand manufacturers to do most of the work.

The online retail giant is asking consumer-goods companies to create brands exclusively for Amazon after finding that developing them on its own is too costly and time-consuming.....Amazon’s initiative is the latest example of the e-commerce giant flexing its muscles in order to offer the lowest prices and widest selection, as it seeks to cut into the market share of big-brand manufacturers.....Manufacturers generally benefit from selling their products through a range of retailers. Also, they risk cannibalizing higher-margin sales of their main brands by offering comparable products under different labels. But those entering deals with Amazon view the arrangement as a golden opportunity.

In exchange for creating exclusive products, the brands get help launching their products on Amazon.com, faster customer feedback when testing new products, marketing support, and, of course, revenue from the sales. They also can appear at the top of search results—a big draw given that Amazon’s platform lists an estimated 550 million items......Speed was paramount. “We had to take what would normally be 12 to 24 months of development to 90 days,”....Amazon, on its own, has been quietly adding to its in-house brands in recent years. Analysts estimate the site now offers more than 100. ....Amazon sometimes promotes its own brands higher in search results on its site, like “Amazon’s Choice” and sponsored items, or as default results in voice searches using Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

In-house brands often generate a higher profit margin for retailers, including Amazon, and can draw in customers because they can’t find those brands elsewhere. But developing a new brand and formulating products takes time..... the program offers manufacturers a way to “launch brands and products directly to Amazon customers.”

Amazon is increasingly important for consumer-product manufacturers. It now accounts for roughly half of all sales online,.....Amazon’s program also can be used for “orphan brands” that manufacturers have stopped selling or that never made it to market.....Amazon has no issue going full-court press on private label, and pursuing all these brands. If the quality and pricing architecture don’t fit and they have to pivot, they’ll do so,” said Todd Mitchell, president of Compass Marketing Inc., which works with Amazon. “They’re not limited to the constructs of shelf space.”
accelerated_lifecycles  Amazon  brands  cannibalization  CPG  e-commerce  exclusivity  fast-paced  in-house  manufacturers  new_products  orphan_brands  private_labels  product_development  product_launches  shelf_space  speed 
january 2019 by jerryking
FDA Is Evolving on Qualifications for 'New Chemical Entity'
There are now three relatively recent examples of the FDA having been asked to modify its policy as it relates to NCE status: (1) where the previously approved active moiety is combined with a new chemical entity in a fixed dose combination; (2) where the subject active moiety is part of a previously approved multicomponent drug mixture; and (3) when the same components (i.e. active moieties) have been previously approved, but in a different ratio. On the flip side, FDA appears to be taking a stricter view of the core pharmacophore of an active ingredient by stating that esters (whether stable or labile) of a previously approved active moiety are not eligible for NCE status. Below, we explore how the FDA has been evolving its determination of what qualifies for NCE exclusivity.
FDA  NCE  exclusivity 
november 2018 by aheilbut
How to become a successful artist now — Quartz
"The group that decides who matters in art was considerably smaller and more powerful than we expected,” an author of a new study notes.
economics  networks  art  exclusivity  network.effect  exclusion  art.business  prestige 
november 2018 by po
“Perhaps it is simpler to say that Intel…was disrupted”
This is completely unsurprising and a re-telling of a lot of 3rd-system-onward inertia.
(3rd system being the "getting it right" phase where mistakes from 1st system, the discovery, 2nd system, the wishlist, get worked out.)
By the time the 3rd system has been worked out, the firm is looking to optimize and economize.
Economization and optimization are not fertile for novelty and innovation except as it serves as a cost-offset. This may include minor features, but generally nobody wants to mess with a cash cow.
Intel's vertical dominance, like Microsoft's, caused it to miss major trends.
It's possible for a larger firm to maintain a forward thinking dominance but it's rare.
In most cases, the organizational friction makes it harder to make changes to grow market share.
It's easier to just abandon a market.
Take, for example, the ipod.
Apple wasn't done with music, obviously, look at their weirdly timed attempt at a music social media platform: ping. (which nobody seems to remember when touting apple's supposed amazingness)
But apple killed the ipod and left the music market empty.
Microsoft, weirdly, managed to get Zune into a good place with Toshiba before outright abandoning personal music players entirely as well.
Now it's just a niche - albeit a very profitable one for several smaller companies.
At some point, some markets are too small for large firms to enter or maintain.
And because they don't see any incentive to grow any particularly small market, they will always need to acquire their way into those segments.
intel  history  failure  disruption  technology  innovation  vendor.lock.in  bungles  soc  not.invented.here  exclusivity 
july 2018 by po
WaPo: "Is your spin class too young, too thin, and too white?", by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review
That’s true, but I think that people who don’t fit the mold will be made to feel unwelcome. There are even gyms in New York which charge more if you are over 40. Perhaps the gyms would the defend the practice as a type of financial aid, but I think the real purpose is that they want to attract a young clientele. On the theory that this will enhance the gym’s cache.

It’s sort of like women’s clothing stores which don’t stock clothes for fat women. They know that their success depends on how the brand is perceived. And if stylish attractive women walk in and see fat unattractive women shopping there, they will turn around and leave.
fitness  exclusivity  quote 
june 2018 by elev8
In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat - The New York Times

When top-dollar travelers switch planes in Atlanta, New York and other cities, Delta ferries them between terminals in a Porsche, what the airline calls a “surprise-and-delight service.” Last month, Walt Disney World began offering after-hours access to visitors who want to avoid the crowds. In other words, you basically get the Magic Kingdom to yourself.

When Royal Caribbean ships call at Labadee, the cruise line’s private resort in Haiti, elite guests get their own special beach club away from fellow travelers — an enclave within an enclave....From cruise ship operators and casinos to amusement parks and airlines, the rise of the 1 percent spells opportunity and profit.
income_inequality  social_classes  social_stratification  exclusivity  affluence  Royal_Caribbean  luxury  high_net_worth  The_One_Percent  caste__systems  travel  airline_industry  airports  concierge_services  enclaves  theme_parks  Disney  casinos  delighting_customers  top-tier  cruise_ships 
april 2016 by jerryking
Growing email subscribers - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
We'll look at growing subscribers in two steps. First reviewing all the customer touchpoints when opt-in can occur and second ideas to boost opt-in. I hope these give you some ideas to review your approaches!
emailmarketing  acquisition  review  guide  online  offline  website  events  telemarketing  callcentre  contentmarketing  socialproof  testimonials  exclusivity  socialmeda  SmartInsights  2016 
march 2016 by inspiral
Everlane's starting a private Instagram account for new products - Digiday
When a person’s Instagram account is private, you have to wonder who they’re hiding their photos from. When a retailer’s Instagram account is private, you wonder if the company made a crucial settings error.

Everlane, the online brand for premium apparel, knows how to operate Instagram. Still, on January 25 when it launches its new account, @EverlaneStudio (secondary to the main @Everlane page, where it has 204,000 followers), it will be private. Visitors will have to send a request in order to follow it, and Everlane will accept requests (anyone, as long as it’s not a spambot) at a cap of 100 per day.
Everlane  clothing  Instagram  creativeshowcase  exclusivity  socialmedia  Digiday  2016 
january 2016 by inspiral
Hedge Funds’ Idea Man - WSJ
Jan. 4, 2016

The 54-year-old Brazilian immigrant is part of a larger ecosystem of consultants who sell their investment beliefs to hedge funds. The funds, hungry for returns or cheap hedges for their portfolios, get fresh ideas that comprise or inform their wagers. The consultants, in exchange, often expect to share in gains tied to their ideas, they and their clients said.....The ideas don’t always result in profits. ...Such arrangements make some veteran investors in hedge funds uneasy.

“If your manager’s renting a lot of ideas, you have to question the value-add they bring to the partnership,” said Chuck Bryceland of New York-based Bessemer Trust, which advises wealthy families and individuals on investments, including in hedge funds. “We want our people generating primary trade ideas and doing the primary work themselves.”
investment_advice  investment_research  ideas  Wall_Street  money_management  private_banking  hedge_funds  shareholder_activism  traders  exclusivity  idea_generation  value_added  financial_advisors  high_net_worth  Bessemer  Bessemer_Trust 
january 2016 by jerryking

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